Everyone is eventually going to get #COVID19. It will never be “defeated” or eradicated. It’s a permanent part of the ecosystem now, just like flu viruses and cold viruses.

The only issue is whether you keep your vaccinations up to date or not.
And the likelihood is that as #COVID19 mutates, it will mutate into forms that are more easily transmissible but less harmful to the host. Because viruses want to survive, too — they don’t want to kill their hosts.
And, seriously, if you want to be angry at someone for allowing this now permanent virus to share the planet with us, be angry at China. It’s a legitimate grievance that the rest of the world has against China.
Finally, the technologically advanced nations of the world have got to get a grip on how this kind of research is conducted, because the next time, it’s likely to be something even worse. Like The Andromeda Strain or The Hot Zone or something.

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27 Feb 20
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23 Jan 20
Some kind of restrictions on pregnant women obtaining visas to visit the US is an awfully blunt tool, and lots of innocent folks will be unfairly and unnecessarily inconvenienced by such regulations.
BUT birth tourism is a legitimate problem (in my estimation), is based on a misreading and misapplication of the Constitution, and Congress should fix it.
If Congress won’t fix it, pressure should be applied to Congress by the Executive Branch and by the voters, and so I see this as a step in a process. Defensible as a step in a strategy, if not defensible as a long term policy in itself.
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23 Jan 20
“Drug costs are out of control” is mostly not true.

Today I picked up a months worth of all of my prescriptions. 5 in all. Cost me a total of $10 at @Walmart with fairly typical health insurance. All generics; typical meds for a middle-aged man.
Two of them required prior authorization, which was simply a call from my doctor to the health insurance company. No big deal.
There’s a lot wrong with how we pay for healthcare, but focusing on drug prices is a distraction, and I think a purposeful deflection by the other parts of the healthcare industry.
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4 Jan 20
Every one of the last five presidents--that's 31 years--has come into office insisting that America was overextended militarily & internationally, and that we needed to be more modest in our engagements and bring our troops home.
Reality has a way of intruding. And sophisticated voters should know better than to believe such sentiments, regardless of which party is expressing them.
There are very good reasons why the world has needed America to stand up and intervene from the time that we first had the capability to do so. The world would be a very different place had America not intervened.
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3 Jan 20
My thanks to President Trump for punching the world's biggest bully squarely in the mouth.

This is something previous presidents, including some I voted for, have been unwilling to do.
Iran has been the world's most malicious force for 40 years, and no one has been willing to do much about it.

And I will admit that my preferred candidates in 2016 probably wouldn't have done much about Iran either.
Things will get dicey from here on out, but you have to stand up to bullies, and we've been much too unwilling to do so for far too long.
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