Hi @ChrisCillizza @rachaelmbade other false equivalency mainstream media (1) Republicans rejected equal bipartisan 1/6 commission (2) Republicans nominated two men who favored insurrection to house 1/6 commission to cause problems, not get answers ...
(3) House 1/6 commission is bipartisan, it has Liz Cheney on it (4) If you thought the 10 Republican Benghazi commissions were cool, you may want to sit this one out (5) You judge commission's findings on its work & findings, not just regurgitate Republican talking points.
(6) Real issue is Republican leaders orchestrated an insurrection to murder Republican VP, block transfer of power to duly elected Democrat, end republic. Not how many Republicans are on commission to investigate this attack. If you cannot see that, you are in wrong line of work.

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22 Jul
Thought experiment: imagine Trump loses the 2024 election and a bunch of Trump states leave the Union to join him under the Trump flag, and this time we don't stop them. We know they will beg to come back shortly: Trumpland is currently subsidized by Democratic states ...
And, Trump Family would do what they always do: rob Trumpland of any of its remaining wealth, declare bankruptcy, walk away. So, knowing we have short window to correct institutional problem before Trumpland returns, what are our key priorities?
Suggested Amendment: elect president by popular vote, house size grows every 10 years to pop/500k with multi-member districts & single transferable voting rule, 18 year terms for supreme court (then back to federal judgeship), 100 senators elected by national proportional vote.
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20 Jul
2020 Polling Error Report by @AAPOR super unsatisfying: authors are able to detail several likely causes of polling error that did not happen, but they admit there are several possible (maybe in concert) causes of polling error that may or may not persist aapor.org/Education-Reso…
Super impressed & thankful that the authors were able to produce a document so quickly that was so thorough, clear, and brave enough to not try to force an answer or make us feel better about the future of polling. The report is true, necessary, and will lead to critical research
I have been a frequent, public, critic of @AAPOR and its dogged obsession with "probability" polling done on the phone (remember those), but this report had a lot of folks I respect, including @joshclinton as chair, @aedwardslevy SunshineHillygus @jcbjackson John Lapinski, etc.
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22 Jun
If you pass a massive infrastructure bill the Republicans cannot really undo it because it would be super popular and tearing down infrastructure to prove a point would be insane.
If you pass universal healthcare the Republicans cannot really undo it because it would be super popular and Republicans have already learned that kicking 20 million off of healthcare is hard even when they have unified control over US.
If you pass necessary aid to people still dying & otherwise suffering the fallout from COVID-19 Republicans cannot really undo later it because straight-out murdering people the bill saved it is not something government is equipped to do, even if a Republican majority demands it.
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5 Jun
5 months ago MAGA insurrectionists occupied the Capitol in order to murder the vice-president & block the transfer of power to duly elected Democratic administration. Now MAGA Party is publicly blocking any investigation into the violent insurrection …
(1) We really know very little about how (well planned) insurrection was orchestrated (2) We have held none of the leaders who orchestrated the insurrection accountable (3) Without accountability the leaders are very publicly planning on doing it again until they are successful.
US elites figure republic will keep winning these insurrections, but MAGA purging anyone who was pro-republic, eliminating laws & norms that helped US prevail in their last insurrection. As long as we don’t hold them accountable MAGA insurrections will keep getting more dangerous
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20 May
Tune your radio to the @Yankee game right now mlb.com/tv/g634168/v95…
You can watch for free if you are outside of NYC or Dallas metro-regions. Don't want to say what is happening, don't want to jinx it.
WooHoo!!! @CKluber No-Hitter!!! Just one walk, what a game!!! Go @yankees!!! 🍾🍾🍾
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17 May
Reason I'm not freaked out Republican SCOTUS taking on abortion next year is because Roe is functionally done already: way too many women in US have no access to women's healthcare due to insane distances & hurdles (costing too much time & money) to get healthcare, even if legal.
Access to women's healthcare is necessary, moral, and super popular: we are facing a crisis of infant & maternal mortality in US because Republican are anti-women & anti-life.
Path forward needs to be to fight state-by-state & federally to get necessary women's health access everywhere: my point is that the Republican-controlled SCOTUS will do everything they can to cause suffering & death, we need to move our hope & fight to where we can help.
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