1-Today, in a 15 minute call, @SecBlinken said he was relieved the Islamic Republic's plot to kidnap me was foiled by the FBI. He found the idea that they’d abduct me from the American soil particularly egregious.
2-I told him human rights was a bipartisan issue and Iranian people are fighting for the same rights that we in America take for granted.
3-@SecBlinken said the Biden Administration takes Islamic Republic's threats very very seriously and was aware of how the Tehran regime targets dissidents in the U.S and in Europe. He reassured me that the U.S. would hold the regime accountable for this plot
4-I informed @SecBlinken that people in Khuzestan province are getting killed for protesting about ongoing water shortages and in November 2019 the regime killed more than 1500 protesters in the street.
5-I also told him that my human rights campaigns give voice to the voiceless, such as mothers whose children were killed by security forces as well as women who have been jailed for saying no to forced hijab
6- I urged @SecBlinken to meet with different opposition groups to get a wider sense of the human rights situation inside Iran. Murder, kidnap and executions are in the nature of the Islamic Republic.
7-Even now as we speak, there are American, British, German, Swedish and French hostages in Islamic Republic's jails. It is time for the U.S. to be united with the EU to advance the cause of human rights in Iran.

• • •

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19 Jul
بلینکن وزیر خارجه آمریکا تماس گرفت و گفت ما ماجرای آدم‌ربایی شهروندمان در خاک آمریکا را به شدت پیگیری خواهیم کرد.گفتم؛ جمهوری اسلامی ‌تهدید برای همه است.همین حالا در #خوزستان چند جوان معترض را به خاطر آب کشتند. صدای مردمی را بشنوید که علیه کل این رژیم‌هستند.این رژیم نرمال نیست
به آقای بلینکن گفتم رژیم ایران از صدای مردم ایران خصوصا خانواده‌های کشته شدگان وحشت دارد. ۱۵۰۰ نفر را در آبان و، ۱۷۶ مسافر هواپیما را با موشک کشتند. به خانواده‌های‌ گفتند حرف بزنید شما را هم می‌کشیم. نمیتوانید فقط با این رژیمی مذاکره کنید اما صدای این مردم را به رسمیت نشناسید
به وزیر خارجه آمریکا گفتم از اینکه با من تماس گرفتید ممنونم از پلیس FBI ممنونم اما موضوع فقط من نیستم، همین الان شهروندان آمریکایی، سوئدی، آلمانی، فرانسوی ‌و بریتانیایی گروگان رژیم ‌اند، با اروپا متحد شوید و در برابر حکومتی که گروگانگیری و‌آدم‌ربایی و قتل میکند اقدام جدی کنید
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18 Jul
Anti-regime demonstrations are still underway in Iran's #Khuzestan province. This video is from #Susangerd where security forces are seen shooting at innocent protesters asking for water.

Khuzestan doesn't have water and the regime is to blame for wrong water policies.
Watch this video. These innocent people of #Kuzestan want to water. The regime has deprived them of this vital source of life. Watch how the Islamic Republic of Iran shoots at protesters in #Susangerd because they simply ask why they lack water.
More videos are emerging of the police brutality towards #Khuzestan's protesters. This poor young man was injured in his head while demanding water. While Islamic Republic of Iran uses arms, this poor man's only weapon is his voice. Will the international community hear him?
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9 Jul
1-Tomorrow, July 10th, is the world day without hijab. This came out as a response to World Hijab Day. Throughout our campaign, I tried reaching out to the organisers of World Hijab day to get their support in our fight against compulsory hijab in Iran. But they blocked me.
2-My question: How many women around the world are in prison for wearing hijab? Right now, 6 Iranian women are in prison for not wearing compulsory hijab. Why do many feminists choose to ignore their plight?
3-Our campaign was launched to promote the freedom of choice for women: with or without hijab, women should be able to choose their attire. But we are disappointed that the world chooses to ignore Iranian women punished for not wearing hijab while amplifying the voices to wear it
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2 Jul

1-The Islamic Republic of Iran wants to execute a Mohsen Kheiri, who was arrested during #IranProtests of Nov 2019. Mohsen gave forced confessions under torture to vandalising public property, while this is not the case. Don't let Mohsen die.
2-In fact, there are clearly documented cases of Islamic Republic of Iran’s security agents destroying public property in order to falsely accuse protesters of vandalism. Their goal is to tarnish protesters who have a genuine reason to protest
3-Mohsen was not entitled to a fair trial and didn’t have the right to defend himself. The hasty nature through which the regime wants to execute him is very similar to how they executed Navid Afkari, innocent athlete who had also participated in #IranProtests.
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3 Jun
This little girl was forced to wear hijab to go to school in Iran. Her mum told me she still didn’t get used to it & still hates it.

I myself like millions of Iranian girls was forced from the age of 7 to wear hijab. But nobody wants to hear our stories in the 21st century.Why?
2-This is my experience with compulsory hijab

Left: The time when the Islamic Republic had taken my childhood hostage with compulsory hijab

Right: The time when I freed myself from forced hijab and reclaimed the lost years of my childhood by drawing a butterfly on my face
3-Many people believe that compulsory hijab just a small issue. But it actually isn't a "small issue".

Many of us, Iranian women, have been told from our childhood to be second class citizens, that our bodies are sinful objects, that we should hide ourselves from prying eyes
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25 May

1-Left: Journalist & dissident Ruhollah Zam, abducted by the Islamic Republic of Iran

Right: Journalist & dissident, Roman Protasevich, abducted by Belarus

The EU forcefully condemned Belarus (rightfully so) and ponders sanctions. But refuses to do so for Iran. Why?
2-While many Iranians wholeheartedly support the EU pressure on Belarus, they're also disappointed that the Islamic Republic of Iran, despite having a far worse track record of abducting & executing dissidents, was not exposed to the same level of concerted pressure by the EU.
3-For the record, the Islamic Republic executed innocent Ruhollah Zam, who was kidnapped into Iran from Iraq by the Revolutionary Guards. He was tortured and then executed. Somehow, EU is still pondering trade with the regime rather than rebuking it.…
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