Some parallels between today's toxic food environment, ancestral eating and the 1999 classic movie

"Wake up, Neo"

The sci-fi world of Morpheus, Neo and Trinity is dystopian future where humanity has been enslaved by an malevolent AI

Humans are farmed, physical bodies trapped in pods as their life energy is used to power the machine overlords
The machines have built a simulated computer world called the Matrix, where humanity's collective consciousness exists, imprisoned.

People are asleep, trapped in the Matrix, but the overwhelming majority don't even realize it
A small group of human freedom fighters has been 'unplugged'. Their minds have escaped the Matrix and their bodies have escaped the pods
Mopheus and crew work to 'wake' people up, showing them the truth and giving them the option to exit the Matrix
This is an irreversible, often traumatic process where the individual must come to terms with reality and the truth that their previous life was based on lies
What if the Matrix exists the form of nutrition?

Mainstream guidelines across the world advocate a diet - high in plants
- high refined plant oils
- low in red meat, animal fat and organs.
This 'Standard American Diet' is a #RootCause of the chronic disease epidemic. An era unprecedented for
- cancer
- obesity
- metabolic disease
- autoimmune disease
And general a state of poor health.

People's brains inflamed with highly oxidized soybean and corn oil

Their mental faculties slowed, impaired and dysregulated
The analogy is thus

Waking up from the modern Matrix of junk nutrition happens when you discard decades of dietary dogma for an ancestral diet rich in animal meat, fat and organs

The same foods that a toddler instinctively reaches for...
- refined oils
-refined sucrose
- phytotoxins
- glyphosate
- and other environmental poisons

With a period of fasting and nutritional ketosis

Allows the brain to return its default state of mental clarity
There is a profound insight and appreciation of the depth of human experience as the brain fog is lifted
Within days-weeks of eliminating refined industrial foods and plants for animal-based eating, most people notice a profound change in their subjective feeling of health
People commonly report
- new well of energy
- improvement in mood
- significant weight loss
- resolution of autoimmune symptoms
Once you experience a true feeling of wellness after discarding the government-prescribed processed plant foods, the feeling cannot be un-felt
A doctor who has reversed diabetes, fatty liver, metabolic syndrome or psychiatric disease with meat, fat and organs cannot unsee it
Like Neo, the process of waking up leads you in a single direction - towards the goal of helping more people understand that they are likely existing at a fraction of their human potential

@CarnivoreMD calls this the Remembering
If you are reading this, you probably have probably experienced your 'unplugging'.

You are now at the stage of helping free others.
Remember that people can only be 'woken up' when they are ready.

In the movie, it was Neo's discontented notion that he was living in a dream that led him to Morpheus

With health and diet, most people only seek change when they are faced with a serious health problem
The best strategy is to manifest change yourself, and the people who are ready to change will find you.

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”
— Morpheus

Good luck.

• • •

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21 Jul
A key facet of the argument against enforced population-based interventions (mandated vaccination, masks, lockdowns) for virus suppression is the degree to which severe disease susceptibility is influenced by individual lifestyle choices, independent of age

- Physical inactivity
- Vitamin D deficiency
- Metabolic syndrome/obesity
- Food addiction to refined oils/sugar/carbohydrates
- Avoidance of nutrient-dense animal foods

It is unethical to impose such a heavy burden of compliance to coercive and restrictive population-based interventions onto individuals whose deliberate lifestyle choices place them at low risk.

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19 Jul

An extremely toxic class of 'forever chemicals' is being added to lipsticks, mascaras and foundations in North America

Per-/polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of more than 4700 synthetic compounds containing chains of carbon + fluorine

Also known as perfluorochemicals (PFCs) or fluorosurfactants…
PFAS have unique chemical properties owing to the extreme strength of the carbon-fluorine bonds.

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Great progress.

Another step towards helping women + babies avoid the multi-generational consequences of pre-natal environmental toxin exposure.

Some highlights 🧵
They cover the big classes of endocrine-disrupting compounds including pesticides, organic, solvents food preparation contaminants, personal care products and mercury.
They call out the use of personal care products, which are notorious for containing xeno-estrogens in the form of synthetic fragrances.
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2 Jul
Translation: I am working with a bunch of un-elected shills of multinational Pharma & Ag companies to continue pushing the dietary dogma of past 50 yrs that advocates seed oil + grain-based harm while demonizing ancestrally appropriate animal fat and animal foods.
...and silence any dissenting views that are not supported by reams of nutritional epidemiological research funded by the entities who profit from the positive findings of these biased studies...
...I'll also turn a blind eye to the growing body of evidence showing effective, long term reversal of chronic metabolic conditions by patients following a dietary strategy which is the exact opposite of what I advocate...
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1 Jul
I suspect the direction of bias for💉 adverse event reporting (from hospitals) is towards under-reporting rather than over-reporting.

Unless a clear cut case VITT with symptomatic thrombosis, many of the mild adverse events probably not being recorded.
Elderly gentleman with minor unprovoked bruising 2 weeks post 2nd dose of AZ 💉. Otherwise well. Normal platelets & d-dimer. Discharged home.

Emergency Physician 'we only report severe adverse events'.
I don't think there is a conspiracy by clinicians on the ground. Its simply additional effort for an already busy department.
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Great podcast on health effects of sun exposure by @SolBrah and @thelightdiet

Some thoughts + speculation below 🧵
Sunlight exposure is an essential component of health: Vitamin D, nitric oxide, circadian regulation, etc

Despite this fact, the medical curriculum mostly demonizes sun exposure, focusing on its role as a risk factor for skin cancers...

UV radiation is a major risk factor for the development of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers.

However that does not tell us much about the specific patients who develop skin cancer.

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