What led to #AssamMizoramBorder tension?
Here is relation btw CM @himantabiswa's hot pursuit against #drug mafias/ betel nut smugglers n #Mynamar #Mizoram based smugglers which r aggrieved due to @CMOfficeAssam @assampolice's crackdown on internatl cartel. Thread #ShameOnMizoram+
If you want to understand the aggression shown by Mizo groups against Assam, you should read about the illegal mafia of drugs, betel nuts and other cartels calling shots in Mizoram. Himanta’s campaign against drugs has rattled those drug lords, who were making millions +
The Mizo mafias and their heinous crimes are uncovering now. The anti drug campaign launched by Assam Police has seriously damaged the drug and betel nut mafia in Mizoram. What is more disturbing is the tactical support of Mizoram admin and police to these criminals +
To put this into perspective, Mizoram is the gateway of illegal narcotics from Myanmar in India. When Assam launched a campaign against these drug cartels, it seriously damaged their network. It’s clear from their heinous actions that illegal mafias are behind this attack+
Recently, Assam busted a network of illegal narcotics and seized around 32 kgs of heroin. This , along with other major action against the drug lords of Mizoram have seriously dented the these mafias. So, this aggression is a clear sign that the Mizo mafias are getting rattled+
Just like the drug cartels, Mizoram’s soil is also used for illicit betel nut, black marketing of fertilizers and cigarette smuggling from Myanmar. Assam’s strong action against these cartels has damaged these networks. And as it always happens with cartels- they go berserk +
If you have seen how cartels operate, you’ll understand the aggression shown by so called Mizos. Apart from drugs, these cartels operate to smuggle betel nuts and illicit cigarettes from Myanmar+
Encroaching into Assam’s inner line forest is a tactical move by some elements in Mizoram, who have made fortunes through illicit cutting and selling of timber, a multi crore business. Stealing Assam’s land for their illegal activities. That’s the real story behind it+
One of the main reasons for such aggression by various Mizo elements is the illicit timber cutting and selling. Part of their trade network is to steal Assam’s inner line forest and use it for illegal broom stick and betel nut cultivation +
Mizo groups like YMA and MZP are a part of an illegal syndicate and smuggling rings, which have been seriously hit by Assam’s government strong action against these cartels. Now they want to use the atmosphere of fear to restart their illegal activities +
If you have followed Assam’s campaign against illegal syndicates, you’ll understand the frustration of these so called Mizo groups. They have been hit hard by the Assam’s campaign against drugs and now, they are trying to find ways & restart their illegal networks #ShameOnMizoram
Horrible video in which grievously injured @assampolice SP Vaibhav Nimbalkar- IPS is appealing @CMOMizoram @mizorampolice SP Kolasib Vanlalfaka Ralte for ceasefire, also We can listen gunshots even when Assam SP speaking over wireless.
SP Ralte must be booked u/s 305, 307
#AssamMizoramBorder- Irony died hundred deaths!
** Chin Christian armed militias fleeing #Mynmar Army pressure- Welcome to Mizoram!
** Drug Smugglers from Mynamar- Welcome to Mizoram!
Mizoram Rajya Sabha MP K. Vanlalvena- If they enter Mizoram again they shall kill them all!
Are 43.3% Mizos living in USA who were trending Shame on Assam?
Which powerful political/social/religious lobby living in USA having connection with #Mizoram?
Few questions if answered properly will have far deep impact on NE states! @AmitShah @himantabiswa @CMOMizoram

• • •

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23 Jul
Shocking News! One of our prominent activist from Odisha yesterday hit by unknown truck while he was traveling on bike in Khorda. Fortunately he suffered minor injuries n will soon back to action.
He is pivotal in handling Bengal violence n Odisha Christian conversation issues.
Typo mistake read Christian Conversion***
He also played a important role in initiating action against Twitter India & Telegram for promotion of terrorism using Kids & Allowing terror orgs to carry out recruitment using Telegram grps against India +
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11 Jul
RSS Chief's statement on Hindu- Muslim common DNA irked many Hindutvavadi n Indian nationalists. Many blamed him for being neo Gandhian, advancing on d path of Muslim appeasement.
Here are few Legal- socio-cultural facts of Indian Muslims being culturally Hindus n not Muslims++
Indian Muslims are idolaters (Murtipujaks) they worship Mazars, tombs; offer Agarbatti, flowers on it.
Idolatry is most condemnable thing in Islam n capital punishment is subscribed for it. Even drawing picture of Prophet or Almighty is condemned!
It's manifestation of Hindu DNA+
Indian Muslims do sing Qawwali which is actually Bhakti Sangeet praising God.
Praising Allah Tala using Music is Sin as per radical Middle East Wahhabi Islam. Radical Islamists even oppose Music.
Indian Muslims having dominant Hindu DNA in blood do sing Qawwali for Almighty++
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14 Jun
Such a visceral hate will be punished in Hon SC soon
Why's Sunil Kumar IPS @PV_Sunil_Kumar spreading such hatred towards Vedas n Hindu Sacred Scriptures in d name of 'Ambedkarism'?
What's his hidden agenda? (1/4) @MissionAmbedkar @RSPraveenSwaero
(2/4) other side the same PV Sunil Kumar gaaru is a Christian who writes series of articles promoting Christian values to a Christian Magazine named "Green Valley" published from Visakhapatnam.
(3/4) this is the conspiracy of PV Sunil Kumar's "Ambedkar's India Mission". Separating SCs from mainstream society n inviting Christian Missionaries.
@HMOIndia should investigate this conspiracy of "Separatism" in the angle of "Khalistan" & "Dalitisthan"
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4 Jun
Finally Bengal Violence Victims started speaking out on camera.
Now @WBPolice @CIDWestBengal will follow SOP- intimidate victims, slap false NDPS FIRs, arrest n force them to withdraw statements!
But that's not so easy, we are closely watching, listing out criminals in UNIFORMs!
Full video link of Arambagh Hindu victims of violence who spoke when IGP Burdwan visited riot affected areas yesterday!
*ভোট পরবর্তী হিংসা খতিয়ে দেখতে আরামবাগের আরাণ্ডি এলাকা পরিদর্শনে এলেন আইজি ও পুলিশ সুপার।*
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3 Jun
Complaint lodged at BIS @IndianStandards against Indian Medical Association @IMAIndiaOrg @jayalal10 for illegally certifying non medical commercial products, minting millions of rupees black money violating BIS Act 2016. IMA had refused to reveal quantum of money earned ++
And the IMA @IMAIndiaOrg @jayalal10 is refusing to divulge how much money has been given for this certification citing “non-disclosure agreement" with the companies whose products they have certified!

Isn't it a black money? ++
Indian Medical Association @IMAIndiaOrg @jayalal10 approved healthy Crompton LED Bulb! ++
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29 May
#EXPOSE Christian Medical Association Of India got Rs 83.95 Cr for blatant evangelization misusing medical science behind façade of social service.
Dr Jayalal @jayalal10 head of @IMAIndiaOrg was its trustee was silent when CMAI openly spread #Church superstitions #FCRAViolation++
its official Facebook Page also promotes Doctors like President of IMA Dr. Johnrose Austin Jayalal n others, Healthcare Professionals and Christian religious leaders who blatantly admit to their outright evangelization motives. ++
“We will go together n restore. We will see d master of breakthroughs bringing great victories. We will come with one heart n one mind to make Jesus Christ d Lord of healthcare. DR. ARUL ANKETELL” during CMAI Doctor National Conference for Christian doctors from across India++
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