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#NSO Group went into a tailspin after earning the ire of the 🇺🇸US Government.

Some mercenary #spyware newcomers like #Paragon started spending big & strategizing to try & stay on America's good side.

However... 1/

By @MehulAtLarge…  	Please use the sharing to...
2/ Countries with sordid histories of mercenary #spyware abuse... tend to re-abuse whatever new hacking toy they get.

Which #Mexico has been doing for the better part of a decade with #Pegasus etc.

#Paragon is playing with fire.  	Please use the sharing to...
3/ TLDR: #Meico's spyware scandals:

Things started heating up in 2016 when we first found #Pegasus targeting a journalist.

It exploded from there. And accelerated with #Pegasusproject.

In 2018, new president claimed things had changed, but fresh abuses tell a different story. ImageImage
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The #Pegasus documentary by @frontlinepbs confirms a lot of my research into the false Pegasus narrative

It starts off in the year 2020 filming @FbdnStories offices in France, they speak about a massive leak of 50,000 NSO Pegasus targets

"There are numbers but no names" Image

The documentary speak about the 50,000 number and says the following about it.

1. The list doesn't have any names
2. It has phone numbers
3. Country Code
4. Sometime stamps
5. It's a list from 2016-2020

"We can't explain where the list is coming from" Image

This information falls directly in line with what I reported in my white paper called Exonerating Rwanda: The spyware case of Carine Kanimba

@OCCRP & @FbdnStories claimed Kanimba's phone was found in a list of 3,500 Rwandan numbers, but Kanimba never had a Rwandan number Image
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The #PegasusProject is at the heart of the documentary “Global Spyware Scandal: Exposing Pegasus”, on @PBS tonight!

Go behind the scenes of this investigation that set off a worldwide scandal and sparked a new global debate about mass surveillance. (1/3)…
The topic: global democracy under cyberattack.

Produced by @FilmsForbidden and @FrontlinePBS, this two-part docu-series follows our consortium of journalists as they untangle the various threads of this worldwide investigation. (2/3)…
Viewers are given an unprecedented look at how #PegasusProject reporters worked.

Want to brush up on the investigation beforehand? We’ve compiled a list of victims, client countries, and judicial and parliamentary investigations, country by country. (3/3)…
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BREAKING: A major lawsuit against spyware firm #NSO Group has been filed in the U.S.

A U.S. citizen is one of 15 journalists based in #ElSalvador who are victims of #Pegasus.

Via @RonanFarrow:… #PegasusProject
"Normally, people get hacked once or twice or three times in rare situations. But, in this case, we saw a really intensive use," says Access Now's @pnigroh.
In the past few years, NSO has been added to the U.S. Entity List (a form of sanctioning) and has faced major lawsuits by Apple and Meta (WhatsApp).

Most recently this month, @TheJusticeDept ruled that NSO is also not entitled to immunity.…
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🧵According to findings by @R3Dmx, with support from @citizenlab, journalists & human rights defenders in Mexico were hacked using Pegasus spyware as recently as 2021, even after the country’s government said it was no longer going to use the software.
🧵Just last month, @direkt36 reported that Hungary's parliament had years ago allowed the purchase of Pegasus without a public procurement process.

The spyware was then used to monitor journalists, politicians & more. @AndrasSzab @panyiszabolcs @andraspe
🧵#PegasusProject, initially published by 17 media orgs & coordinated by @FbdnStories in partnership w/ @amnesty, revealed >50,000 potential victims of Pegasus spyware, including journalists & heads of state.

Here's the impact of the investigation so far.
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BREAKING: journalists & human rights defenders hacked with #Pegasus in 🇲🇽#Mexico.

Years *after* spyware scandals & new President's promise that abuses were over.


Report by @R3Dmx
We @citizenlab did forensic validation:… Key Takeaways Mexican digital rights organization R3D (Red eOur technical validation of forensic artifacts collected fro
2/ Per @R3Dmx, #Pegasus victims were infected while working on:

❌Connections between Los Zetas Cartel & Mexican Army
❌Official misconduct in investigations into #Ayotzinapa forced disappearances
❌Human rights violations by Mexican Armed Forces.

