Back in 2017, me and @thegoswicks started reading books and talking about them (like a mini book club) at the time he was on Twitter and I was not. He kept texting me tweets from various guys like @EdLatimore, @AJA_Cortes, & @CJ_Johnson17th. One of the books we read was......
Not Caring What Other People Think is a Superpower: Confessions of a Heavyweight Boxer by Ed Latimore. A few pages into the book and I was hooked on Ed’s content. Immediately started following Ed along with a few others.

Pretty crazy that Ed was one the main reasons why.......
I became active on Twitter and now we have a business partnership together.

Fun fact though: I told @thegoswicks years ago that one day we would have a strategic partnership with @EdLatimore 💯😎👊

• • •

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2 Mar
Have you ever learned about Average Rate of Return vs Actual Rate of Return?

Most financial planners will never bring this up

Let’s say I invest $100K into the market in a growth stock fund that does 100% the first year. Sweet I have $200K
Year 2 the market drops 50% dropping me back to $100K

Year 3 is another incredible return year of 100% getting me back to $200K again

Year 4 I experience another 50% drop bringing my money back to my original $100K

The AVERAGE Rate of Return is 25%.

Did I make 25%?
No, I still have the original $100K which has brought no value to my life and tied my money up for 4 years plus has been eroded by inflation, fund fees, and missed opportunity cost.

These are things you need to learn and consider when blindly throwing money into mutual funds
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11 Feb
20 of my favorite Jim Rohn quotes:

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better

Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills

Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom

~Jim Rohn~
If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan

And guess what they have planned for you?

Not much

~Jim Rohn~
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8 Feb
⊂_ヽ E
  \\E D T O
   \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) B
    > ⌒ヽ E
   /   へ\ T
   /  / \\ H E
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ B A N K $$$
  / /
  / /|
 ( (ヽ.
 | |、\
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
ノ )  Lノ
How do you (Be The Bank) ?

I’ll teach you:

This will give you an idea

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23 Jan
25 Uncomfortable Truths About Money.

Contrary to what the media says,

It's ok to be rich.
Saving more money won't save you.

Making more money will.
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20 Nov 20
25 Uncomfortable Truths About Money.

Quick thread:
Contrary to what the media says,
It's ok to be rich.
Saving more money won't save you.
Making more money will.
The vaults inside banks are not for your money.
They're for the money they make from your money.
Banks give you money at 0.5% interest and lend it at 5-25% interest. You're being flipped for profit.
You don't want money.
You want the peace that comes from not having to worry about it.
Hating on money makers is the exact reason why you don't become one.

You don't need to be a genius to be rich.
You just need to be open minded.
If college professors knew about proper financial education, they wouldn't be college professors.
"Capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth.
Socialism is the equal distribution of misery."
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18 Nov 20
Here’s why what you think you know about interest; just isn’t so:

Interest RATES don’t matter as much as the VOLUME of interest you pay

Typical American stays in a home around 5 years before relocating for various reasons

Interest is front loaded on loans which means if you clear the calculator every 5 years you’re paying 50-80% in interest alone!

This lack of education and knowledge is why the average American in their lifetime will pay roughly 34.5% of every dollar they make to interest alone!
That 34.5% is what we call a headwind

If the average American is (generously) saving 10% but they are paying 34.5% in interest are they ever going to get ahead?

THIS is the interest myth and why most never achieve their financial goals

Retweet if you learned something 🙏
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