Elephanta Caves are a collection of cave temples predominantly dedicated to the Mahadeva, Lord Shiva. They are on Elephanta Island, or Gharapuri ('The City of Caves:), The island consists of five Hindu caves, a few Buddhist and two Buddhist caves with water tanks.
To reach the Caves, a visitor or pilgrim has to walk up 120 steep steps from the beach or take the tourist train. At the main entrance are 4 pillars, with three open porticoes and an aisle at the back. Pillars, six in each row, divide the hall into a series of smaller chambers.
The Three Headed Mahadeva is considered ‘masterpiece of Gupta-Chalukyan art’ this is the most important & most impressive sculpture in the cave. The vastness of this figure is intimidation. It’s the only sculpture that has not suffered much in terms of destruction.
BThe Sculpture is based on six principles of the universe,0this sculpture shows three of six aspects of the Lord.

Left face represents feminine side, holding a lotus, there is a 🕯️smile carved on his face, it shows his caring nature, called ‘Vamadeva‘ resembling Brahma.
Right face (viewers left) has a mustache is holding a snake in his hand, depicts him filled in rage. It is believed that his anger can burn the world into flames with his third eye. This form of his is known as ‘Rudra‘
Central face instantly soothes you into it at first gaze, engrossed in meditation is enlightened, a yogi and engrossed into his thoughts to the betterment of the universe, this aspect of his is called ‘Tatpurusha‘ resembling Vishnu this also earns him the name ‘Yogeshwa
The other three aspects are not carved but are as follow:

Isana that conceals; associated with all that exists; represents Aether (Space).

Aghora that rejuvenates Brahman; associated with Rudra; represents 🔥

Kartikeya was created by Shiva using his 3rd 👁️ with ALL 6 faces.
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21 Jul
Yama, also known as Kala, & DHARMAraja is the Ancient Hindu & Buddhist God of Death & Justice, responsible for the dispensation of law & punishment of sinners in Yamaloka. He is the personification of Dharma. Name means 'Twin'. He often equated to Hades, Dis Pater, Ymir & Remus.
"Only the Truth is judged true; the sinners are picked out; separated. The false find no place there, they go to hell with their faces blackened. Those who are imbued with Your Name win while the cheaters lose. The Lord installed the Judge of Dharma to read & record the accounts"
In the Earliest Vedic Texts, Yama is said to be the 1st Born Human (& his Twin Sister Yamī/ YamUNA), the 1st Ancestor who was Diefied by his Father the 🌞 God, Surya (Surya means 'Truth'). This same myth is Synchronized in the Roman & Norse 1st Ancestors REMUS & Romulus and Ymir.
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19 Jul
January: Janus (the Janitor)/ Aquarius ♒🏺
February: Dea Februa/ Pisces ♓🐟
March: Dues MARtius/ Aries ♈ 🐏
April: Dea Venus/ Taurus ♉ 🐂 ImageImageImageImage
May: Dea Maia/ 🌞 of May/ Gemini Twins (Divine Twins: Romulus & Remus/ Apollo & Hercules/ Apollo & Diana) ♊ 🤠👹
June: Dea Juno/ Magna Mater/ Cancer ♋ 🦀 🦚
July: Rex Julius Caesar/ LEO ♌🦁
August: Rex Caesar Augustus/ Virgo ♍/ The Sacred Maiden ImageImageImageImage
September (Septe = 7): Dea Diana/ Artemis the Huntress/ the Spear Bearer/ Libra ♎⚖️
October (Octo = 8): Dues Bacchus/ Dionysus/ Scorpion ♏🦂
November: Dea Luna/ Nanna/ Sagittarius the ARCHer ♐🏹/ The TetraMorph/ 'God of the Earth'
December: Dues Saturnus/ Capricorn ♑🐐 ImageImageImageImage
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19 Jul
In Buddhism, Avalokiteśvara has 108 Avatars. One of these avatars is called PadmaPANi, the one who holds the Self Born Lotus (Padma = WOMB of Creation). AvalokiteSHVARA embodies the cAUM+PASSION of all Buddhas. In Tibet, he is known as Chenrezig. In China as Guanyin/ Guanshiyin. ImageImageImageImage
In JaPAN Avalokiteśvara is known as Kannon or Kanzeon, Gwanseum in Korea & Quan Am in Vietnamese. In Nepal Mandal, HE/ SHE is known as Jana Baha Dyah, KarunaMAYA or Seto Machindranath. He is known as Natha Deviyo in Sri Lanka. In Thailand & Cambodia, he is called as Lokesvara. ImageImageImageImage
According to the Kāraṇḍavyūha Sūtra, the Sun & Moon are born from Avalokiteśvara's Eyes, Shiva from his Brow, Brahma from his Shoulders, Narayana/ VishNU from his Heart, Sarasvati from his Teeth, the Winds from his Mouth, the Earth from his Feet, and the Sky from his Stomach. ImageImageImageImage
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17 Jul
The Esoteric MEANing of the N(AUM)Ber 7:

