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"Z" and Mullahs united #IranProtests

I have already seen several profiles spreading pro-Iranian disinfo/conspiracy theories alongside Russian propaganda.

They fantasize about a "US coup", as if these brave women don't have every reason to fight for their rights and freedom. 🧵
The goal is to discredit the movement that supports the protesters: "It is another color revolution staged by the CIA and the Zionists" or "the protesters we see in Western countries are Jews and not real Iranians."

Anti-Semitism is a constant part of the narrative
Iran is an ally of Russia and also a weapon supplier during the war against Ukraine. Rallies by Iranian civil society in support of Ukraine were suppressed by the Mullah regime. Russian press agencies are spreading the view of the Iranian regime about the protests...
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If you're a professor or a student in STEM in a Western country, you probably know someone from the Sharif University of Technology in Iran. They might have be your students, peers, or friends.

That university is now under attack by the Islamic Republic.

The news and videos are just coming out. I will post a few here.

We see students being trapped in a parking lot at the university, escaping from those who appear to be paramilitary.

#IranProtests #SharifUniversity
We also hear something that sounds like gunshots.

#MahsaAmini #Sharif
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#Iranian security forces brutally cracked down on anti-regime protests at #SharifUniversity in #Tehran on October 2. Here's what you can expect from CTP's #IranProtests update later today: 1/5
Supreme Leader Ali #Khamenei remains absent and did not make a public appearance or statement on October 2. 2/5
#Sharif University students reported that #Iranian security forces barricaded, shot, and arrested student protestors in #Tehran on October 2. 3/5
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.@sandrousseau chassée comme une malpropre par une foule qui la traite de collabo et qui crie dehors et « femmes, vie, liberté ».
Elle n’a pas pu placer une seule phrase ni un seul mot.

#IranProtests2022 #PlaceDeLaRepublique Image
Et la manif continue 🙏 jusqu’à Nation Image
Tant de mamies iraniennes nous ont pris par la main @AntonStruve et moi pour nous demander de ne pas laisser des femmes comme @sandrousseau réécrire l’histoire de la lutte de leurs compatriotes ! Choquées par la présence d’@amnestyfrance qui a défilé POUR la burqa
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Demonstrations erupted throughout Iran as #MahsaAmini protests entered their fifteenth consecutive day. Keep an eye out for CTP's full update and protest map for more details. #IranProtests #مهسا_امینی
CTP can asses with moderate-to-high confidence that anti-regime protests occurred in at least 20 Iranian cities in 17 provinces on October 1 as of 12:35 EST. Protestors were able to organize demonstrations despite ongoing internet restrictions. #اعتراضات_سراسری
Footage circulating on social media documented protestors chanting a slogan unique to the #MahsaAmini movement: "Woman, Life, Freedom." #زن_زندگی_آزادی
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#Iran has been witnessing nationwide protests after the death of #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی But a severe internet shutdown has muted the circulation of protest videos paving the way for misinformation/ #fakenews. Compiling thread of #FactCheck #IranProtests2022 #MehsaAmini
Claim: This is the video that shows #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی being arrested by the Iran moral police #FakeNews

#FactCheck: This is a different clip; the footage is of another Iranian woman arrested in Tehran in May 2022. #MehsaAmini… Image
Claim: Video shows #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی being arrested by Iran moral police #FakeNews

#FactCheck This is a different video; which is on social media since at least October 2021, eleve months before Amini's arrest
#MehsaAmini Image
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The city of Zahedan, province of Balochstan in Iran is at war.

The people of Zahedan have taken over the control of two police stations and disarmed them. There are military forces present shooting the crowd directly.

⚠️ WARNING: graphic content

In this video you can see the results of the massacre committed by the Islamic Republic. They shot people who gathered to say prayers.

The Islamic Republic is commiting genocide on different ethnicities within Iran.

The Islamic Republic forces attacked the Makki Mosque in Zahedan where protestors were holding prayers, and opened fire them.

There are reports of a numbers of deaths coming out already.

#تظاهرات_سراسرى Image
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Gunshots are heard in videos of Zahedan protests, where protesters apparently tried to storm a police station. Local sources say several worshippers have been killed or wounded on Friday noon.

#BREAKING Videos obtained by @IranIntl show the Islamic Republic has violently cracked down on the protests of Zahedan citizens who demanded accountability for a a local police commander accused of raping a 15-year-old girl.

@IranIntl Choppers are flying over the protesters in Zahedan and gunshots are heard in videos sent to @IranIntl on Friday, Sep. 30.

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#BREAKING Protest gatherings are being held in the city of Ahvaz in southwestern Iran.

The police has used tear gas to disperse Iranian protesters in the city of Ahvaz.

Another video of #IranProtests underway in Ahvaz, southwest of Iran.

