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#MLK #FathersDay - Many have been asking for more color photos of my father :-). Here’s a thread of color photos of him with his family:
Dinner Time. Play Time. We miss you, Daddy. #MLK
Daddy with Yolanda, my older sister and the first-born of #CorettaScottKing and #MLK. #FathersDay
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8 months ago,the Federal Govt of Nigeria @MBuhari and Lagos Govt @jidesanwoolu murderously connived with @HQNigerianArmy @LCCTollRoad and @Loatsad_Promo to kill peaceful #EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll Gate.
See thread for NAMES OF some of the SLAINED HEROES.
Was shot and killed by @HQNigerianArmy on #LekkiMassacre at the Lekki Toll Gate #EndSARS Peaceful protest.
On this #FathersDay Lekan would have been with his 2 children who are still in Primary School and now has nobody to fend for them.
They need Justice.
Ayo was a peaceful #EndSARS protester killed by @HQNigerianArmy on #LekkiMassacre
Ayo was unjustly murdered.
Federal Govt @MBuhari and Lagos Govt @jidesanwoolu continue to LIE that nobody died in their bloody orders to shoot peaceful protesters.
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On #MothersDay you'll never hear single dads saying "Happy Mothers Day To Me" yet on #FathersDay you hear single moms saying "Happy Mothers Day To Me"....and even more sad watching the child especially a son also saying "Happy Fathers Day To My Mother She's Both"...
If we're being honest there's no such thing as an absent father, if your dad ain't dead, whatever issues you have with him, your mother is also to blame for. Your mother poisoned you into hating your own father to make herself feel good for her own mistakes...
Women are the gatekeepers of sex & fertility, unless your mom was raped, you can't really say shit about your "absent" dad without saying the same for your mom. It was your mom who opened her legs for that deadbeat. Your mom is low quality, she couldn't select a suitable male...
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Les papas du CH.

Habs dads, a thread. 🧵

#GoHabsGo | #FathersDay
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My boy graduated kindergarten! Best #FathersDay gift. I’m overwhelmed. Perhaps fitting his class sang Bob Marley.“Don’t worry about a thing. Cause every little thing gonna be all right”. Raising kids during this crazy time I think I needed to hear that. Still I do worry…THREAD
I feel deep uncertainty about the world my son is growing up in. Our struggling democracy, climatechange, hate against AsianAmericans or anyone for that matter. That’s what comes to mind when I think of the future. But then I heard my son talk about his vision for the future…2/8
During the graduation, there was a sweet part where the kids took turns talking about their dream jobs. My son walked up and said “Hi…when I grow up I want to be a soccer player.” I never saw him in front of a crowd with that kind of confidence (and holding a microphone!) 3/8
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अंतिम यात्रा के लिए
प्रस्थान कर के भी
कभी कहीं नहीं जाते पिता
मुक्ति धाम से लौटते
हमारे क़दमों के साथ
लौटती है उनकी पदचाप
ख़ाली कमरे में बत्ती बुझाने
की हिदायत देने ज़ेहन में
हर रात आते हैं पिता। (जारी...)
सुबह सुबह फ़िज़ूल बहते नल
की टोंटी बंद करने बढ़ाते हैं हाथ
कभी गर्मियों में छत पर बैठ
तारों के रहस्य बताते हैं
और कभी अनंत की यात्रा
बीच में रोक
खुद सप्त ऋषि मंडल
का तारा बन जाते हैं
ताकि असीसते रहें सदा।
(जारी.. 2)
वे हमेशा के लिए विदा
लेकर भी
कहीं नहीं जाते

बने रहते हैं यहीं कहीं
बिलकुल आसपास
हमारी अस्थि मज्जा में
और धमनियों में भी
हमेशा बचे और बने रहते हैं पिता।
०डॉ राकेश पाठक

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#FathersDay #FathersDay2021 #TheHeroWeKnow

