"Identity | Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada": indigenouspeoplesatlasofcanada.ca/article/identi…
A History of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia - Norma Hall PHD, Clifford P Hall and Erin Verrier.- census conducted in 1870 at Red River - individuals who were descended HOWEVER REMOTELY either by mother or father, by ANY indigenous tribe of Indians, or a white ancestor, no
matter how remote, as long as they had Indigenous heritage as well .. I want to see the historical revision being written here, in some historical article, you can't find it , because it is being re-written as MNC history now. The contemporary MNC use a 2002 definition, tell me,
explain to me, how that contemporary definition matches one iota of the bullshit being written by paid academics in this article !! I bet you can't. That Big M , little m horsecrap was made up be MNC themselves. The New Peoples- Being and Becoming Metis - Jacqueline Peterson and
Jennifer SH Brown - Big M Little m. If we want to get technical about it, when Chartier approached the Indigenous World Council in Geneva, they specifically told him that he could not use the word "Metis" in his legal name, as it was the same as Mestizo and it was already taken
by the Southwest Indians. "Chartier and Milen attend meetings in Geneva - AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 1983 - New Breed" / use of the term Metis as at the preference of Metis National Council.
Harry Daniels is who got the Metis repatriated into the 1982 Constitution, through the Native Council of Canada who the MNC left. They created their own non profit society in 1984 and incorporated it. They have a different definition than CAP/NCC. NCC did not approve of the
exclusionary definition that MNC now uses and pushes politically. / The Origins of Métis Identity -Darren R. Préfontaine. etc - Who are the Metis, this is a contentious question with no definitive answer. - perfected a unique hybrid culture, from the metismuseum.ca ..
The Metis who live in the settlements in Alberta also have a very different definition than MNC tries to push as the one and only Metis people. Federal and provincial responsibility in the Métis settlements of Alberta-Fred Martin -1988.Claims and Historical Research Centre S.l4 -
Individual Metis land claims - you will see the word half-breed on all historical land claims. You will not see anywhere that Big M , little m, nonsense that was cooked up be Academics helping to push the Metis National Council political agenda and your organization helping by
refusing to write the Acadian Metis history. That is not history my dears, that is re-written political propaganda. The definitions that the Manitoba Metis Federation used to use in 1978, one did not even need to have Indigenous blood to be Metis. One could just be married to one The History of the Manitoba Metis Federation - Tony Lussier
or have a child by one to be a full member and have full voting privileges./ Reflections - yesterday & today.- Publisher - Winnipeg- Manitoba Metis Federation 1979 - George Edmund McKay__archive.org.
"Documents and articles about Me´tis people-1972-Basis for some of the information used in the book The non-people, by Dave McKay- Membership in the Saskatchewan Metis Society 1937."
Federal and provincial responsibility in the Métis settlements. -- this does not match up to your BIG M , little m bullshit, because that is a made up propaganda.
www.gov.mb - crow wing settlement - the Metis in the Red River Valley largely merged with the more populous Francophone community.
Outbursts in academe -multiculturalism and other sources of conflict-Portsmouth, NH-Heinemann -1998-I am Michif, a Metis - mixed blood - A Turtle Mountain graduate student.
earlycanadianhistory.ca- New France and Indigenous Agency in the Hudson Bay Watershed.
white settler revisionism and making metis everywhere - adam gaudry and darryl leroux - use of long ago racial mixing to reimagine a Metis identity that prioritizes mixed race ancestry and disregards... Hudson Bay was part of New France originally, it was colonized by the FRENCH.
1988-The_Forks_of_the_Red_and_Assiniboine_Thematic_History_1734-1850_Report.- it was hoped these posts would effectively extend French commercial hegemony throughout the western half of the continent.
natureprincealbert.ca - Fort a la Corne - first trading post west of The Pas - it was French.
