1/ "Fact-checkers" strike again. Facebook is now completely prohibiting sharing of the mask pathogen story because it has been declared "partly false" by AFP France (not AFP Africa, so Facebook's assertion is also "partly false")
2/ So sharing an article that is by definition "partly correct" now comes with a threat that those who share it could be suspended from Facebook:
3/ The "independent" International Fact-Checking Network is funded by the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, Duke Reporters’ Lab, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, National Endowment for Democracy, Omidyar Network, the Open Society Foundations and the Park Foundation.
4/ As @LenCabrera wrote a few days ago, these "fact-checking" organizations are, in fact, a proxy for governmental suppression of dissenting ideas: alachuachronicle.com/privatizing-go…
5/ AFP's "fact-check" simply highlights disagreements between the scientist who conducted the test and other scientists who did not conduct the test. Instead of acknowledging that more study would resolve the dispute, AFP calls the report false.
6/ That's not science - that's propaganda. Science consists of determining whether results can be replicated, not of scientists shouting other scientists down.
7/ Why do you think no scientific organizations have been interested in investigating whether non-standardized, unregulated masks are safe for children?? Why do they criticize others' work instead of trying to replicate it?

We all know the answer.

• • •

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7 Jul
1/ Thank you, @VPrasadMDMPH: "Here is the real answer to the question of whether it's worth it to mask kids: No one has any clue. During the last year and half, the scientific community has failed to answer these questions. Failed entirely."

2/ "Research is better than the alternative. It is generally more ethical to study interventions than deploy them on tens of thousands without knowing whether or how they help... I view the failure to answer this question as one of the greatest failures of the pandemic."
3/ "Large, empirical studies alone can answer this question, and we did literally zero of them." - @VPrasadMDMPH on question of whether masks are overall beneficial on children.
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6 Jul
1/ UF Health sent out a news release this morning that set off my internal propaganda alarm.

A thread 👇

2/ “Unfortunately, our data show that even if people are willing to take their chances with COVID-19 because they are not concerned about the disease, they are now more likely to have a complication like a heart attack or stroke because of this. Vaccination is critical.”-Mainous
3/ Naturally, the conclusion is that vaccination is critical, and Mainous implies that everyone is more likely to have a stroke/heart attack after COVID - but does the study show that?
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5 Jul
1/ "Identity politics is an existential threat to the American experiment... Treating our fellow human beings as individuals instead of treating them as members of groups is unnatural...
2/ "The American founders' idealism lay in their belief that an alternative was possible. Their genius was to design a system with multiple safeguards against the forces that had made previous attempts self-destruct...
3/ "The introduction of identity politics into that carefully-crafted constitutional system... is the jungle, the primitive sense of us against them... It not only permits, but insists, that the power of the state be used to reward favored groups at the expense of everyone else.
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4 Jul
Age stratification: The right-hand column here shows the CDC's "best estimate" of IFR (infection fatality rate) and the substantial decrease for populations under 65:
Florida's actual case fatality rate (should be significantly higher than IFR because of undetected infections) is 9.5% for 65+, 0.89% for 45-64, 0.11% for 25-44, and 0.02% for 15-24, and 0.003% for 0-14.
.@justin_hart put this together last summer: Roughly 10x increase in risk for every 20-year age increase.
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2 Jul
1/ @NewsGuardRating has come after Alachua Chronicle, claiming we publish "misinformation." They completely ignored the vast quantity of original reporting on the site (I cover nearly every city and county commission meeting in detail, plus some school board meetings,...
various crime stories, and other investigative work) and instead highlighted 2 letters to the editor, 2 submitted opinion pieces (one by an M.D.), and a factual news story.
3/ This is clearly marked as a letter to the editor. Here's what Newsguard said:

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13 Jun
Love this from @brianjburgess: "With little fanfare, Florida’s victory over the COVID-19 pandemic came on June 4th, 2021"


"In a move that has already proven more liberating than declaring an end to mask mandates and limited capacity indoor dining, Florida Gov Ron DeSantis single-handedly defeated the virus this month with the simple act of ending Florida’s daily reporting of virus statistics"
'Shifting our collective attention away from that daily drip of bad news has the effect of ending our collective public “analysis paralysis,” as if we’re all suddenly waking from a coronavirus coma and walking out into the sunshine for the first time in over a year.'

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