The Schools Are Teaching Us To Stay Poor

Here’s How

• School punishes us for failures

We have been taught in schools that failures are the worst thing to happen in our life.

In fact, the exact opposite is true. Failures are opportunities to start again but intelligently.

We fear failures & it results in restricted growth.
• School teaches us herd mentality

Schools expect us to follow the crowd & not question anything else.

Not questioning the logic behind things is the worst thing we can be taught.

Schools are simply rearing sheep.
• School forces us to listen to our superiors

An advice should be taken from an experienced person.

Experience cannot be related to age.

The school is programming us to listen to elders irrespective of how foolish those people are.

Not all teachers are worth to be followed.
• School does not teach us about life

We spend 18 years of our life in schools not learning:
- Taxes
- Financial Literacy
- Mental Health
- Time Management

This is unfair on different levels
• Schools want us to be in debt

A broke 18 years old can go $200,000 into debt for college but cannot get a $10,000 loan for business.

What does that tell you?
Schools are necessary but the whole education system is built for earning money for the schools, not for empowering students.

This needs to be changed.
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