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#EXPOSE Christian Medical Association Of India got Rs 83.95 Cr for blatant evangelization misusing medical science behind façade of social service.
Dr Jayalal @jayalal10 head of @IMAIndiaOrg was its trustee was silent when CMAI openly spread #Church superstitions #FCRAViolation++
its official Facebook Page also promotes Doctors like President of IMA Dr. Johnrose Austin Jayalal n others, Healthcare Professionals and Christian religious leaders who blatantly admit to their outright evangelization motives. ++
“We will go together n restore. We will see d master of breakthroughs bringing great victories. We will come with one heart n one mind to make Jesus Christ d Lord of healthcare. DR. ARUL ANKETELL” during CMAI Doctor National Conference for Christian doctors from across India++
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#ICYMI Ep. 1414 The Most Explosive Revelation Yet In The Biden Scandal - The Dan Bongino Show® @dbongino - We Like Angry Dan!, Biden Office Mates Scandal, Hunter Biden & Uranium Scandals Linked, Democrats Hide China Espionage with Russia Hoax, & More…
Order Dan Bongino’s @dbongino #1 Best Seller “Follow the Money: The Shocking Deep State Connections of Anti-Trump Cabal” for account of troubling connections between the anti-Trump lunatics. @dbongino #BestSeller #ObamaGate #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA2020 #Ad
EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Called His Father And Chinese Business Partner ‘Office Mates’ In September 2017 Email

#HunterBiden #Emails #Expose #CCP #Link…
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#धागा #Thread #CBI #Fact #Expose

Tags - @rautsanjay61 @AmitShah

काही दिवसांपूर्वी संजय राऊत साहेबांचे एक वक्तव्य होते @abpmajhatv कट्ट्यावर ज्यात त्यांनी केन्द्रीय अन्वेषण ब्यूरो म्हणजेच CBI वर थेट ताशेरे ओढले होते ! ऐका 👇👇👇
त्यांचे प्रांज्वळ मत असे होते की जो तपास CBI कडे सोपवला जातो त्या तपासाला न्याय मिळणे नेहमीच मुश्किल झाले आहे. हे वक्तव्य करताना त्यांचा रोख प्रकर्शाने सुशांत सिंगच्या कथित आत्महत्या प्रकरणावर होता !
ह्याच तपासाचा उलघडा करणारा हा थ्रेड
देशाच्या इतिहासात आजपर्यंत CBI तर्फे जेवढे पण तपास झाले त्याला कुठे तरी राजकीय स्वार्थाची चटक नक्कीच होती आणि हे काही अंश खरे देखिल आहे - ह्यांचे उदाहरण म्हणजे आडवाणीजी, मोदीजी, अमितजी, साध्वी प्रग्याजी आणि बरेच इतरेतर हिंदूत्वादी कार्यकर्ते !
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•Terrorist is not a Terrorist if, Muslim
•Riots are Protest, if Muslim
•Killing Hindus is justified, if Muslim
•Human Rights, if Muslim
•2nd Largest Majority gets Minority Rights, If Muslim
•Terrorism has no Religion, if Muslim

•Liberals feel pain of victim, if Muslim
•Unsafe in Islamic Countries, Muslims
•Unsafe in Other Counties, Muslims
•Award Wapsi, Poetry Sessions & Candle March, If Muslim
•Conversion Justified, If Muslim
•Media whitewashes Image, If Muslim

•Brotherhood, If Muslim
•Bollywood Bimbos hold playcards, If Muslim
•No need to be Secular, If Muslim

@KapilMishra_IND @desimojito @ThePlacardGuy

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#EXPOSE @cjwerleman
Follow the thread to see how this rabid India hater and Pakistani stooge spreads disinformation.
@cjwerleman tweets this on 11 Apr.
A piece he takes from a net journal clarionindia. net claims to make the statement by 400 Indian scientists that the spike in Covid-19 cases are not related to Tablighi Jammat.
Who are these scientists??
Supposed anonymous group of 400 scientists by the name
Below is the article
Next, let us look at "Clarionindia". It is lead by Aijaz Zaka Sayed. A journalist from Hyderabad who has extensive Middle East contacts. You can check his page here:
Check his friendslist. And you will find the whole ecology of voices.
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@Jeroen99271706 Deze mevrouw heeft gelijk. De NWO (Nieuwe Wereld Orde) is Agenda21. De transitie verloopt ook via onderwijs.


Charlotte Iserbyt, former senior policy advisor to the U.S. Department of Education and most important whistleblower!

@Jeroen99271706 De strijd die Trump in de VS lijkt te winnen wordt in Europa, en zeker in Nederland zonder dat de bevolking het door heeft in alle hevigheid gevoerd en door de strot van de burgers geduwd. In alle domeinen.
@Jeroen99271706 De NWO is bedacht door VN-Bilderberg


Dit is hoe de VN denkt:

Er moet een bewustzijns verandering optreden bij ALLE mensen.
En dat willen ze bereiken o.m. door de SGD'S en NGO'S, stuurgroepen en zeeën vol subsidies.…
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The #mind is a #coward, for those who listen to it become utterly cowardly. The mind is not an #adventurer, it is very #cautious. It takes every step with #thinking and #calculation until it is #certain that there is no #risk.
When everything is going good the mind comes in and says "watch out!" Because you listen to the mind's #fears you stop living. The mind would keep you always the same, never taking #risks.

Newness is an #enemy to the #mind, sameness is its #friend.
To #laugh is to #risk appearing a #fool
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