@AmericanAir Let's begin with the facts of the #Americanairhorrorstory We booked our tickets with #AmericanAirlines on June 3, 2021 for the following dates (see breakdown), we paid extra to choose our seats on each flight. Please note our family of 6 & the seat numbers for those.
@AmericanAir took off from SeaTac on time, arrived in Dallas on time, & our flight was delayed 40 mins. So we got a late lunch in the airport for our family of 6. The delays continued. I overheard staff saying the crew & pilot timed out & a crew & a plane was needed...
@AmericanAir time ticked on & it became apparent we needed to make arrangements to get to our destination. We had to call & her a rental. The only thing available was $279+per mile+fuel costs. #AAcustomerservice was contacted 4x & told us we could stand by or plan to fly at 8am..
@AmericanAir we hit the road with our rental car & soon learned that the flight was cancelled but we didn't have our luggage because it was still on the plane we were supposed to be on as cust service said the 5 checked bags could not be retrieved. We follow the app to track bags
@AmericanAir our bags are under the airplane & we need the stage makeup in the bags so we have to stop & replace that & purchase each person clean underwear & 1 lounge outfit since we literally have nothing but a bag of dance costumes. #Americanairowesme3grand #AAFraud #AAhorror
@AmericanAir didn't you accept bailout funds? Hmmm Let me just including yet another receipt to show how ridiculous it is to charge people money for services they don't receive & in turn, cost those ppl even more money. Dept of Transportation will be alerted now.
@AmericanAir we arrive at Moody Gardens at 1:46AM & 1 of our rooms was given to someone else by accident so we finally get into our rooms at 2:15am. Do you think this is acceptable? My child is 11 yrs old who needed to be here. #AAhorrorstories #AAfraud
@AmericanAir she went to bed at 2:30am & set her alarm for her obligations at 6am. #kipsdancefundraising was used to cover the costs & here she is at 6:10am doing her stage makeup. She was set to begin rehearsal at 7am. #AAhorrorstories #AmericanAirlineshorrorstory #AAfraud
@AmericanAir the schedule was intense & all day on 7/8/21 & because I overheard your #AADallasStaff saying the crew & pilot had timed out & after boarding & de-boarding, heard that the plane was leaking oil, my child had to deal with your negligence as a consequence. #AAfraud
@Americanair I believe it was fraudulent for your staff to string along an entire flight full of ppl - not just our family of 6 - when they knew there was no crew & no plane available. They provided no reasonable solutions & no access to luggage that was needed. #AAfraud
@AmericanAir your #AAfraud and #AADallasStaff negligence caused her to be tired for her once a year event that she literally worked 15+ hours a week on in addition to school. She is 11 & did not deserve this. #AAhorrorstory #AmericanAirhorrorstories
@Americanair do you think it's acceptable that this fraudulent activity occurred? This child worked all year to attend this event. I worked #kipsdancefundraising 2-3 times per week in addition to my full time job to fund the classes & travel. #AAfraud #AAhorrorstories #AAhorror
@AmericanAir the financial hardship that this situation put us in is unacceptable. We work full time jobs & we fundraise at various events by working extremely long hrs #kipsdancefundraising & your staff KNEW that there was going to be no flight. #AAhorrorstory #AAfraud
@AmericanAir you need to understand that it's not ok to have held our family & belongings in the airport knowing you would not be able to get us to our destination within a reasonable timeframe. This pic depicts #kipsdancefundraising which is how we paid for this trip #AAfraud
@AmericanAir do I have your attention yet? Even the siblings participate in #kipsdancefundraising so creating such barriers as #AmericanAirlines did for our family on this trip is negligence #AmericanAirHorrorStory - you received a bailout recently & this behavior is not ok.