I wish my father had tested positive [for COVID] last year, then maybe, he would have survived. Both of us had opened a small restaurant in Bahadurgarh [Haryana], where he was supposed to spend the rest of his retirement. (1/7)
In his younger days, my father was what you would call ‘Dabbang’ [bold], and so free as a person. He took on the responsibilities of a good dad with ease. He was endlessly supportive. (2/7)
Our relatives would often tell him that he gives his ‘girl child’ too much freedom, but he never paid them any heed. He supported my career choices, my education, and even when I chose to have an inter-caste marriage. “Don’t worry, I’m here,” he’d always say. (3/7)
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#FathersDay #FathersDay2021 #TheHeroWeKnow

Dear Papa, Thank You For Being the Wind Beneath My Wings

Behind every daughter who dreams big is a father like you. One day definitely isn’t enough to celebrate how much you mean to me. (1/7)
But I will try my best because out of every helping hand I have received in this world, yours is the one with the most impact.

This is for you, Papa

Thank for carrying me on your shoulders, singing me to sleep, and teaching me how to fish in village streams. (2/7)
Thank you for helping me fall in love with books, food and adventures.

Thank you for being patient as I questioned every barrier and rule I came across.

Thank you for standing by me when I chose an unexpected career, even when friends and family questioned my decision. (3/7)
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Text: 1Kings 2:1-4; Joshua 1:8
Title: Pathway to good success



Good: in greater or large quantity
Success: Favourable or desired outcome.

Good Success: Having favourable tendencies of having results.
Joshua 1:8 is a recipe of good success.

1Kings 2:2-3
Good success is the reward of obedience to God. It is not a matter of chance or mistake.

Good success outlasts the person. 1Kings 2:4

Elements of good success.
1. It must be God inspired. 2Samuel 7:1-2; 2Chronicles 6:7-8
1Chronicles 28:2-3
You no competition with anyone, let all you do be by inspiration and not competition.

2. It must be pleasing to God. Genesis 4:3
No matter the level of success you want to have, will it be pleasing to God?
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#FathersDay #FathersDay2021 #TheHeroWeKnow

Remembering his father BN Yugandhar, a 1962 batch IAS officer, on father’s day, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shared this heartwarming note in a LinkedIn post: (1/13)
"My father’s work was more than just a job for him. He was ten years old when India became independent, and approximately a dozen or so years later my father joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) as a civil servant. (2/13)
To him, this was not a professional career choice, but a calling. There was the fervor of nation-building in the air, and he inhaled it all with an unwavering deep sense of passion and commitment throughout his life. (3/13)
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ବାପା ହେବା ଭାରି ସହଜ ମ !

ବୋଉ ଉପରେ ସଂସାର ଛାଡ଼ିଦେଇ
ଖରା, ବର୍ଷାରେ ସେ ସଂସାର ପାଇଁ
ତିଆରୁ ଥିବ ଛାତ,
ପୁଅ ଝିଅ ଶୋଇଗଲେ
ଅନ୍ଧାରରେ ଲୁଚି
ତାଙ୍କ କପାଳରେ
ଛୁଉଁଥିବ ଆଶୀର୍ବାଦର ଅଭୟ ହାତ
ଭଲ ଜାମା, ଗେଂଜି କେବେ କିଣିବ ହିଁ ନାହିଁ
ସଭିଙ୍କୁ ଶାଢ଼ୀ କି ଜାମା କିଣିଦେଇ
ନିଜର ଦି' ଖଣ୍ଡ ଲୁଙ୍ଗିକୁ
ଧୋଇ ଶୁଖେଇ
ପିନ୍ଧିବାରେ କି କଷ୍ଟ ଯେ !

ପୁଅର ଗାଡ଼ି ପାଇଁ ପେଟ୍ରୋଲ ପଇସା ରଖିଦେଇ
ସାଇକେଲରେ ଫାଙ୍କା ପବନରେ
ହାଟ, ବନ୍ଧୁ, ଝିଅ ଝିଆଣି ଘରେ ବୁଲିବା
ଓ ଆଠ ଦଶୁଟା ବେଗ ଦେଇ ଆସିବାରେ
କି କଳା କୌଶଳ ଦର୍କାର କୁହ ତ !

