You'd think after a year of practice, some of these docs would be better at lying.

There is no ICU in the world with "several" previously healthy 30 year olds "at deaths door" due to COVID
Are we really going to recycle every debunked Karen trope from 2020?

What's next, wringing our hands about the 2021 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?
The doctor claiming to have seen two previously healthy 30yos "at death's door" for COVID works at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati

That hospital hasn't had a single COVID patient in ICU since January:
Because the doc might visit several hospitals, I checked the entire Cincinnati health system (2,500 staffed beds)

35 ICU patients "with" COVID

Not a chance in hell that two of them are previously healthy 30yos who are also at "death's door"

• • •

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17 Jul
1\ A fair amount of Woke liturgy is correct, but for based reasons that the Woke don't perceive

E.g. the notion that we should stop teaching Western history is correct, but only because you can't appreciate the miracle of the West by studying it directly

Let me explain...
2\ For most kids, "history" is a couple of weirdos nailing things to Church doors, followed by more weirdos in silly hats and buckled shoes who enslaved noble savages to grow some crop that nobody alive has ever seen

It all has the feel of a bad oil painting
3\ On the other hand, imagine approaching the West from the other direction, from pre-history and from non-Western modernity

Imagine really internalizing that putrid meat was a staple food in most places until recently:
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11 Jul
The magic ritual of lockdown would have fit right in among the Pueblo Indians Image
Plains Indians Pledge Week was lit: Image
Coase was right: the initial allocation of resources is irrelevant if transaction costs are small enough to allow unimpeded trade. If necessary, in dog meat: Image
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6 Jul
The Japanese got their hands on a locomotive from the dastardly imperialists and four years later had their own railroad industry

This incredible fact doesn't get nearly enough discussion!
Two days ago I was driving the FIL from a former-shanty-town-now-bedroom-community into town and asked how they commuted before everyone had cars

"There used to be a train"

"What happened?"

"The locals stole all the tracks"
Similarly, a buddy used to build breweries for a multinational. Bring in best practices, create a ton of high paying jobs, etc.

To placate the commies, they'd drill water wells and install diesel pumps in the villages, then teach the villagers how to use them...
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30 Jun
1\ Fascinating comments in the screenshots below

And especially provocative given how much of cooperation (or morality, if you want to call it that) requires thinking through iterative prisoners' dilemmas (see author's comments about "recursion")
2\ The exciting crimes we're used to in the US often come down to some subtle mistake

Oh, the micro fiber! Oh, he forgot to use a VPN!

But there's an entire understory of crime that is unimaginably stupid in the sense of being literally unimaginable to an average person

3\ My father in law (not in the US) used to manage a furniture store whose floor staff were around 70 IQ

One of my favorite stories is about a cashier who was "stealing" using something similar to the Arrested Development banana stand scheme...
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27 Jun
1\ The factor unifying all COVID hysteria has been an inability to think in terms of Bayes

All along we focused on the seen, ignoring the unseen
2\ We focused on CFR instead of IFR

We took videos of comatose pedestrians at face value, forgetting to adjust for base rates

We obsessed over the Diamond Princess instead of the many lightly infected ships
3\ We panicked over ground glass opacities and myocarditis, forgetting to ask how common those are after flu

We proclaimed no evidence for seasonality despite a 99% prior being appropriate
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24 Jun
I'd flip the script here: a government big enough to scoff at militias is too big
Wish I'd thought of this response!
Every time POTUS wants to start a war, he should have to get all the governors together in a drafty castle and grovel until one of them steps forward and starts a slow clap
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