A thread: The Revolt in Quebec's medical community has begun.

"We're over 100 per cent occupation and we have less than 50 per cent staff available."

Hysteria has consequences. Let's see how govt gets out of this self-created mess.
For context, there are only 54 COVID patients hospitalized in QC today. The trough between the 2nd and 3rd wave (end of February) bottomed around 500 concurrent hospitalizations.

Healthcare collapse is not b/c of COVID patients, it is because of staff leaving.

Look at the scale of the staff leaving! This is one of the better hospitals - the article stresses that many others are MUCH worse. Some are on the verge of closing departments. The ER in Gatineau had to be closed for several days. The system is "on the brink of collapse"
Again, the collapse is driven not by an increase in traffic, but rather by a loss of staff:
How many are leaving b/c they're disgusted with public health's anti-science approach to COVID? Unknown.

"They're tired or discouraged. They're thinking to themselves of leaving..."

"We've lost too many members of our teams," said Morris. "We're in real trouble right now."
The govt is now trying to use a combination of carrot and stick to coerce staff to come back. So, govt control of health care system caused this mess, and the proposed solution... more govt control. Logical?
There are 2 important implications:

1. If you're unvaxed & worried about unvaxed being denied healthcare (yes, some 🇨🇦s are reporting this is already happening), don't worry, at this rate EVERYONE, vaxed or not, will soon be in the same boat.😡

2. If medical professionals want to force a revival of scientific debate about COVID, NOW is the time. They can't afford to alienate more doctors and nurses. It might force Dr. Tam, etc to the table. They're over a barrel. They can't afford a mass exodus.


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26 Jun
RE: Dr. Francis Christian's dismissal:

If you use the WayBack Machine you can see that the WHO changed the child vaccination message on their page sometime during the day on June 22nd.

From the bold "Children should not be vaccinated for the moment"

... to the wishy-washy "More evidence is needed on the use of the different COVID-19 vaccines in children to be able to make general recommendations" ... "suitable for use by people aged 12 years & above. Children aged between 12 and 15 ...
"... who are at high risk may be offered this vaccine"

What Dr. Francis Christian's during meeting was correct based on previous day's WHO statement - the WHO's message changed sometime mid-way through June 22nd, only hours before the College of...
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2 Jun
A thread on why lockdowns kill:

The fantasy of "flattening the curve" completely ignores the reality of seasonality. There is no flattening because only the height, but not the width of the curve is affected by slowing the spread. Seasonality determines the width.
The two COVID waves (Winter of 19/20 and 20/21) are clearly visible in this chart of weekly deaths. Seasonality is obvious. And there is ZERO evidence of flattening the curve. Waves did not get "fatter" than previous years.
Here's what really happens... each peak is blunted by delaying the number of infections required to reach herd immunity. Those infections are delayed until the next winter season, or the next.
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6 May
Where are outbreaks happening in Canada?

How dangerous are they in each setting?

What does it tell us about protecting the vulnerable?

What does it tell us about gyms, schools, restaurants, and living life in general?

A thread:
The largest outbreaks, based on cases/outbreak, are community spread (i.e. there is less chance of big outbreaks in schools, restaurants, gyms & even LTC than just living life in general). These facilities do not produce more CASES than living life in general.
Setting may not impact cases, but does impact deaths. Vulnerable people (weak immunity, pre-existing conditions) are in LTC & hospitals. Outbreaks elsewhere produce cases but almost no deaths

Outbreaks in schools, gyms, restaurants or community at large are largely irrelevant
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9 Mar
Every vax should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

COVID-19 vax is a NO for me, both because of evidence and on principle. Here are the 13 reasons why I'm not taking it:

1. I'm not at risk (less dangerous than flu)

2. Long term trials not done

3. Short term trials exclude many categories

4. Not clear it works

5. Increasing signs of unacceptable risk & side effects

But equally disqualifying are the principles being broken by health authorities, which are clear violations of Charter Rights.
6. Rolling out a vax before knowing all short & long term side effects for all ppl is unethical & illegal. Govt needs to be taught a lesson to prevent this ever happening again.

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