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The regime has killed dozens of #IranProtesters — and that number is climbing. Raisi sits at the helm of the most sanctioned cabinet in Iranian history, but there are still actions that the U.S. can take *immediately* to hold regime officials accountable for their brutality.
The Biden administration currently has all legal and political authorities needed to work with @USTreasury on a targeted campaign of designations against those responsible for killing #MahsaAmini and repressing the #IranProtests.

Here's where they can start 👇🧵
𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐞𝐫 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐇𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐢𝐧 𝐑𝐚𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐢
He's the chief of police forces in Tehran. In addition to his role in the crackdown of the current #IranProtests, he was also behind crackdowns in 2017 and 2019 where many were arrested, injured, tortured, and killed. Image
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I wrote this letter to white women cheering Iranian women because I’ve had white women come to my events and ask how they can help Muslim women over there somewhere far away because it’s easier than actually doing something about women over here.
It is way past time for white women in the U.S. who have ever asked “How can I help Muslim women” and “Why do Muslim women submit to misogyny?” to start obsessing instead over their white sisters who benefit from white supremacist & theocratic patriarchy…
It is harder to see Foot Soldiers of the Patriarchy when they look like you.

It is easy to see theocrats when they don't look like you.… #IranProtests2022 #mahsamini
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Iran's state-run newspaper @TehranTimes79 claims four European countries including Germany and Netherlands and an Asian state have been involved in inciting "riots" and #IranProtests.
It says the German embassy in Tehran has served as a coordinating center for other EU embassies.
@TehranTimes79 The report says "Germany has been at the center of the European efforts to fan the flames of the protests. The German embassy established contacts with some public intellectuals as well as members of the #MahsaAmini family, encouraging them to speak out against the police."
@TehranTimes79 "The German embassy promised members of #MahsaAmini's family that Germany will protect them, including by giving them German citizenship, in case they spoke up and were prosecuted by the Iranian authorities," the report by @TehranTimes79 added.

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In an unprecedented move, Iran has started arresting celebrities who supported #IranProtests2022, on charge of “inciting violence & riot”.
Mahmoud Shahriyari, a former state TV presenter, has been reportedly arrested. They also sought to arrest Mehran Modiri, but he’s left Iran. Image
Iranian security forces have attempted to arrest Iranian actress Katayoon Riyahi at her home with an arrest warrant on Monday night, but she wasn't home, so they confiscated her laptop and personal computer, sources told @IranIntl.

@IranIntl Security forces have arrested famous Iranian songwriter @monaborzouei who had written several poems and songs in support of #MahsaAmini and #IranProtests, her sister announced. Image
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In Iran, women are fighting against theocrats who enforce hijab by burning shit down, including their hijab.

In the U.S., what are the women fighting against theocrats who enforce abortion bans doing?

It is #InternationalSafeAbortionDay. Where is your feminist revolution?
It’s imperative to understand that the theocrats who look like you and those who don’t both follow the same rule book: control desire and control our bodies. More simply: Control.

Enforced hijab.

Enforced pregnancy.… #InternationalSafeAbortionDay
The patriarchy atop theocracy melange of Iran’s “morality police” is easier to see because it is so visibly expressed in enforced hijab.

But what is the enforced pregnancy of the Christian zealots in the U.S. but a melange of patriarchy built atop theocracy right here?
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“The Australian gov’t condemns the deadly and disproportionate use of force against protesters in Iran, following the tragic death of #MahsaAmini.
We have raised concerns into circumstances surrounding her death in custody with the Iranian Embassy in Canberra,” @AusForeign said.
@AusForeign “We’re alarmed by reports that dozens of people have been killed and many more injured, including teenagers, during heavy-handed measures Iranian authorities have implemented to crackdown on #IranProtests. We call on Iran to exercise restraint re. protests,” @AusForeign added.
@AusForeign “Australia stands with Iranian women and girls in their struggle for equality and empowerment and we call on Iran to cease its oppression of women. Reports of internet restrictions are also deeply troubling and suggest an effort to stifle freedom of expression,” @AusForeign said.
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Et l'Iran devint chiite

« (..) En 906H (1501G), un basculement se produit dans le monde musulman. La Perse, islamisée depuis le 1er siècle de l’hégire, et berceau de certains des plus grands savants de l’Islam – Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī, Abū Ḥāmid al-Ghazālī et al-Tirmidhī y..

...sont nés – est conquise par un homme qui a pour but d’en faire le bastion du chiisme duodécimain (ou imamite). L’homme à l’origine du basculement de la Perse dans le camp chiite se nomme Ismāʿīl 1er, et il est un membre de la confrérie – d’abord sunnite et soufie – des..

...Safavides. Aidé de milliers de fidèles en armes, il débarque à Tabriz au printemps 906H (1501G) avant d’y chasser la dynastie régnante, turque et sunnite, des Aq-Qoyunlu. (...) Sur ses terres, Ismāʿīl 1er rompt alors avec la politique musulmane de ses prédécesseurs...

