A real feminist only advocates for gender equality”
“A real feminist does not disrespect men”
“A real feminist does not argue about who is to cook at home”
“A real feminist does not hate men or marriage”

“A real feminist does not…..”
“A real feminist does not…”
My question is, with the hundreds of self-acclaimed feminists littering the internet, telling us how men are sc*m, how the world would have been a better place without men, how existence of men is a danger to women, how male children should not be breastfed because a male child
sucking breast of his mother is demeaning to womanhood and shows supremacy, how are we supposed to know the one that is a real feminist and the one that is not?

I ask this question because one of the first few feminists I came in contact with were the ones who upheld these
teachings like scriptures everyday but something later happened. They had tormented my Facebook feeds for years. Even when you muted them’ you’d still see their screenshots flying around on WhatsApp statuses of young Uyo girls with “Yassss Queen” as caption.
They really got an amazing following.

I had to live with them albeit against my will. I lived with them till they got married.
Holala! Akinetic mutism.

One completely hid her marriage. No pre-wedding photos though she was very popular.
Quiet Quiet Quiet Aunty sneaked to Igbo land and tied the knot and started receiving the same ruthless preeq that the swinger is the cause of all the problems on earth.

The other could not hide the marriage because her popularity was too much.
I watched her kneel and give wine to her husband-the very act she had demonized and condemned for years. I nearly passed out.

What was more? One switched and started discussing football. The other started discussing fashion. I even accosted one and she told me to my face
whether I expected her to continue writing those things so that people would think she wasn’t happy in marriage. I was choked.

I mean aunty what about the hundreds of young innocent girls you implanted hatred in their hearts and made it difficult for them to love or be loved?
What about them? What about them?

I respect women, a lot. I’ve met so many amazing women but I particularly have issues with that word, “Feminist” . Don’t judge me. It’s because of my earliest encounters.
Probably my mentality will change forever when someone is able to tell me how to differentiate between the feminist that is supposedly real and the one that is not .

• • •

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