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18 Jul, 11 tweets, 4 min read
Every physician, fellow, resident and medical student should read this article. It remains as relevant as the time it was written in 2014. I will share excerpts that I believe most exemplify what we are experiencing today. They thehealthcareblog.com/blog/2014/09/1…
2)clarify the tactics used by corporate entities to control physicians who are strong patient advocates. And my suggestions on ways to take our power back. Unfortunately, the vitriol that docs think we are gods is prevalent. The toxic environment in which docs are trained
3)today virtually ensures that is not the case. Nevertheless, the false claim still prevails. Doesn't help to have virtue-signaling docs perpetuate the hype. Docs, you matter and patients matter. Never forget that, despite the gaslighting.
4)One good answer to this intent to "baffle". Direct Primary Care(DPC). Self-employed docs control their own destiny. Quality(not quantity) of care trumps everything. The patient-doctor relationship is just as important to patients as it is to docs. No meddling middlemen.
5)Confidence is maintained in knowing that you know medicine-they don't. Also, never keep all your eggs in one basket. Termination is a risk when one cannot be controlled. Keep yourself marketable)clean record, excellent LORs, etc.). No favors. Company needs my services-pay me.
6)I reiterate, you know medicine, they don't. Don't allow businesspeople to convince you otherwise. You know exactly how you were trained. Remember your oath.
7)This is why I do not subscribe to the term "Provider". Medicine is a not a fast food joint and patients are not customers/clients. These business terms are dehumanizing(as they are meant to be). I cater to patients, not metrics. For that reason, always have two jobs.
8)Again, f**k metrics and patient satisfaction scores. Put the patient first and keep them there. Want your quality to suffer, then let metrics be your guide. And your liability will increase. Anybody can sue, but not everyone wins. Take care of your patients right, they win, you
9)win. Again, always have two jobs. This last "strategy" I find to be the most despicable. It is why patients can now go to a hospital and only be seen by NPPs from admission to D/C, no physician in sight. This is where corporate medicine has won. The patients and/or their
10)families have the right to request a physician. FYI, every department has a medical director. They are physicians and fully capable of seeing patients. Anyone permitting this kind of irresponsible practice in their department is accountable, as is the facility. Chronic
11)understaffing of physicians is a choice and a business decision that doesn't have anything to do with patient care. @pppforpatients @PPA_USA @TakeMedBack

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15 Jul
MedTwitter, this is what a spin to feigned victimhood looks like. In real time. This is intended especially for the virtue-signalers who come in on the tail end of the conversation and never see when the NPPs initiate s**t. This doc asked a simple question. Probably could have Image
2)left off questioning whether the person was in healthcare as it is triggering. Nevertheless, the instigator's commentary as to why RRTs began is also triggering. And false. And this is where a conversation that could have been civil goes south. So instigator says, "To have the
3)hubris to say because you have a certain degree....". No where did the doc say any such thing. Nowhere. But someone entering the middle of the conversation will think she did. This is how bullying begins and the spin becomes accepted as fact. Instigating unnecessary s**t for no Image
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7 Jul
I like analogies that are apropo. Healthcare is a cesspool of Pimps, Hoes and Johns. I discussed the transformation of medicine in this article for Authentic Medicine(authenticmedicine.com/2020/09/the-me…). I elaborated on Pimp #1(RWJF), who approached the National Academy of Medicine(NAM),
2)aka "The Hoes", for a White Paper on the Future of Nursing campaign which was designed to transition physician-led medicine to nursing-led. The Hoes didn't care that nurses aren't trained to practice medicine, they got on board with the campaign. The goal in 2010....
3)Never mind that the Hoes and Pimp #1 had no idea how to competently increase the nursing/NP pool w/o compromising education. They didn't care about that either. Enter the online, substandard NP degree mills graduating NPs who cannot even practice as nurses, let alone NPs. But
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30 Jun
All EM docs and residents out there in Twitterland need to view this video. Summarizes the f***ed up situation with my beloved specialty--in a nutshell. Beautifully done. I remember the days when I would be hired for a job, sight unseen. Sent in my CV and
2)boom, I was hired. My training was spectacular and my attendings supportive. And I recall when I became concerned about the changing landscape of EM, especially when CMGs began to become more prominent and small democratic groups sold their practices. We did this. We gave away
3)EM. To everybody. It took a while for the damage to manifest, but now it's here. I'm so proud of the beginnings of EM. The goal was to improve care to critically ill and trauma patients by aggressive intervention. And we did, we improved survival rates. Now we are going
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30 Jun
CA docs: I was unaware of the class action lawsuit against Sutter Health, the largest health care system(and a non-profit) in northern CA. They settled a $575 million dollar antitrust class action lawsuit alleging anticompetitive practices that drove up revcycleintelligence.com/news/judge-app…
2)the cost of health care services in the region. Just when the case was set to go to trial in 2019, they decided to settle. It is interesting to note that in November 2017, Sutter was sanctioned by the judge for "intentionally destroying 192 pieces of evidence that were relevant
3)to antitrust issues". It is mind-boggling that costs were much higher in northern than southern CA, considering southern CA has a higher cost-of-living and is more congested. Sacramento, my home town, has the most expensive maternity care IN THE NATION! More expensive than the
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29 Jun
Deception is so common in scope creep that it barely raises an eyebrow. Words matter, context matters. So a bit of education...Here is an ad seeking a "collaborating" or supervising doc for a NP practice in MA. Collaboration is not supervision. By the ad, the poster is clearly
2)seeking a doc to function as a safety net; however, a lot of NPs hate the term "supervision". They prefer the misnomer, "collaboration", which connotes being on an equal plane with doctors. Here's the kicker though. MA is an unsupervised state, the governor signed it into law
3)in Jan 2021. So exactly what "supervisory regulations" have to be met? In addition, this highly desirable position is offering the "collaborating" physician a whopping $400-$500/month for the use of his license in case s**t goes south. That's about one hour's compensation for
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5 Jun
Can we physicians, for the love of God, stop qualifying our opposition to FPA/OTP and misappropriation of titles with "NPPs are an important part of the team"? Since dirt, RNs, NPs, PAs have, in some capacity, even prior to their official designations, always worked alongside
2)docs. Who doesn't know this s**t? "Team" is not a neologism. No man is an island. Teams have also existed since dirt, so how about we stop perpetuating corporate medicine's rhetoric as if there have been no teams until the 21st century? Medicine would not function w/o
3)teams--is there anyone who does not know this? What has been forgotten in the NPPs umbrella organizations' push to blur the lines and perpetrate physicians is the patient. Physicians are not innocent in this mess when we support that s**t. How the f**k have we forgotten that
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