The memorials of the English and French commissaries concerning the limits of Nova Scotia or Acadia. Vol.2-𝗣𝗨𝗕𝗟𝗜𝗦𝗛𝗘𝗗 𝟭𝟳𝟱𝟱 - pas invalide d'avance la vente 𝗱𝘂 𝗺𝗲𝘁𝗶𝗳 𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗲𝗿, elle l'auroit ete par la possession des Francois..png
Alberta (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development) v. Cunningham- Supreme Court Judgement - Alberta Metis Settlements. @CanGeo So by limiting your pages to political propaganda, you are actually hurting other Indigenous people who are less well known and do not have the
millions of dollars Canada pours into their socieities to do their own research. / Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada - Chretien - New Breed June 1981. @CanGeo
The Maine Acadian Cultural Survey, by C. Ray Brassieur, Maine Acadian Cultural Survey collection - La Heve colony pt 3 - oath - acadians self definition - ties with the French and Indians. Personally I am French Acadian Mi'kmaw and I have 4 Peace and Friendship signatories in my
family and I do not appreciate reading such falsehood about Metis identities. The government and politics of the Alberta Metis settlements by Pocklington, T. C-1991- pub- Regina, Sask.- Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina - Ewing Commission. One drop of Indian
Blood means a half-breed. That was from the Ewing Commission, not the Acadian Metis. That is historical fact that was written in history, not the Big M , little m, hogwash.
Letter from Harry Daniels, president of the Native Council of Canada to Kirby Lethbridge, president of the Labrador Metis Nation as to who he means the definition of a Metis citizen to mean. @CanGeo @CanGeoEdu
Time to Fight Patriation - Harry Daniels - MicmacNews-1981-7a. Metis people and Aboriginal Rights.
The Métis in Manitoba - by Jean Lagasse- MHS Transactions, Series 3, 1958-59 Season - Manitoba Historical Society - less than one percent said they would answer -Metis- to a question about their nationality.
The Wilmington morning star (Wilmington, N.C.). 1947-07-30 [p 5] - Canada- English conquest of French Canada - French fur traders as far south as the gulf of Mexico and far north as Hudson Bay - Late 17th Century.
Manitoba History_ The French Presence in the West, 1734-1874.- The French were the first Europeans to penetrate the WESTERN REGION of Canada, to extend their sovereignty and their institutions onto the Prairies.
Senate - David Chartrand - 23 issue - Where did the word Metis come from -- hint it is a French word !!
French Colonization of the America's-Cardinal Richelieu issues an act declaring that Indians converted Catholic were considered as, natural Frenchmen by the Ordonnance of 1627. France colonized most of North America. Metis were Roman Catholic, as were my Acadian Mi'kmaw Family.
"Page-126.png" "A-Social-History-of-the-Manitoba-Métis.1974" - Today their descendents all assimilated to the point that few actually know of their Metis origins. People find out, who have no lived experience and research their families and get MNC cards, the same as the
Acadian/Eastern Metis families do. That was pub directly by the Manitoba Metis Federation Publishing company. The hypocrisy & political pandering the MNC is absolute hypocrisy and you are contributing to ethnocide as the very least by not allowing all stories to be told. @CanGeo
"Indigenous Policy Journal- ENGLISH GENOCIDE IN NOVA SCOTIA- Janet Hudgins, February 25, 2018 - ethnic cleansing- starving-abducted and trafficked children- scalped Acadians and Mi'kmaq"
The Acadian Miracle - Dudley J LeBlanc - An act of unbelievable cruelty to the Acadians by the English - MicmacNews-1976-11.
Micmac News - 1976 - 01 - attention Non - Status and Metis Nova Scotia.
1976 - 05 - Viola Robinson - Non status and Metis Association regarding aboriginal rights.
Metis Nation Saskatchewan- courts say it is a voluntary self proclaimed nation, not a public body, it can not speak for other Metis people only the people in it's own non profit society who the bylaws cover!! self identified people.
McCargar VS Metis Nation Alberta. - using Canada's political bodies and institutions such as Canadian Geographic literary body, as a political instrument to further MNC's politics is a mean and cruel trick to play on other Indigenous people, who has other nations trying to
ascribe their identity on. That is not Indigenous policy to have other nations deciding on self identity for other Indigenous people. That is a very slippery slope to start down !!
April 1982- Mal I Mic- New Brunswick Association of Metis and Non-Status Indians - Education Assistance Program.
