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21 Jul, 16 tweets, 10 min read
10 NFT Avatar projects, (pfp), that are doing MORE than just dropping 10k Avatars.

The future of this model is to evolve beyond a fad into a way to virally build an engaged and vested community.

No particular order,

Thread 1/ 👇
2/ Disclaimer,

I don't know how serious they all are in building their road map so invest at your own risk.

But the ideas are COOL and if built out can be very powerful.
3/ @CyberKongz

Own a cyberkong and earn 10 $BANANA/day

Also has a breeding mechanic, a discord with verified roles and doing a lot in the Sandbox.
4/ @VoxiesNFT

Voxel based uniquely generated avatars BUT you can use them in their upcoming strategy game.

Voxie Tactics which they've been working on for over a year. 🔥
5/ @BoredApeYC

Not much needs to be said about this one.

Over $80M transacted,

The only one even close to touch Cryptopunks. The NFT doubles as a club membership and gets airdrops and utility over time.

Also has one of the highest Owner Distribution % and irl meetups!
6/ @Evaverse_NFT

This one looks cool af.

uniquely generated avatars that you can use across their steam built games.

I bought some.
7/ @BYOPills

A very interesting concept.

"BYOPills will provide utility through experiences across a number of mediums including unique AR / VR effects"

Used as power ups/consumables that can alter the virtual world around you and more.
8/ @GutterCatGang

3,000 unique avatars.

"Ownership includes creative & commercial rights of your Gutter Cat as well as initiation into the Gang."

Not much utility planned afaik but looks cool and has a decent community!
9/ @voxodeus

Another voxel based aesthetic

They'll be used in games in @TheSandboxGame.

Purchaser gets royalties on sales.
10/ @MisfitUni

10,000 avatar NFTs that act as access into university clubs, discord channels and Misfit only perks.

I like the educational aspect.
11/ @DeadHeadsNFT

Plans to build out their own animated series, giveaways, perks and utility driven road map.

Art work is pretty dope!
12/ Weird Whales by @ObiWanBenoni

3,350 whales NFT project designed and released by a 12 year old!

$160k worth of sales.

Not much utility planned afaik but the story is epic.

The last 2 days was half of NFT twitter trying to figure out if this was legit.

It was.
13/ @themetakey

(My project).

Keys that we build integration into. Airdrops, game items, course access, there's 30+ partners in the works.

2,250 have been sold out with edition 4 to be released. After which ALL metakey holders will be airdropped a space pirates themed pfp.

Beyond the fad, some of these are going to keep building and nurturing their community.

Using NFTs to continue to provide value.

I LOVE the way this is evolving. 2 years from now, let's see where we'll all be!
15/ Again, this isn't a signal to invest. Just to start paying attention.

Sorry for missing any projects, I haven't been able to be as thorough as I usually am.

Blaming it on me being a 10 day old dad haha.

Opensea has a lot more if you filter by collectibles,…

And is a dope af stat/analytics tool with new projects, stats, reads and ranks your collectible NFTs in your wallet.

• • •

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2 Jul
Breaking down the $100M+ @AxieInfinity economy.

From 1,700%+ user base since Jan to entire families earning money in third world countries,

How are people making money?

1/ Let's explore. 👇
2/ $126M has been traded in the last 30 days, eclipsing every other NFT project in the space.

An Axie sells pretty much every 5-10 seconds.

For a project 3 years in, this is a pretty big deal.
3/ In Feb-March 2018 Axie Infinity ran their presale.

You could buy a beast, aquatic or plant Axie. Every purchase would bump the price higher.

~3,000 Axies were adopted raising 900ETH.

These are referred to as "origin" axies and with now 1.3M Axies available, are pretty rare.
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4 Jun
What's the final phase of NFTs?

Many of us think we're heading towards an open Metaverse.

What does that even mean?

Let's explore,

2/ A core concept with NFTs is to give measurable value to digital items.

Be it your art, your land, your name, heck, even effort from you and your friends to be social can be monetized, (social tokens).

We've seen a lot of this in recent years.
3/ So what's this Metaverse thing?

For me, it's alternate connected digital realities where people work, play, experience, etc.

For the above to be achieved, value needs to be given to digital effort, identity and assets.

N👏F👏T or blockchain in general.
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2 Jun
This whole article from @BBC has me so triggered 🙄

one sided take based on ONE attempt to buy an NFT from a 4 yr old project.…
1/ Who’s Mr.Gerard?

The markets fake? There’s over 100,000 active wallets on @opensea,

50k+ daily players of some blockchain games,

4 yrs of organic growth in the NFT industry across over 20 sectors.

Yet apparently it’s fake. smh. We’re all fake. Image
2/ Yes, @VitalikButerin made Ethereum purposely complicated to trick people into losing $ buying NFTs. 😂

Who are these experts? There’s several of them apparently. Image
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29 Mar
Why buy an #NFT when you can just right click save on Google?

Here's why it makes sense.

1/ Thread 👇
2/ First off, what's an 'NFT'?

Non Fungible Token.

Cryptocurrencies are mainly FUNGIBLE tokens.

They can be interchanged equally whether the token was mined 10 years ago or today.

Like how a $1 note = another $1 note = Fungible.
3/ So 'Non Fungibile Tokens' are unique.

Each is different.

You can link these tokens to art, virtual land, game items, tickets, etc.

Basically everything digital and beyond can be attached to a token and thus making it tradable.
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29 Mar
Some updates for

- Track Art sales live from top Art platforms,
- Sort by top 24 hour/7 day sales,
- Artist Wiki,
- Blog,
- Ad placements now available, (get in touch),
- Sales are added live,
- A ton of features yet to dropl,
- Follow @CryptoArtPulse to keep updated.
- Some bugs, (missing some sales, wrong conversions, etc) - Workting through them,
- Feedback welcome!
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26 Mar
These '#NFT Art burns' are interesting iniatives from artists.

Basically, collectors can 'merge' x amount of NFTs to create a new one.

Making them more scarce and in effect, more valuable.

Seen it with @Mad_Dog_Jones & @3LAU/@grimemonday, both times the community loved it.
'Token burning', is simply reducing the supply.

It's seen as a mostly favorable thing in the crypto space as it makes assets more valuable.

(Reduces supply), and in effect removes speculators :)
SSX3LAU's 'faces' have gone from $400 to almost $1k overnight snice this news drop. Image
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