Tucker Carlson adds more specifics and more reporting to corroborate his claim that the NSA was not just spying on his email communications but using them to leak to reporters. I'll be on tonight at 8 pm ET discussing these claims.
The media dynamic we're seeing here is the same as with the Julian Assange prosecution. You would expect journalists to lead the way in denouncing the prosecution of a journalist and wanting answers to whether the NSA spied on another journalist. But they don't do either.
One reason is they are petty hacks who can't see principle: they don't regard Assange or Carlson as one of them & thus don't care what's done to them.

But the real reason is they're authoritarians: they revere DOJ & NSA - the security state - and thus reflexively side with it.
But there's another crucial dynamic here. We saw it with that VICE article on how liberal journalists need to think they at "An Insurrection" and are traumatized.

They aren't threats to anyone. They spout liberal pieties & serve officials. So they hate those who actually dissent
The culture of the failing part of corporate media - the liberal HuffPost/BuzzFeed/Vice/MSNBC blob - is shaped by their knowledge that they never take real risks or threaten power centers. For that reason, they align with the security state & despise those who provoke their wrath
If you're a journalist who knows you've never done meaningful reporting and never taken risks and never threatened power centers, you'll hate those who do, but will also invent fictions where you get to be the courageous star of a drama for once.

It's just astonishing to watch this liberal skepticism that the NSA would do such a thing. A large part of our Snowden reporting is they spy on *everyone*: journalists, human rights activists, etc. NSA leaked Flynn's conversations with a Russian official!

Everyone should want to see the evidence about whether NSA spied on Carlson's emails and leaked them. That's how we'll know for sure whether it happened.

But you have to be staggeringly naive or willfully ignorant to think NSA/CIA haven't always done exactly this and still do.
Axios just reported the contents of Tucker Carlson's communications with "U.S.-based Kremlin intermediaries about setting up an interview with Vladimir Putin."

There's obviously nothing wrong with trying to set up an interview Putin. Any decent journalist would do that.

But there are lots of questions about how the US Govt knew Carlson was doing this, who leaked it, and whether the learning of it and/or the leaking of it was illegal.
One of the most serious crimes in the US Code is leaking the contents of intercepted communications, even if the interception itself was legal. Whoever leaked the contents of Gen. Flynn's call with Kislyak, for instance, committed major felonies.

This is 100% the standard liberal mindset and it's what makes that faction so authoritarian. I have zero doubt that if it's proven that someone in the intelligence community obtained these communications & criminally leaked them, liberals will justify it:

Imagine if this story happened during the Trump years and someone leaked the contents of Jim Acosta or Rachel Maddow's conversations to Fox News which then reported on them.

• • •

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9 Jul
The way liberal journalists just ignore what was, to me, one of the most repressive events of the Trump years -- Big Tech **censored** reporting on the Hunter Biden docs about Joe's business deals to help Dems -- is still stunning. 3 weeks before the election, they barred links.
Twitter literally prohibited all links to reports about the Biden docs, not just publicly but in DMs. FB announced -- through a life-long Dem operative -- it would algorithmically suppress the story pending a fact-check (which never came). It was brute censorship to elect Biden.
All of this was accomplished by an outright lie manufactured by the CIA: that the Biden family docs were "Russian disinformation." Media outlets, like the good little servants that they are, repeated this lie to justify Big Tech censorship and their own refusal to cover it. Image
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8 Jul
This is American liberalism right here: in its purest expression.

One of MSNBC's most popular hosts - a former Bush/Cheney spokesperson - devotes a whole segment to defending NSA and lamenting distrust in it. She brings on 2 ex-FBI officials, who now work for MSNBC, to do it:
The political faction that is pro-FBI, pro-NSA, pro-CIA -- and whose media is delivered to them by a mix of security state officials, ex Bush/Cheney operatives, and neocons -- is American liberalism.

Just watch that clip to see the authoritarianism of this movement.
If having your newsrooms filled with ex-security state operatives, FBI agents, CIA officials, and Generals -- all of whom are paid employees -- to reflexively defend the FBI, CIA and NSA isn't "State TV," what is?
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8 Jul
Pretty sure I'll be watching that montage in my 80s and enjoying it just as much as I did the first 100 times I saw it.
Remember when Rachel Maddow was so excited she got Avenatti to come on the air to talk about his secret client, Julie Swetnick, who had utterly unhinged and dubious allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, and Maddow treated it as an earth-shattering scoop?

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8 Jul
The Capitol Police, Armed With $2 Billion in New Funding, Expanding Operations Outside of D.C.

AOC and two other Squad members -- who spent months chanting "Defund the Police" -- had the power to stop this. They originally agreed to vote "no," but instead voted "present" at the last minute to avoid angering Pelosi. @AOC was particularly craven here:
The unleashing of a newly empowered law enforcement and "intelligence" agency now spreading to other states, commanded by Congress, has been enabled by one tactic: the weaponization and exaggeration of the events of January 6 and the supposed grave domestic threat it reflects.
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7 Jul
Eu me pergunto se a pessoa que falsificou este documento foi a mesma que falsificou o documento bitcoin - pretendendo mostrar que paguei hackers russos - postado por o Pavão Misterioso porque muitos dos principais erros são exatamente os mesmos.
Alguns dos erros óbvios no documento Peacock Mysterious bitcoin são discutidos nesta checagem de fatos - muito semelhante ao do CPI:

Depois que @Biakicis promoveu o documento bitcoin forjado do Pavão, eu postei este, onde você pode ver muitos dos mesmos erros do documento CPI falso com muita clareza:

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7 Jul
So @cenkuygur made a video last night purporting to respond to me that's so unhinged he's trending and being attacked by his own viewers. *Amazingly*, he 100% ignored the main point that caused me to weigh in: they falsely accused a journalist of being "paid by the Russians":👇
Cenk can rant and rave and sweat and breath as heavily as he wants and it will never erase what he and @TheYoungTurks shamefully did. All his sweat cannot distract from the only issue that matters: they fabricated serious accusations against a journalist:

As for the new costume Cenk is donning -- stalwart defender of women -- remember that his own group, @justicedems, kicked him out for past misogyny, and @BernieSanders had to retract his endorsement for Cenk's Congressional run, when he came in like 18th place with 14 votes:
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