Maybe the most pernicious thing to happen to modern society is letting people think “doing your own research” into complex subjects equates to “critical thinking.”

Every aviators baseball hat goatee whiteboy discovered flat earth theory videos and thinks he’s the new Galileo.
It isn’t the hidden menu at in and out, it’s global viral epidemiology, Chad, maybe just eat your fries animal style and listen to the smart people and shut the fuck up, you haven’t discovered a new truth you’re just experiencing gas.
You aren’t Leonardo Da Vinci, Bryce. You run marketing for your dad’s landscaping company. You haven’t thought of something that Dr. Fauci hasn’t. Consider getting stuck underneath something heavy for a few months.
Reality doesn’t need each individual Husband Father Christian American Patriot’s review and sign off before it can be real, and whenever any of them act like it does, we should all join with reality in laughing at them as merrily as we can.
“I’ve done my own careful research and I’ve decided that the authorities and experts who dedicated their lives to the study of the topic are completely right and should be trusted more than me, a mall cop whose ex-wife fears him,” is something that nobody ever says.

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22 Jul
This is absolutely heartbreaking, and it is absolutely something that the far-right media, abetted by Republican fascists in government, orchestrated.

They thought anti-vaccine discord would create political opportunity. And now we have this.…
This isn't "darwinism in action." These are people, and they're being murdered by selfish assholes spreading misinformation and selfish assholes who decide to believe it.

But even the selfish assholes are people, and their health impacts all of ours.

We are a society.
This idea permeating modern thought that's as much a virus as covid: that we are nothing but an association of individuals.

But we're a society. We're connected. It's not optional. The virus knows even if we don't.

A decision to not get vaccinated isn't a personal decision.
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21 Jul
I really think we need to start treating people who vote for Republicans as if they were the sort of people who come over to your house and leave a shit in the sink.
Oh how sad that you would shun a friend over a small political difference like taking a shit in your sink and leaving it there.
Oh so you just call people who shit in your sink “sink shitters” over politics, very divisive, you’re the real problem.
Read 6 tweets
17 Jul
I'm running out of ways to say that the people engaged in it should be prosecuted and their platforms should be permanently shuttered.

FOX News should not exist. There is no reason for it to be permitted to exist. It's not a first amendment issue.
If what Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Alex Berenson, and others are doing is free speech then me altering road signs into optical illusions that make people drive off of cliffs is free speech.
If what Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Alex Berenson, and others are doing is free speech then me putting Kool-Aide labels on antifreeze containers and leaving them in elementary schools is free speech.
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17 Jul

I have family members all the way up the Fox News Facebook misinformation hole, and they didn’t get vaccinated because they felt respected; they got vaccinated because their children told them they wouldn’t get to see their grandchildren until they got vaccinated.
3 observations:

People don't tend to change their worldviews from a place of comfort.

When selfish assholes decide to behave like selfish assholes, the problem isn't that others aren't coddling their feelings enough.

Selfish assholes aren't everyone else's job to fix.
Selfish assholes would love for you to *think* they are everybody else's job to fix.

It puts them at the center and in control.

That means when they act like a selfish asshole, it's *your* fault. You should have been more persuasive. Daddy hits you because you made him angry.
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16 Jul
Anyone realize that you can “teach a man to fish” AND give a man a fish? Or that it’s harder to learn when you’re starving?

These aren’t mutually exclusive needs. One is immediate, the other structural.

It’s a poor trick to point to one as an excuse not to fulfill the other.
I’ve noticed that those who treat this as either/or often don’t want to attend to the immediate need OR the structural one.

Affordable college? No.
Forgive student debt? No.
Address systemic injustice? No.

They don’t want to teach fishing. They’ll restrict access to the river.
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The saying doesn’t end with “so don’t give hungry men fish.” In fact, it demonstrates how an immediate need draws attention to a structural one.
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13 Jul
Republicans really want us to believe Martin Luther King Jr. only ever said one thing, and that one thing is “you can’t criticize white people, because white is a skin color, and acknowledging skin color is the one and only definition of racism.”
Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t critical race theory, he was critical race praxis, and he was murdered for it, and the Kevin McCarthys of 1968 celebrated joyfully and openly.
White people turning Martin Luther King Jr into their “get out of racism free” card after murdering him is one of the most racist things that’s happened in my life time.
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