Chilling. Ricardo Raphael  Raphael, a prominent journalist and author Raymundo Ramos Vázquez  Ramos has spent years documenting h
3/ Mexico was first rocked by #Pegasus scandals in 2017 under President @EPN.

We @citizenlab, @R3Dmx @socialtic & @article19org had found dozens of abuse cases.

When Pres. @lopezobrador_ took office, he promised hacking abuses were a thing of the past...
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The Indian gov’t is thwarting efforts to investigate the use of Pegasus spyware.

The Supreme Court today echoed sentiment shared by the public & parliamentarians alike since the #PegasusProject findings last year — “the Indian gov’t is not cooperating.”…
The Supreme Court now has the investigating committee’s report, which is not yet public, but reportedly states that malware was found in 5 out of the 29 phones examined, but that there was no “conclusive proof” of Pegasus spyware.
Four things need to be top of mind for the SC bench led by the Chief Justice of India:

1. Forensic analysis to trace spyware cannot be “conclusive” — the investigation must obtain direct information from the gov’t on procurement and use of spyware.
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Today marks the 5th anniversary of the landmark SC Right to Privacy judgement that changed digital rights history & finally recognised privacy as a fundamental right.

🧵sharing the issues since then & a story of how its implementation went haywire. 1/n…
There has been some hope in Courts, where the judgement has formed the basis for decriminalizing same-sex relationships. It was also cited to incrementally advance jurisprudence on criminal investigations.

But India's data privacy under Puttaswamy remains under grave threat. 2/n
1⃣Withdrawal of the Data Protection Bill, 2021
While the Bill was not perfect, its withdrawal in the Lok Sabha means 4 years & multiple rounds of consultations have only led us to a road of disappointment, leaving a dangerous vacuum for data privacy. 3/n…
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Rule of law in Hungary: I have been investigated by our data protection authority because of my reporting on #Pegasus surveillances and after a complaint by an intelligence officer who was likely the spyware's operator. Story & documents (in 🇭🇺):…

2/ As part of our #Pegasus surveillance investigations at @direkt36, I wrote a story on probably the most unlikely target: an intelligence officer at the Special Service for National Security (SSNS), which conducts secret surveillance and interceptions.…
3/ I had doubts that he was a real target, and well-informed sources told me that this guy probably just operated Pegasus, and entered his own number while trying to test the spyware. But we easily identified him because someone saved his name, title and position in CallApp (LOL)
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🚨MAJOR INVESTIGATION: uncovering #GeckoSpy.

An espionage operation using #Pegasus spyware against #Thailand's pro-democracy movement.

THREAD on our findings 1/

Our @citizenlab collaborators: @iLawFX & @DigitalReachSEA w/validation by @AmnestyTech… Key Findings We discovered an extensive espionage campaign t
2/ In 2020, #Thailand's government triggered pro-democracy protests by disbanding a popular opposition party.

Protests continued into 2021, and were met with repression & violence.

Key figures were harassed, arrested & jailed.

Now, we know many were hacked, too.
3/ The #GeckoSpy investigation began in Nov 2021... when @Apple notified users likely targeted w/#NSOGroup’s FORCEDENTRY exploit.

Multiple activists in #Thailand received them.

Some got in touch with us @citizenlab & our collaborators including @iLawFX & @DigitalReachSEA
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Tomorrow, it’s #WorldPressFreedomDay! The theme “Journalism Under Digital Siege” was chosen following the #PegasusProject.

On May 3, 5 PM CEST, we will talk about our #SafeBoxNetwork during the @UNESCO Global Conference:

Learn more about the speakers ⤵️
#WorldPressFreedomDay | Who will be speaking?

🇲🇽 María Teresa Montaño Delgado, founder of @TheObserverMex.

Her investigations on cases of corruption and embezzlement by the state’s administration have earned her many threats. She shares her information with the #SafeBoxNetwork.
#WorldPressFreedomDay | Who will be speaking?

🇵🇾 @GuachireM, independent investigative journalist, specializes on corruption, drug trafficking and smuggling.

