Not your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
J. Jonah Jameson tried to warn us. Here’s Spider-Man attacking the disabled, women, and children at an Asda.
I looked into it and it seems like it’s a bunch of Instagram Live streamers who dress up as superheroes and film themselves attacking random people in public spaces as a social experiment to see if anyone intervenes.
So anyway they put people in the hospital for fun. This is the logical end result of social media clout chasing.
According to the posters anyone who tried to intervene got hospitalized. The assailants are trained boxers. Oh well.
It happened (and apparently continues to happen) at the Clapham Junction Asda in London. @MetCC see thread.
They attacked an elderly man.
More footage. The assailants were cosplaying as superheroes and starting fights with the staff and shoppers.
Someone’s identified the assailants. Looks like a bunch of wannabe Instagram influencers.
Rik’s the Spider-Man, the other guy is the twat in the yellow overalls and the thot is in the nun outfit.

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25 Jul
No, the fish guy in Montana who confronted Tucker Carlson probably didn’t work for the CIA. He was part of an Asia Foundation-sponsored ecology group in Mongolia studying Taimen fish. You can find his paper on it (it’s cited in other papers too).
It’s kinda outlandish to suggest that every academic who gets involved with the TAF (which for all intents and purposes remains above board) is an agent, anyway. What purpose is there for a CIA agent to blow his cover by making himself look like an asshole on the internet?
I don’t need the dumb contextless screenshots in the original tweet. I have my own screenshots. Yes it’s the same guy. No, it doesn’t mean he works for the CIA.

Details on TAF’s origins as a CIA front:… ImageImageImageImage
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23 Jul
The LGBT community once again tries to culturally impose itself on Japan, which loves the composer.
Koichi Sugiyama is a god among composers. He did all the music for the Dragon Quest video games.
These degenerates wouldn’t complain if the Olympics put societal rot on full display with a 30-minute twerking session by a very pregnant Cardi B.
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21 Jul
Who can blame them? The law says it’s legal to seize up to $950 in stuff. They’re law abiding citizens who are just playing by the rules. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
Honestly, good for them. Absolute alpha move. Everyone else just staring and watching them do it is a cuck still playing by the old rules and antiquated ideas of morality when they think of corporations as people.
The people committing these thefts (can you really call them thefts because it’s legal to do it?) aren’t homeless or poor. They’re people just like you and me who live in houses and drive cars. They just had the testicular fortitude to game the system.
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20 Jul
China is being hit by massive floods. Here's Zhengzhou City reportedly recording the highest single-day rainfall in the past two days.
It's pretty terrifying. People are trapped in their cars and struggling to keep their heads above water.
Rescuers are mounting operations to get people trapped underground in subways to safety.
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18 Jul
I can’t believe they’re making Kang the next big villain in the MCU. Not because I care about the series but the fact that Kang is played by a black actor. Cue the jokes.
Kang is basically Yakub, the mythological character of the Black Hebrew Israelites. I kid you not. ImageImageImage
Kang flies around in a flying pyramid. Image
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16 Jul
Big fan of the empty toolbox, unwrapped tool cases, and all the products turned to face the camera.
I like authenticity and this is anything but.
God forbid I point out that it’s not a great photoshoot and fails to depict Tucker’s personal authenticity without people thinking it’s a dig at him. It’s not a dig at him. It’s a dig at the photoshoot. I’d rather see Tucker in the writer’s room brainstorming an episode.
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