1/ I honestly don't even remember how I ended up here but there is a common pattern. The first step is just trying to talk someone off the ledge. If you end up here you've probably just gotten the shocker of your life. You've never felt better, you're resolving your health

2/ issues, but your Doctor just informed you that:
1. You are a ticking time bomb. You are minutes away from a major heart attack with an LDL that level that high.
2. You MUST go on Statin now. Every day you wait is reckless gambling with your life.

3/ You MUST stop eating eggs, butter, and meat. This is nothing but "artery clogging saturated fat" & full of dreaded cholesterol.
4. You MUST eat low fat and high carb. Focus on "heart healthy whole grains" fruit and vegetables. Skinless chicken breast and fish twice a week
4/ Canola oil is a health food & you have FH, because high LDL has NOTHING to do with diet. It's a genetic curse and only a Statin can save your life.
All of this matches what you've been told your whole life. It sounds right because it matches the dominant belief system

5/ BUT, you are no longer diabetic, your IBS is gone, your Crohns is in remission, eczema cleared up, you've lost 40lbs, your fasting insulin and blood glucose is low. You feel like you are 25 again.
Thus begins the journey where you reconcile what you see happening in your

6/ own body, with what you've been conditioned to believe.
It's a tough journey because you slowly realize that nearly everything you've been told about diet and disease is simply made up. The more you pull on the thread of "evidence" the more it unravels like a sweater.

7/ Fiber isn't essential for pooping, Carbs aren't essential at all, Dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol are mostly unconnected? LDL actually serves an import function in optimal health? Meat doesn't cause cancer? Saturated fat doesn't clog your arteries?

8/ Vegetables, grains, beans & legumes can actually cause health problem for some & removing them can improve health? Spinach isn't a health food because it contains 1000mg oxalates per cup and the iron in the spinach is largely non-absorbable due to bio-incompatibility

9/ and inherent anti-nutrients that bind the iron? Beta carotene is NOT true vitamin A? The food pyramid wasn't evidence based? It can take years to shake off the conditioning.
So the first step is often just letting someone know that they aren't going to die.

10/ And part of that is like being in AA.
"Hi, my name is Joe, and I have high LDL."
"Welcome Joe, well all have high LDL."
And then the old timers tell their stories and the newbie soon realizes that if these folks aren't dead yet, then maybe there is hope.

11/ I don't see any way around this because you can't really absorb the science until you connect on a personal level with others in the same situation. This is just as much an emotional and philosophical journey as it is a scientific one

Thanks to Clay Butler for his sanity😀

• • •

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21 Jul
1/ Horrified to receive this mail today. “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is requesting REMOVAL of its STRONGEST WARNING against using cholesterol-lowering Statin medicines in pregnant patients. Despite the change, most patients should stop statins once they

2/ learn they are pregnant. So which is it 🙄?

When the FDA approved the first Statin in 1987, the drug came with the strongest warning recommending against use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This was based on several factors.

3/ These were safety signals from animal data at drug exposures higher than human doses, potential concern that lowering cholesterol may negatively affect the unborn baby or infant, and the perspective that short-term use during pregnancy and breastfeeding did not provide

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1/9 What's on my mind ? That's a really good question having been removed from the FB Repatha Users Group and the Praulent Group. These guys really do not NOT want to hear what really causes Heart Disease, which is the 3 I's., Infection/Inflammation & Insulin Resistance.
2/9 What happens is they all gang together, insult you and sting you like a bee, because what drives them is FEAR. They are so incurious of what really causes Heart Disease. They still believe that cholesterol clogs arteries. I can't help them any more.
3/9 People like this just have to learn the hard way. I'm not sure what it would take to turn this ship around, but I don't have the energy to argue with them. When you have researched Statin drugs for over 13 years, and know precisely how they work, and how they cause
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26 May
1/6 What’s really going on when you take a Statin drug ? Do any of you who take them really know or even care ? Have you ever questioned it ? Statin drugs effectively reduce plasma cholesterol levels, by inhibiting the chemical transformation HMG-CoA to Mevalonate, which is an
2/6 early and rate-limiting step in the biosynthesis of cholesterol. The Mevalonate pathway is blocked which induces cells to increase LDL receptors. Increased LDL receptors forces more cholesterol into cells (bear in mind that excess cholesterol in cells is TOXIC)
3/6 However, no worry. Serum cholesterol is lowered. Take Statins, choke off the life cycle of liver cells into mass producing cholesterol receptors that soak up the supposedly 'BAD' blood cholesterol, most of which is normally made by the liver via the Mevalonate pathway
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24 May
1/6 "This is the latest hype everyone is so eager to debunk but actually the obesity insulin model hasn't been debunked it's just become more nuanced.
Here's what we know for sure. Wherever you find obesity you find high carbohydrate consumption. Every single time.
2/6 You find high insulin. You find high blood glucose.
So carbohydrates themselves do not cause obesity but you will not find obesity without carbohydrates.
And if you throw in low protein you really up the possibilities of metabolic dysfunction.
3/6 and if you throw high fat on top of the high carb, then you're really off to the races and your fatty liver disease and insulin resistance will start accelerating. Especially if that fat is not natural saturated fat but instead soybean oil or some kind of seed oil/trans fat
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24 May
1/4 The Guideline Development Group advise that there is no evidence of benefit from adding supplements of CoQ10 to reduce muscle related adverse events. They ignored the fact that Statins block the endogenous production of CoQ10. Tiredness, or muscle pain,
2/4 become an inevitable side effect for many people due to this fundamental interference with mitochondrial energy production.
CoQ10 is the most important acceptor and donor of electrons in the Krebs citric acid cycle (oxidative phosphorylation).
3/4 Biochemist Dr John McLaren-Howard’s ATP profile test measures the rate of oxidative phosphorylation which controls the rate of ADP (adenosine diphosphate) to ATP (adenosine triphosphate) conversion. His clinical co-author, Dr Sarah Myhill, writes that Statins invariably
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24 May
1/5 Statins and other cholesterol lowering meds undoubtedly have pleiotropic effects that may largely account for the minuscule clinical benefits observed. However you have to balance those against the very unfavourable consequences of taking this type of drug.
2/5 It is my opinion that the epidemic of heart failure and atherosclerosis we are seeing right now is aggravated by the pervasive use of cholesterol lowering drugs. In the case of statins they inhibit the synthesis of vitamin K2, the cofactor for matrix Gla-protein activation,
3/5 which in turn protects arteries from calcification. Statins also inhibit the biosynthesis of selenium containing proteins, one of which is glutathione peroxidase serving to suppress peroxidative stress. Statin treatment also leads to decreased insulin secretion in the
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