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The IRGC is once again shelling and launching suicide drone attacks against the positions of Kurdish groups opposed to the Islamic Republic in the Iraqi Kurdistan including Komala and Democratic Party as well as the Parti Azadi Kurdistan, aka PAK (Kurdistan Freedom Party).
#BREAKING The IRGC attacks against the positions of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan in northern Iraq have so far killed two and injured 10, @IranIntl has learned.
Secretary General of Komala group says their positions are being targeted with “missiles”.
#BREAKING A school close to the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Iraqi Kurdistan has been targeted by the IRGC’s retaliatory attacks, and several students have been injured, @IranIntl has learned.
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1/🧵The 1st woman executed by Islamic revolutionaries in #Iran in 1979 was the education minister, Dr. Farookhroo Parsa. The 63 yr old mother of two was killed by firing squad, then wrapped in a white shroud & dragged through the streets. #IranProtests2022
2/ Dr. Parsa (MD) was charged with “corruption on earth & spreading vice & prostitution” for wanting to teach sex education in schools. She was the first female cabinet minister & a driving force for women’s suffrage in #Iran in 1963. #IranProtests2022 #Mahsa_Amini
3/ Prison letter:

“I’m prepared to receive death with open arms rather than live in shame by being forced to veil. I’m not going to bow to those who expect me to regret 50 years of my efforts for equality between men & women. I’m not going to step back in history.” #IranProtests
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An Iranian parliamentarian recently suggested using facial recognition technology to crack down on internal unrest. What are #Iranian AI capabilities and how do they intersect with ongoing #MahsaAminii Protests? A thread: #IranProtests 1/6
The head of #Iran's parliamentary legal and judicial committee recently advocated for reinforcing Iranian facial recognition technology to reduce clashes between #Iranian security forces and protestors. 2/6 Image
This isn't the first time we're hearing of #Iran using #AI tech to track dissent. The Iranian Traffic Police discussed its plans to use facial recognition software to identify and fine pedestrians back in 2020. 3/6 Image
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1/ Let’s go on a little tour of #Iran on the 10th night of nation wide protests for the killing of #MahsaAmini & many others since then.

Let’s start in #Kurdistan, #Sanandaj - the heartbeat of where #IranRevolution #IranProtests began.
2/ Then let’s go all the way to #Yazd. #IranProtests2022
And we can finish off in the capital #Tehran

This is the 10th night of #IranProtests2022 turned #IranRevolution
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📖Documento del Partito Socialista dei Lavoratori dell'Iran (HKS)
▪Una tragedia per la classe operaia del Medio Oriente, imposta dall'imperialismo e dalle borghesie native
➡️Presentiamo di seguito il documento:
"Rivoluzione e controrivoluzione in Iran", scritto dalla corrente trotskista iraniana Partito Socialista dei Lavoratori (HKS) nel 1983, nel calore della rivoluzione che si aprì nel 1979 e si sviluppò durante gli anni '80 in quel Paese.
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This is for anyone in the U.S.--but especially white women cheering on Iranian women. Remember: theocrats are hard to see when they look like you. Where is your feminist revolutions against *your* theocrats? #IranRevolution #mahsaAmimi
We are more than what's on our heads and what's in between our legs:

In Iran--women fighting vs theocrats who enforce hijab

In the U.S.--women fighting vs theocrats who enforce abortion bans

Where is your feminist revolution vs your theocrats?…
As you watch the glory and power of the feminist revolution in Iran, ask yourself (I’m looking at you people in the U.S. cheering on the feminist revolution vs theocrats over there) what the fuck you are doing to fight theocrats and fascists over here…
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Dieci giorni di lotta rivoluzionaria della classe operaia iraniana e delle masse e non lasciano le strade lottando per il pane, la libertà e l'uguaglianza. 🧵
L'odio contro il regime dittatoriale e sanguinario degli ayatollah è in ogni manifestazione. Ci sono più di 145 città che marciano al grido di guerra Morte al Dittatore.
Lì dentro, le masse fanno giustizia contro le stazioni di polizia assassine, i servizi segreti e ogni simbolo di oppressione.
I parenti sono addolorati per i martiri uccisi dai Basij assassini, che sparano a distanza ravvicinata nelle manifestazioni.
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WATCH: The woman whose hair-tying became a symbol of the courage and bravery of Iranian protesters on the streets was mistaken for Hadis Najafi, 20, who resembled her and died fighting for #MahsaAmini's protests yesterday.
The person in the video is also an activist and shared a message with BBC Persia stating that she is still alive and

"I fight for all the Hadis' and Mahsa's."

#اعتصاب_کردستان #مهسا_امینی
The image of a woman tying her hair and firmly stepping through the protests has become widely circulated in the Iranian media, as many have described it as a symbol of courage and one of the most memorable images of Iranian protests.
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