Spending high energy tonight. Loading up the lap steel (homemade) and the amplifier (not) and driving at somewhere close to a mile a minute at peak times, for about an hour and a half to three quarters, and play this guitar with two friends, and drink two beers, and do it back.
I have several high energy activities that would be utterly impossible without high energy high speed transportation and other machines.
Utterly dependent on fossil fuels and a huge built environment of concrete and steel.
I sometimes take long hot showers.
3. We've got this personal responsibility for climate activities backwards. Don't take long hot showers.
There's easily half a million long hot showers in one electric car. We've got to develop different systems, not live like paupers in this one while Jeff Bezos fucks the sky.
4. If we don't learn ways to live without high speed high energy machines we're going to blow up.
We live in a balloon called Earth. It's a big ball of stuff wrapped in air. We keep blowing it up bigger, and bigger...
You do know what happens when you blow a balloon up too big?
5. We've been friends for half a century. We had to quit the trips and music for a year because Covid. If the energy system blows up we don't die, we just can't jam together any more.
6. Same with the hot showers. If I'm still alive when the day comes you can't get them any more, 🤷. I lived for a year in the jungle without hot showers. Cold showers. Lukewarm showers. Running water. You don't die.
Food, now. Without food you die. And water, even quicker.
7. The system we're in is constantly accelerating, with the resultant increase in scale of everything (it's physics. Steel gets bigger when you heat it up, for instance.)
This is all contrary to the laws of thermodynamics. It's really hard to explain, but... This isn't working.
8. All day every day people tell me that it is working, and here's research that proves it, and I'm like, sorry, pal, but look out the fucking window. It ain't working. I don't care what the paper says.
On my trip tonight I'll be moving at least 5 mph slower than the local avg.
9. Most of the way it's two lane blacktop, yellow lines, 60 mph limit.
I go 60. I set my little computerized Subaru on 60 and it goes 60. If it comes up behind somebody it slows down, but we never do.
I'm going as fast as the law allows.
I'm like I'm dragging anchor and drifting
10. I'm sand in the gears of the machine. I influence the average energy consumption on a stretch of road, probably a net (miniscule) reduction in CO2.
Slowing down reduces CO2 production. It also reduces the rate of tire microplastics production, which is a function of energy
11. As at work between a tire and concrete. The faster the tire rolls, the more if its surface is worn off.
On average, reducing speed reduces brake particulates. Your brakes wear out, you know, and that is the process of turning the sintered metallic pads of your brakes into
12. particles of various sizes, which we then breathe.
The less energy you put into your brake pads, the slower they convert to particulates and nano particles. And it's not direct, it's a geometric process. Even a little slowing helps.
This machine absolutely must stop.
13. Not because I want it to - I want to go jam.
We're blowing up a balloon, not filling a bucket.
When you fill up s bucket it runs over.
When you overinflate a balloon it pops. Not the same at all.
It doesn't really matter how much hypothetical future carbon your machine
14. Never emitted had the balloon not popped...
Y'all, this ain't gonna work.
But for tonight...
PS. I actually give myself two hours. I hate to feel rushed. 50 miles to the core of old Kansas City. Plaza area. From outside town to east. Lots of surface streets the way I go.

• • •

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24 Jul
Here's the deal about telling people to stop eating meat.
It is an economic fact that we do not "raise grain to feed to meat."
Cattle do not prosper on a diet of grain. It's not even good for them.
We raise cattle to consume grain, to create a market for grain. No reverse.
I'm not saying, eat meat. I'm saying, when we didn't eat enough meat, they had to start feeding corn to cars.
After feeding 10% processed corn to cars, we found that we still were not providing sufficient market for corn.
So we raised it to 15%.
Motorcyclists screamed NOOOOOO!!!
3. It is a production fact that at the time a bushel of corn moves from the combine to the grain truck at the edge of the field, that corn contains more fossil fuel BTUs of energy than are present as corn BTUs.
Then we haul it, heat it, distill it - add more fossil energy -
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24 Jul
It's easy to fall into thinking what you're against. Easy for me. Judging by what I hear, easy for a lot of people.
Even what we're for is often being against some specific destruction. Whales. Sharks. Pipelines. Mines. Desecration.
It's easier to explain, too.
2. "See, they shouldn't bulldoze this mountain pass and extract lithium from it because the sage grouse needs it."
That is correct.
But if not this mountain pass, which one?
If not this forest, this stream, this prairie, which one?
3. The logic of our system of life and living, to its very foundation, says we have to bulldoze this mountain pass, because we have to have electric cars to fight climate change, and we need the lithium.
We need the wood.
We need the oil. It's way the hell up there and we need it
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22 Jul
I don't believe there is one agreed-upon definition of "an economy", but the one I like to base my reasoning on is "The means by which a society obtains and distributes the resources necessary for living to its members."
2. I have read that "economy" comes from the Greek for "housekeeping." Makes sense. Each household has to run itself, get food, water, shelter, clothing. These are the absolutes, our needs as biological creatures.
Our current economy is, by that definition, pretty poor.
3. Some people have enough resources to blast themselves, encased in a giant phallus, to the edge of the gravity well.
Some don't.
All in one country.
Piss poor economy, I'd say.
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22 Jul
This is cumulative global solar PV capacity in megawatts from 2000 to 2019. Image
This is total global capacity of wind turbine power capacity from 2008 to 2018. Image
This is global emissions from 1750 to 2019, fossil fuel and cement production only. Land use emissions not included. Image
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22 Jul
This tweet fills me with rage and hatred.
And I hate to hate.
100% of all the policies Senator Whitehouse advocates for require increasing emissions now, next year, the year after, with some vague promise that in later years we will see a reduction.
This tweet is a baldfaced lie.
The author of this article want the right thing: reductions now. Not years in the future. @SenWhitehouse uses this article to push policies for immediate emissions increases.
Prove me wrong.
Prove you can build nationwide infrastructure while seeing reductions now. Or even soon. Image
You've been building this crap for decades. People proudly tell me Germany is running in renewables. I hear it every week.
There is ABSOLUTELY NO VOICE IN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT who wants to decrease emissions this year, or next, or the next.
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21 Jul
One of the major reasons it's against my rules to debate against internet talking points on energy and emissions is because no. I'm not selling a product. I'm not here to debate. I am offering a viewpoint based entirely within accepted science about climate.
2. I understand with a clarity you probably can't imagine that virtually all the world disagrees with me.
They all disagreed with Galileo, too.
If you would like to know a different view than the dominant one, based on concern that it doesn't appear to be working, I invite you.
3. If I am right, it is possible for humankind to get out of the mess we're in bent but not broken.
I don't think it's hopeless.
I just think we're going at it wrong.
If you disagree, that's fine. Please do not post links to internet talking points about the technological marvel
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