1/3 As I’ve been saying for awhile, @Mashinsky cannot publicly lie about his company’s [@CelsiusNetwork] finances on any wire service — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Clubhouse — or else he’ll go to prison for a very long time. This is the single-most reason other crypto CEOs like
2/3 Zac Prince of @BlockFi don’t do AMAs; because if they lie to their audience about their company’s finances and mislead them, they could go to prison for wire fraud.

“I do an AMA every Friday, I make public statements. I could go to jail if I made something and intentionally
3/3 “misled a million people. I have 6 kids at home. So it’s not like I’m some guy talking from the Seychelles islands not caring about… I live in New York City; the Southern District is probably the toughest legal enforcement…”

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28 May
1/39 RYAN (@RyanSAdams): “I want to maybe end on this question, which is: What advice do you have for the crypto natives? Like, again, a lot of people, as we started this podcast listening to Bankless (@BanklessHQ), crypto is really their first experience in investing.
2/39 “They're learning about investing through crypto, which is sort of bizarre. I think they're leveling up faster than they might in the real world. But there are still some timeless lessons that can be applied from traditional investments here. What are those? Share some.”
3/39 MARK (@MarkYusko): “So the first is, to understand the difference between investing, trading, speculating and gambling. None of them are bad or good necessarily. Just like introvert and extrovert; people are like, oh, introverts are not cool and extroverts are cool.
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28 May
1/13 MARK (@MarkYusko): “I do get angry about this, because the average person has everything stacked against them, the average investor has everything stacked against them, from accredited investor rules, to the inability to access talent, to the inability to access the best
2/13 “assets in the private markets. They can't get into Sequoia and Kleiner and all the great venture capitalists. They have no chance to be involved in private real estate or private energy, except in crypto. #Bitcoin is a venture capital investment; it is a D round
3/13 “of a late-stage venture capital investment. Why? Because if I want to own Amazon — Amazon is not a company, Amazon is a network. Amazon doesn't make anything, they are a search engine; they match buyers and sellers and they take a cut, and they take a very large cut.
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28 May
1/16 RYAN (@RyanSAdams): “Mark, one thing, the other difference, though, is that only accredited investors get access to the private markets —

MARK (@MarkYusko): "Oh, amen!"

RYAN (@RyanSAdams): — “which is such a pain point, I think, for many of our listeners that does not
2/16 “exist in the same way in crypto."

MARK (@MarkYusko): "It's a scam. Look, it's not intended to protect you from the ravages of the scammers. It's created to protect the rich. The rich created the accredited investor laws not to protect the small investor. That's a crock.
3/16 “I know plenty of people who aren't rich who are really smart, I know plenty of people who are rich who are not very good investors and vice versa. So 'accredited investor' is to protect the wealthy so they get access to the great deals. It's like why companies stay private
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28 May
1/47 RYAN (@RyanSAdams): "And, Mark, the 'life imitating art' I think is actually a really good way to illustrate the fact that people understand what's going on, maybe not as explicitly as you have stated it, and that's why we've brought you on to the podcast, to explicitly
2/47 “state things. But people feel this; young people feel discouraged, they don't feel included, they feel lost. It's not just young people, but it's the majority of the United States. And this is the same through line that we saw in the Roman Empire, where the people of the
3/47 “world, they knew that things were corrupted, they knew that things were wrong. And if we take a historical perspective, people saw — inside the Roman Empire, it was hard to see it fall in real-time, but if you look back in hindsight, the writing was on the wall.
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27 May
1/14 RYAN (@RyanSAdams): “I think so much of the infighting between left versus right is very media driven, not to get on politics. But I think every American, at least that is not among kind of the elite, is anti-corruption. Like we —
2/14 MARK (@MarkYusko): “Amen. And, Ryan, I'll sum it up for you. I don't mean to cut you off. But this is my thing: There is no left, there is no right, there is no Republicans, there's no Democrats. Remember, there was Democratic Republicans, the Hamilton thing.
3/14 “There is no left or right. You're right, it's just the media. There is in and out. That's all there is. And when you're out, you do or say whatever it takes to get in. Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, lifelong Democrats got in by being a Republican, being Republican. Ha-ha.
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27 May
1/29 RYAN (@RyanSAdams): “I guess my question to you is, Mark: What is the central bank's next move? Because the framing of the macro is, we're in an era of money printing and we've been doing a ton of it. What happens next? How do we get prepared for this decade?
2/29 “What's Powell's next move?"

MARK (@MarkYusko): "He's going to print more. Look, the history on this is very consistent: All empires fail, every single one, reserve currencies end. The final throws of those empires is rife with this type of cronyism, this type of taxation
3/29 “without representation, so to speak, this type of rampant inflation and money printing. Go back to the Roman Empire. So the Roman Empire, there are some quotes from Marcus Aurelius that could have been written yesterday, literally; they just talk about rampant government
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