As a guy who has spent much of my life either trying to create high level movement or trying to teach it, I marvel at the tremendous capability of Simon Biles. I consider it a supreme honor to even watch her!
The very obvious degree of lift she creates in this last phase at the end is tremendous. But note at the start the horizontal displacement [think broad jump].Tremendous physical capability!
One comment in this feed said along the lines of .."she may be the greatest athlete in our lifetime." Not a bad argument in that she can move in ways that NO ONE can actually do at this time.

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23 Jul
More thoughts on the genetics vs. environment question. Going back [about 20 yrs] to when I first considered working as a hitting instructor. I had a very basic question: Can you actually teach hitters? It was my first question. And why would it not be?
After all, I grew up in an age wherein we learned via what I have described as "disorganized baseball." Meaning that there were ZERO select teams. Nor were their these people called "hitting instructors." Nor was there yr. round baseball.
If for know other reasons [in Tx.] back then no football coach would allow good looking young athletes to NOT play football. HALE No!!
Read 19 tweets
23 Jul
" Back leg is is not the cause but is the effect of other body movement." Of course. And I have done a number of posts here explaining this in some detail, i.e., the "kick back" is a "resultant" that is a function of certain postural/rotational dynamics and also pitch location.
I'll add that the players talking on the clip is a typical ex. of "the action-perception gap", i.e., what you may THINK [verbalize] about your swing is vastly different from what you ACTUALLY are doing to create a high level swing.
As I have said many times as regards hitting expertise there are 3 modes so to speak: "Doing it, understanding it, teaching it." Elite players are--typically--ONLY expert in "doing it."
Read 16 tweets
16 Jul
I want to add to/further describe this quote: "What is the purpose of slotting elbow? It's simply what young players do to get on plane."
What exactly does this "getting on plane" actually mean in the context on non-elite level hitters? And what are the exact kinds of joint articulations of the back arm/shoulder are involved?
Based on long experience/observation of non-elite hitters [starting at tee ball], it means the following:
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11 Jul
I can still remember [circa the 1970's] seeing the uncontrollable sobbing of some Latin guys getting released at the end of spring training. Never saw any Americans react this way. Why?
Because growing up where they did, they fully well knew the very stark contrast between the opportunities they might have here, vs. where they had been and now had to return to.
In a somewhat relative context, some of my most favorite guys to talk to about this country are cab drivers in big cities like New York. Asking them what they think about this country almost always yields an interesting insight.
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11 Jul
As some likely know, I recently talked about some aspects of Ohtani's hip action e.g., hip displacement via eccentric [twisting action] loading causing a "forward by turning," Actions synonymous with "Paul's "pelvic loading." I want to add to what he says here.
I think he is certainly empirically correct in saying that for most elite level hitters, the degree of "separation" between the hip and shoulder rotation [unload] is minimal.
To say it another way, the differential between the hips starting to rotate and the shoulders starting to rotate is minimal. [I will add here that, yes, there is some degree of variability among hitters as regards this differential, e.g, Harper opens the hips more than Trout].
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9 Jul
Last night I searched in vain [about 2 hrs. on my website] for an academic meta-analysis on implicit vs. explicit learning. I'm going to keep looking. But in the meantime here's a pretty good article about this [from a practical/teaching perspective].…
An excerpt: "On the other side of the spectrum many self-taught athletes will often attempt to learn everything implicitly. The issue here is that without constructive feedback on the initial stages of learning bad habits will become permanent patterns in an athletes movement."
And: " Since you don’t know what you don’t know, you won’t be able to make the minor corrections necessary to continue to make improvements over the long term."
Read 9 tweets

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