As a non-fascist Indian, it is surreal how many huge objective fuck-ups get shamelessly defended. Demonetization, objective fail. Covid handling, objective fail. Pegasus findings, objectively horrifying.

But there's barely a murmur among BJP voters. Cos Muslims bad?
Really, to the silent BJP voters among my followers who are still silent. If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for? What will it take for you to speak up?
The most bizarre myth they cling on to is that "Modiji has raised India's profile abroad" because it's the exact opposite. I've been living in the US for 15 years. The first 8, when Manmohan was PM, is when this so called profile was high and ever growing. Then 2014 came.
India is barely a blip on the western media landscape these days, and when it is, it's usually with a "wtf" tone rather than the wide eyed "wow, India is in the big leagues and next China!" that were common in Manmohan days. Modi has in fact destroyed India's profile abroad.
Of course, sanghis diabolically spins this as "western conspiracy to malign Hindus". How western publications that gushed about India in Congress days are often trashing it under Modi. And yet, it never makes them question if it's Modi who is the one maligning Hindus.
Modi is smart enough to know how dumb his followers are. So something as easy as "international yoga day celebrated in times square" is spun as "raising profile". I tell people in India. I live in NYC. We could celebrate your next birthday in Times Square for very cheap! 🤭🤭
NYC has some day or the other being celebrated all the time and Times Square is a venue and an advertising space way cheaper than most people realize. And yoga studios have been on every Manhattan street since well before Modi. So obviously, yoga day is a nice event to do here.
How you take what was basically competent "event management" of yoga centric activities in a city that probably has THE most number of yoga studios in the world, and say this is "raising the stature and profile" of an aspiring superpower, I don't understand.
I'm thinking of putting a random "Hou de kharcha" type joke ad on the Times Square billboard just to make this point. It'll cost me less than my next restaurant meal.
A big chunk of BJP voters are stupid enough to seriously believe that the only purpose of this planet-wide alliance of media entities to expose #Pegasus is to bring down Modi 🤣🤣🤣. Modi is doing a great job of bringing himself down.

• • •

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20 Jul
For the actual work, it's very reasonable and can even go up to $100/he. But I'm not comfortable with a doctoral dissertation being edited and rewritten on that scale in the first place. Papers, books, etc, yes. Dissertations, just proof reading is kosher IMHO.
Unless it's a dissertation essay or study being turned into a paper to submit to a journal. That's cool. But the dissertation officially defended, printed, bound, put in the library etc... That, just in my personal doctoral training philosophy, should not be copy edited.
I should stress again that this is my personal subjective policy, and not all academics feel this way. It's the way I was trained and the way I train. I'll happily pay top dollar for copy edits of papers I submit with my students. But their dissertations, have to be all them.
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Yash Chopra "romantic" movies don't age well in the #metoo era.
Lamhe - Rich scion wants to get with an older woman, who is not into him, loves someone else. He tries hard, but fails. So then grooms and marries her daughter who looks exactly like her. 🤢🤢
Chandni - Rich scion hooks up with a woman, but then throws her under the bus to please his patriarchal parents. She moves on, meets a nice guy. But rich scion is like, nah, she is mine for life, no matter how much I abused her, cos I'm awesome.
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19 Jul
We need to stop and take a moment to recognize the #PegasusProject consortium as a historic thing in itself, separate from its chilling findings. It's an unprecedented alliance of media and watchdog entities spread across the globe. First coordinated pushback against fascists.
Fascists have come to power across the world in the past decade by using social media to demonize the "newsroom, editorial meetings, fact checking" type media entities. This is the first global alliance to push back.
Cos substack and podcasts are nice and all, but something like this.... This requires teams. Big teams. Resources. Standards. Coordination. Forensic analysis. Multiple confirmations and triangulations. This takes a village. Hundreds of people make investigative journalism happen.
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19 Jul
I see a spiritual upheaval in that shark's future
The greatest single moment in cinematic history for a fan of HBO's The Wire is Stringer Bell and Jimmy McNulty sealioning together.
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19 Jul
I'm way more affected by these trees dying from the storm last night than I thought I'd be. Trees are peak evolution for me. We are still figuring out how to turn sunlight into cheap energy and they've been turning it into food while growing way taller than us, peacefully.
Their only predator is us. No other creature on earth thinks, nice tree, I'd like to decapitate it and turn it into a chair or Amazon boxes.
Parasites do kill trees but they don't set out to do it. We are the only ones.
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19 Jul
I don't think indians fully understand what a big deal #Pegasus is.
NYT is like Kohli. WaPo is like Pujara. If you know what I mean.
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