@AmericanAir this child works hard and so do I - I do not appreciate being lied to or manipulated by staff at Management's directive when they knew what was happening. This caused us to wait to try to rent a vehicle & the only available was a per mile vehicle. #AAhorrorstories
@AmericanAir we made it but no thanks to your company or staff even after waiting in line & speaking with 4 customer service reps (2 at gate & 2 at desk) - we're exhausted but at least we made it in our rental after driving through the night. #americanairhorrorstories #AAfraud
@AmericanAir in the end, she was disappointed with her performance but accepted it because she knows we pulled out all the stops & got her there but #AADallasStaff need a wakeup call as this is not an acceptable way of doing business #AAfraud #AAhorrorstories #AAhorrorstory
@AmericanAir I have a full time job & also work #kipsdancefundraising events after I get off work several times a week-takes all year to cover the expenses & #AmericanAirlines has $62bill in assets & thinks it's ok to do this to ppl who work hard #AAfraud #AmericanAirHorrorStory
@AmericanAir just a quick recap from 7/7/21 to where we are in the thread now: SeaTac-Dallas on time, Dallas-Houston delayed & ppl lied to/stranded/no way to get luggage. Our family of 6 had to eat the cost of renting a per mile vehicle to drive 308 miles by morning. #AAfraud
@AmericanAir I realize a child's activity may not sound serious but we've got $10K in classes/lessons/fees invested just this year & we may not be famous ppl, but you will hear me because this story isn't the only issue with this itinerary. #AAhorrorstory #AAfraud #AAfixitforKip
@AmericanAir let's go over time spent up until 7/8/21. Waiting on our delayed flight for 5.5 hours, driving to Houston is another 5 hours. This count goes up when I get on with the return #AAhorrorstory #AmericanAirlineshorrorstory
#AAfixit4Kip #kipsdancefundraising
@AmericanAir I finally have the @Avis receipt which is far less than we were initially shown it would be. However, the only reason we had to rent this vehicle was because your #AADallasStaff lied to customers FOR HOURS. #AAfraud #AAhorrorstory #AmericanAirlines #AAfixit4Kip
@AmericanAir now as fun as that review/recap was, I'm not finished because we also had a flight on 7/11/21 to come back to SeaTac. My itinerary w seats chosen is attached again for convenience. #AAfraud #AmericanAirlines #AAhorrorstory #Americanairhorrorstory #AAfixit4Kip
@AmericanAir she's danced & we're all tired. We arrive at Hobby Houston to check in at 2:30pm after returning that very expensive @Avis rental... And we are told that we do not have seats on our scheduled return flight. They overbooked somehow & sold them. #AAfraud #AAhorrorstory
@AmericanAir I say "there's got to be a mistake somewhere, we booked & paid for this flight with these seats booked" back on June 3, 2021. The customer service lady says she cannot do anything, the flight was overbooked and our seats were given to other customers. #AAhorrorstory
@AmericanAir I'm continuing to try to figure out a reasonable solution like can we split our group up? Can we fly a different route - you know, offering flexibility to go home. No, we can stand by or take the 5am flight. #AAhorrorstory #AAfraud #AmericanAirlines
@AmericanAir I had a scheduled appt on 7/12/21 @ 9am that would cause harm if I missed it. Every option presented would cause me to miss my appt. Customer service lady says maybe she can get me on something out of Bush, but I'd need to provide my own transportation to the airport
@AmericanAir and I only had a short while to get there & looking at GPS looked more like I would not make it and then I'd be separated from my family. It becomes clear that the #AAStaffHobby are not able to help me get home by the time I need to be. #AAfraud #AAhorrorstory
@AmericanAir it's time for another adventure! I schedule an Uber & head to Bush airport w/o my family. They were going to deal with taking the 5a flight #AAfraud #AAhorrorstory #AmericanAirlines #Americanairhorrorstory #AmericanAirLinesFraud #AAfixit4Kip #americanairowesme3grand
@AmericanAir we start viewing other airlines for options & @united came thru for a same day flight that I could possibly make if I got across town from Hobby to Bush. I'm not a member with #UnitedAirlines but I am with #AmericanAirlines so what has happened here? #AAfraud is what
@AmericanAir my last minute booked @united flight took off 1 min late and was exactly 1 min late for landing w the pilot clearly explaining there were some weather issues ahead for him to maneuver around. #AAhorrorstory #AAfraud #AmericanairFraud
#AmericanAirlines #AAfixit4Kip
@AmericanAir we previously have been loyal customers with #AmericanAirlines We've never seen this sort of service or lack of customer service in all the years we've been flying with them. We're AAdvantage members, we have the AA credit card, but all of that will change.
@AmericanAir upon my family's arrival, I find that they have been shuffled all over the plane on both their flights to Dallas and to SeaTac. We chose seats to be together. My 11 year old is very small & was to be seated between 2 strangers. Ummm, no. #AAhorrorstory
@AmericanAir so let's get this straight. On 7/11/21, upon finding out that #AmericanAirlines has sold our seats out from under us & cannot get us home until the following day, I purchase another ticket with another airline & fly home successfully. Hotel voucher? Meal voucher?
@AmericanAir acted as if a hotel voucher was an issue. As I'm running to my Uber, I tell my family to get a meal voucher. They were given a hotel voucher albeit reluctantly but denied a meal voucher or any type of credit for food since this was not our fault. Nope #AAfraud
@AmericanAir they flew out from Hobby at the scheduled time for the flight this AM but were scattered all over the plane and the young kids are 11 & 14. I don't want them sitting with strangers for hours. They didn't get the seats we paid for #AAfraud #AAfixit4Kip #AAhorrorstory
@AmericanAir this caused us to miss pickup of our vehicle which costs $. This caused us to be unable to pick up our dogs from boarding & caused us to have to pay daycare for half a day, to have to feed everyone in a restaurant. #AAfraud #AAhorrorstory #AAfixit4Kip #americanair
@AmericanAir you also caused a major hardship with lost wages @rymaples had to use a full day of leave in order to cover his missed shift that he had not planned on using. That is unacceptable. #AAFraud #AmericanAirlines #AmericanAirHorrorStory
#AAHorrorStory #AAfixit4Kip
@AmericanAir have you kept up with all the wasted time & extra money you've cost our family? Did you account for that expensive @Avis rental & having to purchase another flight from @united & leave @HobbyAirport to Uber to @iah to get home before the next day? #AAfraud #AAhorror
@AmericanAir I'm honestly not sure which is more ridiculous - having to rent a vehicle & drive to a destination that you've booked way in advance after waiting for hrs upon hrs & being lied to about the status, being told we don't have seats on a flight we booked. #AAFraud
@AmericanAir as in... Not only did we book this well over a month ago but we paid extra to choose the seats for each member of our party. Or maybe what's more unacceptable is that we really tried to ask for options & we would do what we needed to make it work. #AAhorrorstory
@AmericanAir And in desperation, I asked how maybe just myself could go & they could do that morning flight. The options were all stand by & even though there were flights available with other airlines within when I needed to be at home, customer service said no. #AAhorrorstory
@AmericanAir I requested my refund thru the website as instructed by all of the #AADallasStaff & the #AAHobbyStaff & after waiting hrs to talk to a phone #AArep, I was told the same thing: "I'm sorry, I wish I could help you with this but you'll have to request a refund online."