In March 2022, he suddenly faced serious threats and has decided to secure his material with the #SafeBoxNetwork.
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🇪🇺Today, the European Parliament's #Pegasus inquiry committee will start its work.

9 months ago, #PegasusProject - a consortium of journalists led by @FbdnStories - uncovered systematic abuses with NSO Group's Pegasus spyware. One of these abusers was Orbán's Hungary.

2/ Hungary was the first EU member state where we found that multiple journalists and media company owners were surveilled with the Israeli spyware. Orbán's gov't neither confirmed nor denied anything. Here's our in-depth @direkt36 article with @andraspe:…
3/ Later, we published more articles on surveilled journalists. One of them, Brigitta Csikász is a Hungarian investigative journalist mostly covering the justice system and crime. During her surveillance, for example, she wrote about misuse of EU funds.…
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BREAKING: we @citizenlab found signs of a #Pegasus spyware infection at the 🇬🇧Prime Minister's office, 10 Downing St.

We notified 🇬🇧.

We'd found other infections within the Gov.. THREAD 1/

Must-read by @RonanFarrow:…
2/ Meanwhile, we also found signs that multiple 🇬🇧 officials at the @FCDOGovUK had been infected with #Pegasus spyware.
3/ Many assumed that 🇬🇧's vaunted security apparatus could protect the government from the scourge of mercenary spyware like #Pegasus.


🇬🇧 got spectacularly burned.

So, which foreign governments might have hacked @10DowningStreet & @FCDOGovUK?
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NSO Group, the blacklisted Israeli company that makes Pegasus spyware, has been deemed “valueless” to its private equity backers - who bought it at a $1bn valuation three years ago

@FT scoop ->
NSO revealed in December that it had received no new customer bookings for its Pegasus spyware since @FbdnStories published #PegasusProject in July, according to a claim in court filings
The assessment that NSO’s equity is worthless is a blow to major investors - from Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala, to the pension fund of British Gas’ parent company Centrica, to UK and US public pension funds - who ploughed money into the private equity fund that bought it
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Today, the @EU_EDPS released its preliminary remarks on the use of intrusive spyware such as NSO Group’s Pegasus.

The EDPS is clear: the abuse of tools such as Pegasus pose a direct threat to the Right to Privacy and they must be banned.

@EU_EDPS Pegasus has been used to unlawfully target activists, journalists, lawyers and others globally – including in EU Member States such as Belgium, France, Hungary and Spain.

EU Commissioner @dreynders has also called for urgent action against the use of Pegasus spyware.
@EU_EDPS @dreynders A lack of meaningful accountability, coupled with weak and inadequate regulation has allowed these human rights violations flourish in the EU and globally.

Revelations such as the #PegasusProject do not come from a vacuum - they are the result of this inaction.
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New @citizenlab report, #ProjectTorogoz, documenting the use of NSO's Pegasus spyware in El Salvador, in collab w/ @AccessNow, w/ assistance from @FrontLineHRD @MohdMaskati, @socialtic, and @fundacionacceso, and w/ peer review from @AmnestyTech…
We confirmed, through forensic analysis, 35 cases of journalists and civil society members whose phones were successfully hacked with NSO Group's Pegasus spyware from July 2020 through November 2021.
The targets included journalists at @_elfaro_, @GatoEncerradoSV, @prensagrafica, @Disruptiva2, @ElMundoSV, @EDHNoticias, and 2 independent journalists. Also NGOs @fundaciondtj, @cristosal, and another (anonymous) NGO.
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As @Europarl_EN rapporteur on the #RuleOfLaw situation in Hungary, I am extremely worried @EU2021SI hasn't made any progress with the #Article7 proceedings.

Yet, within the last 6 months, Fidesz has managed to further deteriorate democracy within its own country. Since June⤵️
🔴 The anti-#LGBTIQ law entered into force, banning any cultural content in school education programmes, films or advertisements "promoting homosexuality".…
🔴 @FbdnStories published the #PegasusProject with @AmnestyTech , revealing the abuse of the Pegasus spyware by numerous governments.

