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19 Jul, 13 tweets, 3 min read
Something I've wanted to bring up.
I sometimes see some feedback of YouTuber's/Influencers that is overly critical and sometimes toxic. It pains me so much to read this.

Please know your allies.
See the thread.
Regarding ApeFest/Chad:
Kohrs and Trey ride the bleeding edge for this movement. It's all uncharted territory. Sometimes they make mistakes-- sometimes they miss something. Don't demonize them over this. They don't have the same luxury of hindsight as us.
I never backed this, but wasn't very vocally against it. I hate the idea of splitting resources, but love the idea of our community kicking back together.
Jackson, Trey, Rogue, TMI-- they love you all and genuinely want to meet you.
Maybe post squeeze? Earlier thoughts:
Back on point-- you don't have to like everybody on your side, but please acknowledge the work they do for the community.

"But superchats!"
They fund the person putting Apes in our movement. They go towards someone's livelihood who is doing their best to help us.
I don't need to know Trey or Kohr's positions.
I don't need to know anyone's. I see them on YouTube and on Fox News. I've watched their content in the past to borrow confidence.
Some of us may experience jealousy-- they make so much money off ad revenue, monetization.. etc
At what cost ? Their faces are all over the movement. I've lost sleep at night thinking about the 42k+ followers who hear my voice.
Do you understand the emotional burden them?
This doesn't absolve them from accountability. I want you to treat them as people. They're us. They think, they feel, they fight.
We are the same. Let them make mistakes.
I often feel like the middle child between the common ape and the "big accounts."

I am relatively close with all the "AMC influencers"-- please trust me when I say this.

Trey and Kohrs want this more for us than for them. I believe that 100%.
It is okay to feel frustrated, get emotional, be upset-- but be careful with who you direct it towards.
Keep everyone positive and moving forward.

If you need a punching bag, have at me-- kohrs looks like he's made of glass and trey is more of a runner than a fighter ;]
Same team, same dream.
Speaking of accountability--
I've made some jokes about @AndrewMoMoney and how he monetizes the community.
I am sorry for this. I am very passion driven and over protective. He's done a wealth of good, but i'd like he shy away from some of the clickbait that can induce fud.
I get hurt when I see messages tearing people like Tara down as well.
You might not vibe with her, but she puts in work and has been invaluable to the community.
Don't hurt your allies. Keep focus on your endgoal and work towards that.

• • •

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19 Jul
Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom.

Don't set hard dates or times. We are sittin pretty.
We are on the mf climb back rn, but it ain't a margin call.

It's us. Raw retail power.

Keep going.
I see the comments on this post.

"dont they get 24 hrs?"
"48 hours?
"an hour?"

Look at us. Look at the confusion born from a vague tweet.
How do you think outsiders view this, especially when those times end up missing?

We don't need times or dates, our playbook is the same.
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17 Jul
Another day, more noise.

don't care who the fuck Chad is
don't care about who is going to what festival
don't care about price action.

I buy, I hold.
Lawyers, shills, crowd funding-- none of that matters to me.

My playbook is the same.

I buy, I hold.

miscellaneous thoughts:
I love the idea of a festival. I'd love to meet the amazing people I've met in this movement. Id just like that it be planned after we moon and profits go to charity.
Thats just my preference, though.
Regarding @chad080914

dude uses #ILOVEALLAPES, follows 11 people and came outta nowhere. Maybe he's legit, maybe not. Scary how fast he was welcomed and funded.
Also unsure how that route helps us with our current goals.
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7 Jul
What we are seeing today is the most aggressive and artificial suppression I've witnessed to date. Almost feels like a Hail Mary sort of play.
Please see the thread. $AMC #AMC
1. This one is the obvious outlier. Maybe we are reading this @WebullGlobal metric incorrectly, but I fail to see how more inflow than outflow results in a deep red state.
2. Can only share a public tracker rather than my proprietary, but our Twitter sentiment is overwhelmingly skewed towards positive-- by a large margin. There is little panic or FUD from apes. Apes are positive. Apes own most of the float, so again... how are we deep red?
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7 Jul
hey, all

hard conversation to have, but towards the end of August, I will have to take a hiatus I might not return from.
I'd rather not go into it, but I want to be transparent in the event that I go dark.
I never want any of you to think I'd cut and run.
That being said, I was always me-- the bully hating, dick slinging mad lad with a silver tongue, but I've also been very bitter the last few years.
The community changed that. You've all given me great happiness and fulfillment-- enough to last me 10 lives over.
Truthfully, I've always needed all of you more than you've needed me.
Whatever small void I'd leave behind can easily be filled by any one of you. We are the same.

We are Kong. :]

Thank you, my friends.
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5 Jul
Tonight, we spill drink to celebrate our independence.

Tomorrow? we spill drink to celebrate our eventual FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

AYO, @TradesTrey

You're gonna match me on this shotgun, yeah?
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30 May
That 43 mill offering is what guaranteed us out of bankruptcy for the next two years.
Bankruptcy was our only losing condition.

As shareholders, we want the company to show profits and have value. After announcing the earnings of the 43 mill, our price surged.
"We don't care about the company, we want squeeze."
Shorts realizing the company cannot be dicked down for another 2 years is immense pressure to cover.
I am beyond tired of this level of fud. AA is on our side and has yet to do anything to compromise that.
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