I’m just going to go right ahead and let my freaky bird nerd flag fly free.

Fly, bird nerd flag, fly!

Saw my favorite bird today for only the second time.

The baddest bad ass in all of birdland.

The peregrine falcon.

The toxic pesticide DDT almost wiped them out.

By the early 1970s, there were only four peregrines left in all of New York State.

But with the help of falconers on the west coast who donated their birds’ eggs to east coast peers, peregrines survived.

They are marvels of nature.

Perfect machines.

Capable of diving at speeds reaching 200 mph.

We’ve literally modeled fighter jet engines after them.

They’re pint-sized wonders of vision and speed and agility.

Peregrines are just the best.

Second sighting. So cool.

(Forgive the imperfectness of the photos. Small birds, far away, terrible light, too nerdy-psyched to wait til I ran them through Topaz Sharpen/Denoise before posting.)

• • •

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18 Jul
An agonizing weakness of Democrats is the belief that we need to talk people into doing what is right.

No, we need to see that what is right gets done whether shitty people like it or not.

You live in a society. Societies make rules. If you don’t like it, go live on an island.
It is not actually important that shitty people come to believe in vaccines or agree with them or want to get them.

The only thing that matters is that they get them. So, order it.

That is a reasonable demand of a person wishing to avail themselves of a society’s benefits.
Seriously, all of this “If we don’t understand them… if we don’t listen… if we don’t reason with them…” makes me want to vomit.

Idiots causing injury and death are not guests of honor at some fucking cotillion.

They are a social disease poisoning others.
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13 Jul
It **is** disinformation that the breakout of vaxed vs unvaxed cases isn’t being tracked just because it isn’t being tracked by one particular agency while there is ample data collection elsewhere.

If you’re going to talk smack, lady, maybe get a clue first.
COVID is the most broadly monitored illness in world history.

It is just bonkers to even think that something large, obvious and potentially relevant would somehow not be under scrutiny.

Vaxed vs. unvaxed cases and outcomes are being studied locally…

And it is being tracked at the state level.

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12 Jul
Following up on my prior post about the delta variant and COVID hyperbole, I feel like folks need a better sense of scale around the stats they hear.

Let’s take my state, for example.

New Jersey averaged around 260 new reported COVID cases a day last week.

New Jersey has reported that 98% of new cases are among people who unvaccinated.

At that rate, 5 of the 260 cases would be among people who are vaccinated.

Every day in NJ, 70x more people than that are injured or killed in a car accident.

I’m going on a road trip to Iowa with my son in August.

A slew of people responded “Be careful. Vax rates are low in a lot of places.”

While they are *lower* than in NJ, so are their populations and densities.

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7 Jul
So, this happened.

It’s hot out but I guess it’s still bearable.

Can bears handle this kind of heat?

Yes, but just bearly.

Why do bears hide in the living room?

Cuz everybody looks in the den.

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4 Jul
I’m going to tell a quick story about Tony Posnanski which he will probably not appreciate me telling.

A few years ago, I had a moment when I didn’t know how I was even going to fill my gas tank.

I didn’t know how I was going to get through the next weekend.

It was the last and lowest moment of a long, horrible stretch that crescendoed when my father died on my son’s birthday.

If you’ve read my pinned thread, you know some of this already.

It was the very bottom after an endless string of terrible things.

Without asking me, Tony found my PayPal and sent me enough money to breathe.

I hadn’t asked. I would not have said yes if he had asked.

He knew that. So he just did it.

It was oxygen at a time when life was asphyxiating.

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2 Jul
Early in his criminal career, Trump got away with destroying documents he was ordered to produce in a lawsuit - and he has repeatedly gotten away with withholding documents.

All of that “success” lulled him into being unafraid of documenting his criminal tax evasion.

After all, if you have always gotten away with shredding the evidence or simply not turning it over, you get a little overconfident about whether documents can hurt you.

From yesterday’s indictment, it appears the Trump Org. kept meticulous records of off-books tax evasions.

And it appears those records have landed in prosecutors’ hands.

Trump’s businesses may be a labyrinthine tangle virtually impossible to pull apart…

but any jury can understand the very simple fraud of paying someone X but only reporting Y on their taxes.

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