Media: it’s okay the #NSA unmasked @TuckerCarlson because he wanted to interview Putin and Putin is bad.

Media: well, @DanRather not really media:
Otherwise you media extensions of the Biden Comms shop have a rock solid argument.

• • •

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25 Mar
Mr. President: Mayors are reporting that daily US government buses are dropping off hundreds of illegals in their towns with no money & food, and absolutely no plan. You talk about equity often so when will any bus of illegals arrive in Wilmington? #bidenpressconference
Mr. President: You campaign on "the soul of this nation" and in 2 months you have turned our southern border into the world's top drug smuggling and sex trafficking destination. Is this reflective of the soul of your son Hunter? #bidenpressconference
Mr. President: Your actions have laid of thens of thousands of energy workers and lead to a 30% increase in prices. Why will buying solar panels from china's Uighur slave camps make this situation better? #bidenpressconference
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24 Mar
One of the least reported facts is that millions of government workers have been sitting on their sofas at home for 1 year now accruing PTO, getting 401k match, COLA adjusted salaries & full benefits and they do not do a damn thing.
I know Trump appointees whose “staff” refused to bring home their laptop (contaminated!) last year and even refuse to log on at home. They can’t be fired from their jobs.
When I ran an office at state it was a known dumping ground for pain in the butt employees. I was under orders to ignore them. I had dozens just in that office. Couldn’t be fired.
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16 Mar
Tomorrow millions of you will appropriate Irish culture. You'll wear our colors, play our music, eat and drink our heritage. You'll even try to speak our language.

When I protest you'll say something like "my best friend is Irish" as if that makes it OK.

I'm literally shaking.
If you wear a "Kiss me I'm Irish" sticker and you're not actually Irish... literally shaking.

You think we make light of ale and whiskey? These are symbols of a people oppressed for 400+ years by the crown.

Literally. Shaking.
It's just corned beef and cabbage- what's the big deal, right?

Like cultural appropriation isn't a big deal.

Sure, wear green. Might as well have put a bullet in my Granda's head, Cromwell.

Shaking. I can't even.
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15 Mar
I didn't watch the Grammy's and I don't really follow pop music. My favorite musicians are dead. But I got some thoughts about what everyone's tweeting up in arms and it has to do with originality. So here goes:
The WAP performance... I'm an 80's child. Madonna made out with Black Jesus who came down from the cross. You think WAP is going to "shock" me? There's nothing original about this. Call it crass or vulgar- sure. But, quite honestly, it's boring. So, so boring.
Same with the boy band dude who wore a boa.

After David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Boy George, George Michael... you think I'm gonna jump at a Brit wearing women's clothes?

So, so boring... I mean we've seen all this for DECADES.

Try harder.
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14 Mar
There is one script for every reality home renovation show. Whoever wrote it is a genius and must be making a fortune. The script includes:

Knock out this wall between the kitchen & dining room to give a more open feel.
In the living room I want to use the fireplace to anchor the room and give it a focal point.

Then in the kitchen we’ll put a big island for the kids to do homework and eat breakfast.
New hardwood floors throughout to add continuity throughout the home.

The master bedroom should be a sanctuary.

The master bath should have a spa like feel.
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16 Feb
Loving all the DMs telling me renewables are NOT to blame for #TexasBlackout.

Green energy is NOT perfect. That's a non-controversial statement. If you don't accept it, we're done talking.

I don't waste time on intellectual children.
Fossil Fuels are not perfect either. That's not the issue.

The question is: given the cost, the lifestyle we demand as Americans, geopolitics, geology, physics, math, land use, etc what is the best mix of energy?
Politicians know this. That's why they talk about dietary regulation. Veganism. Banning the combustion engine. Heck, Bill Gates was just on 60 minutes talking about the sacrifice we must make. They know something has to give and they chose quality of life.

Did you chose that?
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