ଛକ ଚାହା ଦୋକାନକୁ ଯିବାକୁ
ତମେ ଭାବୁଥିବ ପଚାଶ ଥର
ଚାହା ଦୋକାନରେ ପଚାଶ କି ଶଏ
କେବେ ହୋଇଗଲେ
ଝିଅ ପରୀକ୍ଷା ନ ଦେଇ ପରିବାର ଡର

ବାପା !
ତମେ ଭାରି ଡରୁଆ

ଅପା ଶାଶୁଘରକୁ ଗଲା ବେଳେ
କୁଆଡ଼େ ସେ ବିଲ ହିଡରେ ବୁଲୁଥାଅ ତମେ
ବାବନା ପାଗଳା ହୋଇ
ଗାଁ ଡ୍ରାମା, ପାଲା ବେଳେ
ତମେ ତ ଖସିଯାଅ
କେଇ ମାସର ଦରମା କେବଳ
ଅମି କକା ହାତରେ ଦେଇ

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3,000+ men and boys will die by suicide in Canada this year. Up to 80% of all suicides. And yet, only one-third of psychological services users are male.

Traditional approaches to awareness campaigns and talk therapy simply aren’t working for men. We are failing. Miserably. 1/x
I’m not a SME per se, but do have lived/living experience. First, we need targeted campaigns, shifting the language of #MentalHealth to be more “male-friendly”. Mental toughness is a skill set developed through coaching and training, rather than “counselling” or “therapy”. 2/x
There are Canadian orgs that do a decent job of #MentalHealth messaging that resonates with men, e.g., @MovemberCA, @HeadsUpGuys, and @cspyyc with their #BuddyUp campaign. And I also like @cpsdequebec’s (French). Great resources, worthy of scaling up. 3/x
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#FathersDay #FathersDay2021 #TheHeroWeKnow

"When I began first standard, at the age of five, I faced immense difficulty in learning.

I couldn't read what was on the blackboard, I couldn't read or write the alphabets properly and Maths was beyond me. (1/13)
My daily trips to school were a horror for me and I just wanted them to end. Being the genius that I am, I somehow made the assumption that since books and a bag were necessary for school, if I got rid of both of them, I wouldn't have to. (2/13)
So I came home one day with no books, no bag and no water bottle.
When my mom asked what happened, I proudly mentioned that I had tossed them out of the school bus window. (3/13)
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We’ve put together a mix of things Dad doesn’t know he needs and things he likely doesn’t even know exist. With our help, you’ll definitely land him with a killer #FathersDay gift:

If you buy something using our links, WIRED may earn a commission. 1/
Amazon Kindle (2019)
Many dads may already have a Kindle by now. For those who don't, it's an excellent gift that lasts years (and stays alive up to a month on a single battery charge)
📷: @amazon 2/ Image
Fluance RT80 Turntable
If Dad misses his records and just needs something nice to play them on, get him this. If he’s already a full-on vinyl nut, upgrade him to the top-of-the-line Fluance RT85.
📷: @Fluance 3/ Image
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For those thinking about The @Devil_May_Dance as a potential Fathers Day or graduation gift, a few options for you.... 1/
2/ You can order a personalized autographed book through @PoliticsProse or @eastcitybooks ...
3/ OR if you purchase the book between now and #FathersDay and upload the receipt at the following link, my publisher will put a signed bookplate in the mail for you —…
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Noah Otis is ok! Hallelujah. Now home safe. #FathersDay was more dramatic than we had planned. Without going into details, just prior to lunch we had to rush the lil’ fella to hospital. He had an overnight stay & received wonderful care. Image
I want to thank our fam, friends, our global “Liberating Sunday School” community, our little collective we’ve started sharing Communion with on Sunday’s & @trinitychgo for their prayers, love and support.
We praise God for the brilliant medical team that attended to our little fella and, importantly, all those who have worked hard for socialised medicine in Australia. We paid nothing. Not a cent.
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*PRAY for and with your kids-
you are the "chief priest" of the family, even if its a simple prayer... OK even our Lord's prayer, sha pray with and for them.
*PLAY with them, don't bring office seriousness and lifes stress home, take out time deliberately to tease, prank and laugh with them, let them interrupt your day regularly
*PREPARE them for life, talk and teach them about career, humility, integrity, money, sexuality and the opposite sex, friends. racism etc -" Train up a child" - you won't be with them forever.
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Happy Father's Day, it was a long one. 

