Today I turned 30.

Here are 7 things I wish I knew about life at 20.

Here you go!

1. Find a spiritual master

There is nothing that grace of Guru can't do. It can make a

- Illiterate person become a scholar
- Disable person climb a mountain
- Show direction to a lost soul
I know a guru is sent by God when the seeker becomes spiritually mature but that doesn't mean you stop looking for one.

To be spiritually mature, you should be genuinely curious about life and ask the right questions.
2. Read Bhagwad Gita

Bhagwad Gita will protect you from degeneracy of the modern world to say the least like

- Drugs
- Alcoholism
- Gambling
- Illicit relationships
It will also help you

- Thrive in your life
- Understand the nature of your soul
- Establish your consciousness in God
- Understand the true nature of this world
- Control your senses & help you get rid of lust & anger
Professional Life

3. A degree won't get you a job

Your degree will be outdated in a few years time.

So, be a man of skills that can solve real world problems and get paid for it.

Avoid general courses like BBA & MBA and go for specific courses like law, nutrition, medicine.
The more general your degree is, the less clarity you will have for your future.

Simple as that!
4. Patience

If you want to build something of value then keep aside 7-10 years of your life.

Nothing great is built in 2-3 years of time. Any advice that talks otherwise, reject it.

Having patience is a great advantage that few talk about!
Personal Life

5. Family: Whether you are a man or a woman reading this - It's your responsibility to raise a healthy family.

A healthy family can achieve great things together.

While a broken family will lose everything that they have.
6. Financial Literacy

I started investing in mutual funds at 25.

I wish I had invested part of the money in stock market that I wasted on alcohol and parties in college for 5 years.

So, learn about investing and start investing early to be in a much better position later on.
7. Have a ball in your 20s

Your 20s are when you work the most to build the foundation of your life but do not forget to have a ball because there is nothing like this decade.

Have all the fun before you are laden with responsibilities.

Hope you liked reading it!

• • •

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