Warrior society praises leaders - Stand together as Aboriginal peoples - Smokey Bruyere - President of the Native Council of Canada , Jim Sinclair - MNC - WINDSPEAKER, May 15, 1987, PAGE 7. - standing together all ended when Canada decided to recognize MNC and then they got busy
tossing and excluding people, including Jim Sinclair !! Sinclair upset over racist remarks 2-05194.vol15-8 Aug1984-I want people to remember it was the Non-status and Metis who helped build this org. Kicking the non-status out in the street is wrong- Sinclair1984.
Sinclair put Metis in Canada's Constitution - Windspeaker January 2013.
MicmacNews-1980-03 - Land Claims A Political Battle - Dwight Dorey.
Our land the Maritimes ...
Gary Gould , and Allen Semple
Peggy Rydzewski - Metis Flag - Gigmanag August 1978. - Peggy Rydzewski president of the The Native Council of Prince Edward Island.
MicmacNews-1981-05b - NCNS - Prayers - Leadership - Accomplishments - Dwight Dorey - Viola Robinson- Harry Daniels - The Metis and Non-Status Indians of Canada want to be strengthening thread in the fibre that makes up the mosiac of Canada, Mr Daniels said.
Métis Circle Special Consultation- Viola Robinson , asking if the Metis Nation Accord would be a vehicle that the Metis in the East could use.
Micmacs form new native group - Non-status Indian and Metis Association of Nova Scotia - MicmacNews-1990-09. This group was formed in Yarmouth in 1975.
MicmacNews-1975-02 - Two major meetings to be held this month in Yarmouth - Chiefs from 12 bands suspended the powers of UNSI executives , elected officers of UNSI. Change may be made to the constitution - AMNSI. @CanGeo @CanGeoEdu
Union of Nova Scotia Indian bylaws in 1973 and 1978. Sec 3.10 An Indian means, Sec3.12 A Metis ... @CanGeo @CanGeoEdu
MicmacNews-1975-01.- UNSI Undemocratic - first they have taken away the peoples vote, now they have take away our popular decision, where did they get all this POWER. ( After the 12 Mi'kmaw chiefs over threw an elected UNSI board and stripped away rights ) @CanGeo @CanGeoEdu
Micmac News 1973-12 - Equal representation - the idea of elected boards rather than the chiefs just taking over didn't go over too well - what if your children are told one day they are no longer Indians. @CanGeo @CanGeoEdu
Constitutional Changes - Micmac News 1980 - 06 - Metis is now not an indian as per the UNSI constitution and bylaws. Their voice is removed, their identity stripped away and no longer have a voice and are being politically erased. @CanGeo @CanGeoEdu
MicmacNews-1980-03.- telegram is sent to Premier Gerald Regan by UNSI- signed by 11 chiefs, Micmacs lay claim of ownership to the province. ( Gee wonder why all the Metis were kicked out of the Union of Nova Scotia Indians .. 🙄 ) @CanGeo @CanGeoEdu
Cause before those land claims and those chiefs, Metis existed and they also had land claims in April 1977 !! UNSI president supports claims - micmac News 1980 06. 10,000 Metis and Non-status Indians ..
union UNSI supports Metis and Non Status Land Claims - Micmac News 1980 07. 12 Micmac chiefs support the findings of the Maritime Aboriginal Rights and Land Claims Commission documented in the Book Our Land the Maritimes - by Gary Gould and Allen Semple .
"Alan Semple -director of aboriginal and rights and lands claims research program- Gigmanag July 1978." "Non Status & Metis Land Claim -MicmacNews-1978-03 - start up program has begun on a Metis and non-status Indian land claim in the Maritime region. Mr Semple." Allen Semple
hired in January by the three Maritime Associations of Metis and Non-Status Indians as the director of Aboriginal Rights & Land Claims Research Program. Native Definition Needs Expansion-Researcher Alan Semple Land Claim researcher for the 3 Maritime provinces MicmacNews-1978-06.
"The federal government has deliberately and arbitrarily shrank the definition of a native person through its legislative and administrative control to reduce and assimilate the native population in Canada." says John Weinstein, aboriginal claims researcher for the Native Council
of Canada. Mr Weinstein told the fourth general assembly of the native Council of Nova Scotia May 28 in Dartmouth.