@AmericanAir what does a refund look like from a company who owns $62bill in assets? How about my per mile rental car, replacing all of the funds that were spent as a result of this nonsense, my time by the hr & my Uber & airfare with @united ? #AAfraud #AmericanAirlines
@AmericanAir And after you bump those ticket prices down since those were not our purchased tickets, my husband's lost wages for a full 8 hour day as it was your company's fraudulent behavior in selling our reserved seats. #AAFraud #AmericanAirlinesHorrorStory #AAfixit4Kip
@AmericanAir I'm hearing that you're doing this quite a bit during the month of July and I'm going to be vocal because we traveled on a budget for this trip with funds from #kipsdancefundraising & not only did you wipe that out with your negligence but.... #AAfraud #AAfixit4Kip
@AmericanAir now my husband has one less day of leave for the entire yr over your fraudulent behavior of selling seats to people after those seats were already purchased. #AAFraud #AmericanAirlines #AmericanAirFraud #AmericanHorrorStory #AAHorrorStory #AAfixit4Kip #AAHorror
@AmericanAir you need to contact us & make this right. I will be tagging you soon on TikTok so I'd suggest you find a customer service representative that CAN do something as opposed to the robotic responses of ppl fielding calls for no reason other than to say go to the website
@AmericanAir I believe a few folks might be interested to hear how #AmericanAirlines is doing presently
@USDOT @KING5Seattle @FAANews @KIRO7Seattle @GMA

Booking with #AmericanAir may cause a whole lot of frustration for you & your family as of today, July 12, 2021 #AAfixit4Kip
@AmericanAir you asked for the record locator for this nightmare-ish roller coaster disaster: confirmation-CEJMHX
Response: "We're sorry for the inconvenience this caused after all your hard work. We can refund the portion of the tickets for the flight from DFW to HOU that wasn't used for your family. We see you only flew the first leg. Will you be flying back to SEA on this ticket?"....
@AmericanAir you need to catch your customer service reps up to speed because a response with questions like that won't suffice & further demonstrates your negligence. #AmericanAir #AAfraud #AAhorrorstory #Americanairhorrorstory #americanairlineshorrorstory #AAfixit4Kip #AA
@AmericanAir let the public decide if they believe your response is an adequate one after all the details were described. #AAfraud #AAHorrorStory #AmericanairHorrorStory #AmericanAirlines #AmericanAir #AAfixit4Kip #AmericanAirowesme3grand #kipsdancefundraising #kipani_dances #AA
@AmericanAir I'm going to go ahead & assume that this response, which is also not an acceptable one, was just a means for a short delay for someone who can actually look over what has happened & offer a solution that is viable. #AAfraud #AmericanAir #AAHorrorStory #AAfixit4Kip
@AmericanAir Yet another receipt to attach to the tweet. We prepaid parking at a special rate: $8.99/day. We had to call to extend it by a day & were not able to get that rate via phone/last minute. #AAFraud #AAHorrorStory #AmericanAirlines #AAfixit4Kip #AmericanAirHorrorStory
"50 & 80 per day" flights being cancelled to create #AAHorrorStory for working class ppl! #AATeams this is not acceptable. @AmericanAir #AmericanAirNeedsAccountability #AAFraud #AACustomerService #DougParker fix this mess!
@AmericanAir it's been a week since this long #AAHorrorStory began for us. The response provided is unacceptable. @AGOWA is being alerted to #AA unethical practices & #AAFraud of selling tickets only to cancel flights & provide zero options #AmericanAirNeedsAccountability
The @Forbes article published 6/24/21 indicates #AmericanAirlines planned to create #AAHorrorStories for 50-80 full flights of people per day. @AGOWA Then the #AATeam deletes the entire itinerary so families can't request a refund & are stuck!

@AmericanAir @AGOWA I have repeatedly attempted to be refunded & included the 1 & only response to my attempts in this thread, along with our entire real life #AAHorrorStory with included receipts as we booked directly with #AmericanAirlines only to told we didn't have seats. #AA

• • •

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