Tricia @newdayfornj, I am writing to press you to stop saying “He is not one of us” in campaign attack ads against me. I’ve heard these hurtful words many times as an Asian American and your use in a campaign for Congress disrespects me and many AAPIs. You and I haven’t…THREAD
You and I haven’t met yet so I am not going to immediately assume the worst. I am hoping that you said these words without understanding the deeper pain they bring to me and many Asian Americans. The words try to paint me as an “other.” These are words of division not unity. 2/12
“Not one of us” are words that make it sound like I don’t belong here. I went to kindergarten in my district, grew up here and am raising my kids here, so when you say “he is not one of us” it disrespects my love and connection to this community that raised me and my kids. 3/12
“Not one of us” are words my immigrant parents heard all too often that caused them to be reluctant to talk in public for fear of having someone mock their accents despite living here in America for 50 yrs. 4/12
“Not one of us” are words that echo and enable the taunts that my 5 yr old boy experienced when a bigger kid kept calling him “Chinese Boy.” 5/12
“Not one of us” are words that make many Asian Americans constantly feel like we are seen as foreigners in our own country. A few months ago a 65 yr old AAPI woman was attacked on streets of NYC while her attacker yelled “you don’t belong here.” 6/12
I assume your response will be that “not one of us” is about politics not race. I heard that excuse in 2018 when I was attacked with the same line in ads. But even our politics shouldn’t divide between “us” and “them.” We are both American and raise families in New Jersey. 7/12
You and I have real and serious differences in policies and beliefs. But we should be able to draw attention to those disagreements without making the other seem like the “enemy” in warring tribes. Disunity in America hurts all of us and weakens our global leadership. 8/12
And excuses about politics don’t make things ok. I regretted not speaking out more in 2018. I thought maybe it would just go away. But your new usage clearly shows that we need to stand up against hurtful words and let people know it’s not right. 9/12…
I know you’re new to this district. You’ve never lived here, so maybe you think this kind of language works. But let me tell you, people are sick and tired of the politics of division. They don’t want to be told they don’t belong. 10/12
You mention that this is a district that Trump won, and you’re right. But the Rep here should respect and serve everyone in the district regardless of who they voted for. If you’re running to sow division, maybe you should reconsider. That’s not what this job is about. 11/12
There’s a long way to go until November of next year. Maybe you’ll be the nominee. Maybe we’ll get to debate. Let’s focus on what matters. This is a job about service, it’s a job about community, and it’s a job that requires empathy. Let’s act accordingly. (END)

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PROSPERITY: The Greenwood area of Tulsa was a thriving Black community and often referred to as Black Wall Street. The residents succeeded against the odds, but their success was a model and a symbol for what could be. 2/14
SEPARATED: Business owners and working families prospered even though they were segregated from the rest of the community. Every day was a reminder that they were an ‘other’ - even those well-off in Greenwood couldn’t frequent businesses in White Tulsa. 3/14
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