Hungary is the only EU member state which allegedly used the spyware against its own opponents & journalists.…
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71/. NSO's #Pegasus spyware has been repeatedly used by abusive govts to target peaceful human rights defenders, activists & critics

86 NGOs & independent experts are now asking the EU to #SanctionNSO & ban all use of its technologies
@hrw #PegasusSpyware…
72/. The mobile phone of Kamel Jendoubi a UN-backed investigator who was examining possible war crimes by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen was targeted with spyware made by Israel’s NSO Group. #PegasusProject #Pegasus #PegasusSpyware #SaudiArabia…
73/. @AmnestyTech confirms @citizenlab's finding that Polish Senator @KrzysztofBrejza was hacked with #PegasusSpyware during the 2019 parliamentary election campaign

Ruling party chair admits buying #Pegasus but denies it was used for political purposes!…
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69/. The #PegasusProject has been awarded a @RSF_inter award for its impact

But what had the impact been so far?👇

Well done @FbdnStories @AmnestyTech @citizenlab @guardian @haaretzcom @lesoir @DIEZEIT @proceso @direkt36 @OCCRP @thewire_in @frontlinepbs
70/. “NSO Group is in crisis,” according to @HowellONeill in @techreview

“They are struggling & failing to reverse US sanctions & are $500 million in debt. There is doubt at the highest levels about their future”
#Pegasus #PegasusSpyware #pegasusproject…
71/. NSO's #Pegasus spyware has been repeatedly used by abusive govts to target peaceful human rights defenders, activists & critics

86 NGOs & independent experts are now asking the EU to #SanctionNSO & ban all use of its technologies
@hrw #PegasusSpyware…
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To @NSOgroup: When the U.S. Commerce Dept. recognizes you as targeting journalists and helping authoritarians, it's time to reconsider your business model.…
This summer the #PegasusProject revealed even more digital rights abuses by @NSOgroup.…
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#PegasusProject #OrderAnalysis❗️ Long Thread Alert 🧵

BIG NEWS: The Supreme Court of India has constituted a technical committee to investigate the allegations of #Pegasus use against Indian citizens. 1/14…

It is to enquire and investigate whether the #Pegasus spyware was acquired by any Government; whether it was used on phones/devices of Indians to access stored data, eavesdrop, intercept information; and/or for any other purpose. 2/n
The Committee can also make recommendations regarding new laws around #surveillance to secure the right to #privacy as well as about establishment of a mechanism for citizens to raise grievances grievances if they fear they are under illegal surveillance. 3/n
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CJI NV Ramana led bench to deliver judgment on a batch of petitions seeking an independent probe into the #PegasusSpyware scandal which had allegedly compromised privacy of individuals and institutions

The judgment will be pronounced at 10.30 am today

The three-judge bench to assemble shortly
#SupremeCourt #PegasusSnoopgate
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Israeli @NSOgroup is part of the global spyware trade which profits from repression.

Civil society is uniting to stop this. Activists in India, where 300+ names appeared on the target list of Pegasus, have launched this campaign. Join us!

Here's why 👇🏾
In July 2021, #PegasusProject exposed the use of Israeli @NSOgroup's spyware against thousands of journalists, activists & politicians. Apartheid Israel is at the center of the spyware trade, which is repressive by design and field-tested on Palestinians.
Cambridge University has cancelled a £400M deal with the UAE dictatorship over its use of Pegasus against journalists and human rights defenders. All institutions must also end ties with apartheid Israel which produces this life-threatening technology.
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🏆 The #PegasusProject, a collaborative international investigation led by @FbdnStories, has just won the 2021 Daphne Caruana Galizia Prize for Journalism. The award ceremony was held in the European Parliament today. THREAD ⬇️… 1/9
@FbdnStories This project involved 80+ reporters working for 17 outlets across the world, including OCCRP. It showed how “Pegasus” spyware made by NSO Group, an Israeli tech company, was used to infiltrate the cell phones of journalists, activists, and politicians. 2/9…
@FbdnStories Among those targeted by the software — which NSO Group claims is meant only for use against criminals and terrorists — was Khadija Ismayilova, an award-winning and frequently persecuted Azerbaijani investigative reporter. 3/9…
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