Today was a wonderful day for Father's Day. It was also the longest day of the year thanks to the Summer Solstice.

We had great weather here in the 1st District and I'm truly hoping all the dads enjoyed it. No matter how you became a father, you have a hard job, being a dad.

Keep doing what you do and enjoy every day. We are living in a very different way this year, so relax with the extra time you have.
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Reflections on #FathersDay

One day as I was preparing to discharge this twenty-ish year-old gentleman from the hospital, he told me he was having a baby soon:

Him: "You got kids, Dr. Manning?"
Me: "Yep. Two sons."
Him: "They grown? Like my age?"
Me: "Nah. 11 and 13.”
Him: *eyes widen* "Damn. Doctors be waiting to have they kids."
Me: "Dang! So what you sayin’?”
Him: “I mean...uh what I meant was. . “


Me: "You excited about being a dad?"
Him: "Very. But it scare me, too."
Me: "What part?"
Him: "Getting it right."

Him: "Miss Manning? You think if you ain't have no good daddy, you can be one to your kid?"


Me: "I think there's a lot of good daddies out there who are the first good daddies in their family."
Him: "Yeah?”
Me: “Yeah.”

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“This is my daughter Phylicia Barnes. She loved her family, reading, theater and listening to music. Phylicia was on track to graduate early from high school and was looking forward to a great future. Her goal was to become a teacher or counselor..." #FathersDay #Thread
"... Phylicia loved working with children. She was accepted into Towson University outside of Baltimore, Maryland to pursue a degree in early childhood education. Unfortunately, Phylicia never had the chance to read her acceptance letter..."
Tragically she went missing on Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2010 and her body was found nearly 4 months later. Our family was devastated when she disappeared and on Tuesdays, the day she went missing, we would always wear purple, Phylicia’s favorite color. This day became #PurpleTuesday.
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Some #FathersDay science!

We tend to think of mothers as the more biologically connected parent, and the assumption is that moms are more of a “natural” at parenting whereas dads are not. This is not true. Dads have some VERY interesting biological responses to their kids!

@LeeGettler & colleagues found that dads who spend lots time with their kids-caring for them, cosleeping, hanging out, just everyday things-experience a rise in prolactin.

If you know what prolactin is, you might be going, "...Wait, what?!" That's because is the milk-making hormone--for breastfeeding! But lesser-known is that it also happens to be associated with caregiving behavior in vertebrates, male AND female.

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I hope everyone is enjoying #FathersDay so far. The latest #COVID19 #Canada #OpenData is available on the COVID-19 Open Data Working Group GitHub repo. A reminder that some places do not update on Sunday. Check it out below.👇… Image
Trends, charts, and interactive maps are available on the group's #COVID19 dashboard. ImageImageImageImage
Our awesome team: co-founder (@ishaberry2), data leads (@shelbysturrock, @JWright159, @_MeghanONeill), and contributors (@GBrankston, @DrTanyaRossi, @Kamalraj_ach, @VinyasHarish, @XiaotingXie, @alisonesimmons + others). Hospitalization data from @covid_canada.
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14/15 years ago I met a man who at the time I didn’t realise to this day how much of an impact he had on me, how much he taught me, how much he loved me, how much he cared and the time I lived with him i never respected him as much as I wish I had now
The complete disrespect I had at the time in my life that was so chaotic is just unimaginable now but that guy still stuck by me that guy was my first ever foster parent #careleaver #fathersday #fosterparent #childincare
That guy everyday I call my dad that guy treated me like his own, loved me like his own and even after I left I knew he still cared we rekindled and that’s the guy I called my dad #FosterCare #FathersDay #careleaver
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