7 is the 4th PRIME #

The PHIthAGOREans invested pARTicular NUMBers with UNI+QUE sPHIr(AL)itual PROPER+TIES. Seven was, of UPmost importance, considered to the Union of the Physical/ Material (4) & the sPHIiritual/Unseen (3). 3+4=7

Pt. 1
More of 7

Main 👁️lands of mythological Atlantis

Gateways traversed by Inanna during her descent into the underworld.

The Seven-Branched Sword in Japanese mythology.

The minor symbol # of Yang from the Taoist ☯️

Palms in an Egyptian Sacred Cubit.

The # of ranks in Mithraism.
Seven is of particular significance within Cherokee cosmology.

Slang for female/ vagina. 7 when rotated forms a V, which forms the female sex organ.

In British folklore, every 7 years the 👑 of the Fairies pays a tithe to Hell (Hel) in the tale of Tam Lin.

77 = TRIangle

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15 Jul
"An-Imin-Bi Ki-Imin-Bi" (Sumerian) = "The Heavens are sEVEn, the eARThs are sEVEN."

AN = Celestial/ Heaven/ Sky/ Father
KI = Earth/ Mother
AN+KI = ENKI (Son)

ANK = Spiritual Light
ANKH = LIGHT in Manifestation (Malkuth = The KingdOM, World of ACTion, The Bride, Shekinah) ImageImageImageImage
The Seven Talmudic Heavens:
Vilon (וילון) (Isa 40:22)
Raki'a (רקיע) (Gen 1:17)
Shehaqim (שחקים) (Ps 78:23)
Zebul (זבול) (Isa 63:15)
Ma'on (מעון) (Deut 26:15)
Machon (מכון) (1 Kings 8:39)
Araboth (ערבות), The 7th Heaven where the SeraPHIm, Hayyoth & the Throne of God are located. ImageImageImageImage
7th Heaven in Dhamaea Santarab xxx
The Puranas talk of the Brahmanda divided into 14 Worlds. Seven are Upper Worlds, Bhuloka (Earth), Bhuvarloka, Svarloka, Maharloka, Janarloka, Tapoloka & Satyaloka. 7 are lower, Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala & Patala (Hell) ImageImageImageImage
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7 Jul
The SwastiKA, Masonic (G), Greek Gamma & the POLE STAR 🌟

The SwastiKA is an Ancient SymBULL representing the N. Pole & the Rotational Movement around a Centre/ Immutable Axis (Axis Mundi/ 🌎 Pillar/ Mt Meru), & secondly representing the ☀️ as a REFLECTed FUNctION of the N. Pole
The SwastiKA means MANy things in mANY cultures, a symbol of LIFE, of the Supreme Principle of the UNI+VERSE, the absolute God, forming Cosmic ORDER. It represents the activity (Logos, Hindu Om, Chinese Taiyi, "Great One"/ TAO) of the Active Principle in the FORMATION of the 🌎.
According to Scholars, the SwastiKA represented the FOUR-Horse chaRIOT of MithRA/ Apollo/ hELios in Ancient Iranian Culture. They believed the Cosmos was pulled by FOUR Heavenly Horses who revolved around a Fixed Centre (Axis Mundi/ Mt. Meru/ Pole ⭐) in a clockWISE direction.
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