4 months ago I started my account with Ali as my profile picture

Ali is a pioneer of a successful life and you can learn from him

7 influential lessons Muhammed Ali is teaching me as I grow up and become a man. Image
Build confidence so you can build character.

The gym gave me self care
Music gave me appreciation for art
Twitter gave me expression in ideas

Every element of your life is building your personality.

Ali found his personality through boxing and speaking up for equal rights
Betting on yourself will involve setbacks, but is worth it for the long run.

Ali has the motto: If you're able to take risks and experience pain, you're fit to be a champion.

Don't cover your long term potential with short term validation.

We are capable of so much more.
Courage can come in a form of ego if you truly understand your abilities.

1) A well measured ego is deserved if you can back it up

2) The best form of self esteem comes from complimenting your progress

3) Ego is only harmful if you use it to demoralise someone else
Be crazy enough to shoot for the visions that seem out of sight

"Impossible is just a word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in a world they've been then explore the power they have to change it."

This made me realise that my goals were too short sighted.
Build a strong bond of friendships

Friends are the make or break of your life

Ali surrounded himself with a team who helped him achieve much more than he would have alone.

When you find the long term friends, leverage each others knowledge and build an empire.
Cultivate your mind into new areas of learning

Whilst there are 100 subjects you are educated on

There are millions of subjects you aren't

Ali taught me that those who stop learning, slowly die

Making learning a routine instead of a chore, guarantees a successful life
The success hack you're looking for is focus

Opportunity comes when you get your head down and work

Ali is a perfect example of how there isn't a secret hack to success

The answer you're looking for is turning up every single day and putting the reps in

Simple as that.
1. Confidence builds character
2. Bet on yourself throughout life
3. Courage come through getting to know yourself
4. Impossible is not a fact
5. Build long lasting friendships
6. Never stop learning
7. The reward comes from focus and consistency
I hope you enjoyed this read

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