So they appropriated the word which was already in use by other Indigenous people and are trying hard to make it their own.
Metis National Council never existed until 1984, which in 1983 they split off from the Native Council of Canada which they helped to create, it was a large political body of Metis and NonStatus Indians from coast to coast. MNC Intervenor in Daniels trial - CAP-MNC split due to
fundamental disagreement about who the Metis are serious dispute in definition. Even though historically all the MNC assoc., had the same definition as NCC. They chose to be more exclusionary, which is their right as they can control their own but they have no say in others !
Metis social-political movement Lusty, Terry,1973- publisher-Calgary Metis Historical Society-Metis Associations-Union of Nova Scotia Indians. I didn't see this included anywhere in your historical blog about Metis? @CanGeo @CanGeoEdu Doesn't quite fit the new propaganda does it?

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16 Jul
obviously Weinstein is full of it too, as he will knows as he was a researcher for the NCC who had a totally different definition of who a Metis citizen was. Obviously his is a bought and paid for decision .. Image
Behind the Scene of the Send First Ministers Conference on Aboriginal Constitutional Affairs-05190.vol15-3 Mar 1984 New Breed- MNC trying to convince NCC on Metis Definition. Image
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16 Jul
"Mr. John Weinstein (Chief of Staff, Métis National Council) at the International Trade Committee openparliament.ca": openparliament.ca/committees/int… -Gee this was the same researcher for the NCC. No wonder they can re-write all history to suit themselves, they have top inside help
BG8AboriginalSelf-DeterminationoffaLandBase. - John Weinstein - then concentrating exclusively on the institutional jurisdictional and fiscal arrangements for the Aboriginal self-government on a land base. ( Gee does that sound familiar !! )
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15 Jul
"Articles | Encyclopédie du patrimoine culturel de l'Amérique française – histoire, culture, religion, héritage": ameriquefrancaise.org/en/article-375…
Can't even ... smh .. 🤣 apparently unless you are from New France? Oh wait Acadia was part of New France, as well as the Red and Assinboine River ... oh the lies and shit we will try and distort. MNC can go through ethnogenesis in 100 yrs but an older colony can't? Bullshit !!
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15 Jul
FRENCH PATTERNS IN Western Canadian Landscapes - RoN WILLIAMS vol31_1_55_64 2006 - the great rivers which like their counterparts in Eastern Canada were the first highways of the West. French voyageurs from the East went West.
FRENCH PATTERNS IN Western Canadian Landscapes - RoN WILLIAMS vol31_1_55_64 2006 - Batoche, Saskatchewan - Last refuge of the Bois-Brules. - According to historian Graham MacDonald of Parks Canada "The hand of the early French explorers and settlers is visible everywhere in the
country, From the ATLANTIC to the Rocky Mountains, in the long-lot system that follows every river."/ nationalgeographic.com- history- New France - cradle of modern Canada - Hudson bay was part of New France. pub May 21 2020.
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14 Jul
"Manitoba History: The French Presence in the West, 1734-1874": mhs.mb.ca/docs/mb_histor…
institutions onto the Prairies./ Manitoba History_ The French Presence in the West, 1734-1874.- it was the francophone majority at Red River who protested most effectively. Manitoba entered Confederation in 1870 as a bilingual and bicultural province.
The_Forks_of_the_Red_and_Assiniboine were part of New France. 1988-The_Forks_of_the_Red_and_Assiniboine_Thematic_History_1734-1850_Report.- in the early 18th century French commercial interests operating from New France established a network of trade and provisioning posts in the
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24 Jun
Colonizers Being Colonizers: Lobster Fishing & the Continued Oppression of L’nu’k in Mi’kma’ki - Yellowhead Institute yellowheadinstitute.org/2021/03/30/col…
My uncle signed that treat in 1761, Francois Mius he was chief of La Have and this is what Bryson has to say to me and other French Mi'kmaw people who identify as Metis .. he is Mi'kmaw ..
Copy of the Brevet de Commission of the Indian Chief - Francois Miouce - Mikmak de Mirligueche en l'Acadie. That is the respect they give to their fellow kin.
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