This @sullydish article is really brilliant! Progressives don’t have a framework to make sense of evil. George Floyd exposed that! They had a meltdown. In their religious search to account for evil, they chose “racism.” White racism is now the root evil.…
The devil became “racism.” Racism is the root default/only cause of all social issues facing America today. It’s even described as an “original American sin.” People are naturally religious & need metanarratives. If you don’t have one in America, you’ll turn to ideology. Fact.
This happens on the left & the right. Politics, veganism, etc. can all be substitutes for religion. Why else are Yoga instructors referring to yoga classes as “Sunday church?” Sullivan helps us see that social justice is now the sacred religion of the left. It gives life meaning!
This is why the left got *more radical* during the Trump years/after George Floyd. They had no way to account for evil. They identify something that’s good like “fairness” and make a totalizing religious virtue so that if you’re not for it you’re a sinner in need of salvation.
Here’s how it works: (1) What’s evil?: racial disparities/injustice. (2) What’s salvation? Racial $equality. (3) Who will be the Savior?: The government. The bigger the government, the more salvation we experience. “The government will save us from the evil of racism/inequality.”
This is religion! Marches & rallies have become their worship services. Singing, chanting, moments of silence, confession of white guilt, ritualized body movements, motivating speakers, etc. It’s a secular form of a religious service. Progressives need 1950s mainline Protestants!
What critical race theory advocates needs is the work of Reinhold Niebuhr, Paul Tillich, Albert Knudson, Rufus Jones, etc. Niebuhr says progressives, “[attribute] evil to specific historical causes without inquiring how such particular causes could have arisen”(99). Nailed it!
Critical race theory & social justice is the *religious* radicalization of the elite against liberalism. CRT satisfies the deep longing for an evil/salvation story that makes sense of the world & provides a meaning system, & redemption—even if many are merely keyboard warriors.
The most awesome part about the religion of social justice & CRT is that it incorporates white guilt well & makes no demands of its adherents. Change is demanded *only* of the unsaved. It requires no real self-sacrifice. You can be an anti-racist while having ZERO black friends.
America, please pass out Niebuhr at every BLM, CRT, defund the police, 1619, etc. event. Give Niebuhr to AOC, Ibram Kendi, Nikole Hannah-Jones, T. Coates, etc. They need a better framework that accounts for *actual* supernatural evil!

• • •

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13 Jul
Spent about 5 hours last night with these seniors @TheKingsCollege. They are totally different men than they were 4 years ago. The character change was nothing less than miraculous. They received a great education but they are also going to be outstanding husbands & fathers! Image
And it’s not age. They’ve read 100s of pages of what it means to be an aggressively virtuous, confident man & we’ve logged 100s of hours of hard conversations. Lots of laughter, tears. They wanted to be better men. 99% of college guys are sent to school to simply make more money.
The guys at King’s want to be better men. Anyone can make money but being a virtuous man seeking what’s best for others, looking forward to offering himself to his wife & children, for their good, is not on the radar most college guys. These guys *wanted* extraordinary character.
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13 Jul
Here’s the moral of the #CRT story (again): CRT only gained prominence because it emerged in a vacuum. Had conservatives actively explored how race affects American life since 1965, & provided a better constructive account for actual racism, there be no “banning” of CRT today.
William F. Buckley, whom I admire, took the wrong approach with James Baldwin. It set a terrible precedent. The ensuing “debates” should have been about *how* racism affects Americans# life, not *if* America is a “racist nation” or not.
The focus should not have been solely on rejecting/refuting liberal & progressive arguments but providing a better account of how human moral flaws operate regarding race after the Civil-Rights Act of 1965. Today, throwing Thomas Sowell data at progressives will always fail.
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12 Jul
The Greear/Litton plagiarism saga is pathetic. Two causes: 1) the creation of Docent so pastors can quote books they didn’t read & research they didn’t do just to sound impressive on Sunday. 2) The TGC-world has turned the sermon into a hoisted sacrament.
Greear said Docent makes him “look good.” Why does he need to look good? He’s in a culture that makes the sermon the point of Sunday. Therefore, Sunday is about the preacher’s skills. Greear’s & other pastor’s testimonials on why they need Docent are sad.…
I’ll stop here, but you’re less likely to get plagiarism when the Lord’s Supper is the center of Sunday’s weekly experience as recommended by the 1960 Church of Scotland manual & John Calvin. Sunday is not the preacher. It’s not. Pastors aren’t the hero on Sunday.
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1 Jul
I walked passed a pre-K to 8th grade private school in lower Manhattan today around 3:30ish. Only two races were in a long line to get kids: Asian & white. I wonder if the parents notice. Not saying it's wrong. It is what it is. I don't think blacks/Latinos will ever live there.
I'm not saying it's wrong but the neighborhood is clearly segregated such that the only people of color there (black/brown) are the employees of Asians & whites. Black professionals don't live there, on average, and often move South (like Atlanta) to enjoy what I witnessed.
It's really fascinating because people assume that New York City is an equally multi-ethnic mix of people. The schools tell the story. I was an "aha" moment: there are parts of life in New York City that are exclusively for Asians, whites, & wealthy European foreign nationals.
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29 Jun
If you're college professor teaching #criticalracetheory, you owe it your students to have the read black alternative views like Thomas Sowell as way to help students see that #CRT has flaws & is merely a theory. @jasonriley & I explain why. via @YouTube
Race and culture would be a great book for professors to include in their courses on race.…
If you assign Kendi, you also need to assign "Conflict of Visions."…
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28 Jun
Os Guinness says the book of Exodus is the center of God's work in human history. He's right & the Matt 28:18-20-focussed evangelicals are misguided. The covenant of redemption is the center. The black church models centering on "Big God" Exodus theology.…
Biggest Guinness take away: so many black students were lied to regarding the theology of the traditional black church & owe many now black evangelicals & black church leaders a massive apology. Herman Bavinck exposes the theological flaw of American "Great Commission" types.
He explains the George Whitefield inspired flaw this way: "[Evangelicalism] has an aggressive character, seeks only conversion, and looks for the seat of faith in the will...But it regard conversion as a sudden, momentary, and immediate act...
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