Remember when we told y’all Matt Heimbach never left extremism, and was running a Neo Nazi rebranding op this whooooooooole time?

You got played and amplified a genocidal fascist — and with well only over a year of plenty advance warning.

Slow. Clap.…
Matt Heimbach’s trial date for Charlottesville has finally been set.

… in case you wanted to know why he finally caved and exchanged his 100% see through CVE mask for the comfy old Atomwaffen adjacent Neo Nazi one
“Matt Heimbach was a Neo Nazi, then wasn’t, but is again? Why are you even giving him attention?”


The CVE community needs to learn from this heinous mistake ASAP because it was communicated in advance, is inexcusable, dangerous, and has done plenty of damage already.
By April 2020 — at the very latest — it was frighteningly evident that Matt Heimbach was using his lucrative “reformed Neo Nazi penitent CVE expert” gigs as a new propaganda avenue.

REAL formers 100% exist. They should all be vetted. Carefully, over a long period.
While Matt Heimbach was OPENLY a “white nationalist,” he gained support from some right-wing elected officials.

With his ‘reform’ grift, he again weaseled into new powerful networks that amplified - & aided - his new recruitment tactics.

THAT’S why I’m “giving him attention.”
(I'm signing off in a bit until Tuesday for a hiatus in No Social Media Monastery Land but a few last thoughts before I go incoming)
Why did I send this about Matt Heimbach in April 2020? It's not because I'm smart or clairvoyant.

That month, he was featured and praised as a brave, repentant ex-Nazi selflessly striving to combat hate.

Guess what happened next?

First up, I listened to that podcast with an ACTUAL (read: not grifting, covert op who faking a same-day Road to Damascus) former Neo Nazi.

That man left the movement decades ago.

So infuriated by Heimbach's transparency (and much more) fifteen minutes in, he couldn't finish.
Let me elaborate: THIS ex-Neo Nazi spent years incarcerated as a violent felon.

He turned off the Heimbach episode because the obvious genocidal fervor triggered him to the point he did not trust his temper.

He's spent decades atoning since he left.
Heimbach's appearance - itself - back then was enough to set my circle on fire, and we were far from the only ones warning about the danger.

But no one listens because 'feel good' media and a quick buck means more to some in 'CVE' than

Truth. Justice. Equity. Accountability.
(Broken thread - fixing now. Apologies)

Matt Heimbach, in that podcast highlighting his brave ex-Nazi 180, spoke in glowing terms about the Turner Diaries, referred to genocidal fascists with full on-honorifics like TD author "Dr." William Pierce, "Pastor Richard Butler" (Aryan Nations) etc.

Every last one.
I've never been a Neo Nazi.

But if you don't trust "Matt Heimbach was obviously recruiting under the guise of reformed grifter,' ask ACTUAL formers decades out of the movement like @_Shan_Martinez_ or @LA_Kings_67:

How do you two feel about calling Butler "Pastor" and so on?
To be explicit, make no mistake over anything I've said about Heimbach:

Real ex Neo Nazis do exist. They're the first and loudest to say: "trust with caution from actions not words, measured in years - not weeks."

Some I trust with my life. Like it or not, we NEED them.
"Who could see January 6 coming and Heimbach's still a Nazi" and more questions asked and answered years back from viewers like (hopefully not) you

Wanna learn more?

Click here and scroll up for unbelievable shocking old new very old details!

Matt Heimbach and everyone in CVE who championed his transparent "fake reform for grift but new Nazi prop op" campaign needs to be called out so this stops once and for all.

You were warned, you knew, and you're responsible for every new recruit you actively helped him create.
Because many formers save a lot of lives (ex: mine) in ways you don't see or hear about, like: warning people about to be murdered (ex:me), helping current Nazis leave, and other work done in the shadows because atonement drives them, not hate and fraud.
"Why do 'we' need" former neo Nazis is a perfectly valid question, and all I can really say is that personally (and Nazis have assassinated my own loved ones):

I'm only alive still because of a couple ex-Nazis' actions.

[But I like my life, so perhaps I am selfish.]
To sum up:

Matt Heimbach is a reminder CVE practitioners are far from perfect, and "trust with extreme caution, hope but VERIFY and LISTEN WHEN WARNED."

Most of all, listen to those with the long-term, continually proven credibility to vet formers: like ACTUAL formers.
Finally, to end on a hopeful-not-Heimbach note:

Sent right after Jan 6, by someone who tried to help kill me, had since gotten out (who I now know well), and is now dedicated to countering harm, and saving lives they once tried to end.

Like mine.
Official The End Of Rant At Long Last

See you after Tuesday. #yallabye

• • •

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