the problem is not section 230. the problem is an inadequate set of incentive/disincentive vaccine policies leveraging the power which is the federal government’s to leverage
nobody will give a shit what alex berenson thinks when you can’t fly on a plane or take out a loan or afford health insurance unless you’re vaccinated
excise the financial & social luxury of listening to conspiracist grifters

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20 Jul
here’s the problem I’ve got with this shit. the sentiment is right but the splash-mountain-in-space for billionaires model is completely at odds with it. if you want to become a trillionaire giving space rides, fine. just don’t coat it in 500-year philanthropic bullshit
you don’t *have* to start off as a billionaire tourist thrill ride. just stick to the philanthropic elements and maybe more people will buy your philanthropic sales pitch! or just say yep we are a zero g uber company now
“you don’t understand, he has to do this first, the richest man on earth needs more money to do the GOOD space stuff”
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16 Jul
agree entirely with the argument but not the venue or position of the arguer
really a dipshit strategy here to try to make it a public policy. facebook should be launched into the gaping maw of deep space but I don’t want it coming from the white house because now you’ll get rallying to the anti-vaxxer cause under the cover of sticking up for them
the point of destructive medical info online can be easily made without singling out any one private entity
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16 Jul
what’s going on here is a sneaky awareness of who’s gonna be responsible for another bloody covid wave & all the preventable unvaccinated deaths. It’s a preemptive attempt to shift blame from the willful unvaccinated to the mean libs who made the unvaccinated refuse to get a shot
listen to me: you are not a hostage to these people’s feelings. they are not gonna get a shot if you buy them ice cream & wash their car while reading to them from a medical journal, and they are not gonna get a shot if you are a dick to them. they just want power to shift blame
“unless you are nice to me I am gonna eat a tide pod” is not a rational argument you have a chance of defusing by humoring it. that makes you a hostage & a borderline willing accomplice in the game.
Read 5 tweets
15 Jul
wow this person suddenly aged backwards!
“I turned 18 in february 2020 but I was registering for college classes the next fall in summer 2018”
that account’s first tweet is that medium link in august 2018, occasionally posts something unremarkable for a year, goes dark, and comes back online as a bot account tweeting generic jokey quotes, then quickly turns into anti-vaxing propaganda
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15 Jul
polio hell. germ theory, x-rays, antibiotics, pasteurization, mammograms, organ transplant, gene therapy, name it and they’d have banded together to keep it repressed & obscure
medical advances terrify this sector because they exist as their own power beyond political control. they’re a threat; the administrators of medicine do not operate according to a political law but instead follow a structured fact based theory
all this is just a modern way of saying BURN THE WITCH
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13 Jul
ah I see the pro lifers have a new idea to make childhood morbidity great again
preventable viral childhood illnesses in tennessee don’t stay in tennessee. this is where the feds need to intervene.
your “personal decision” in your state isn’t permitted to impact millions of kids in other states and when you insist it is, I insist the feds have the obligation on their behalf to take your health department over
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