Love when people tell those of us affected how they’re going to support us by ignoring the ways we ask them to support us and by just doing whatever they want so they can feel righteous somehow. Thanks for the support and allyship. 👍
Using us as an excuse to cancel a sub that you (according to your own shit) were going to cancel anyway isn’t the supportive gesture you think it is. Especially when most of us are like, please, support and play and enjoy our work made with blood, sweat, and literal tears.
Like, GG making it clear the contributions of assholes are more important and more of an impact to you than the contributions of all of us women and marginalized people and non-assholes. So much so that you want to ignore our efforts and erase our work to feel righteous yourself.
Lift up the work of the people who are crying out for change, who poured their hearts into it, who endured all that just to bring online the games you play. Why should those predators’ work be deemed of more impact? Why should they overshadow the efforts of so many others?
“Oh these guys really suck. Let’s just go ahead and erase and ignore and not play the content made by all the women and other marginalized groups and not terrible people who poured all their passion into them, despite those shitty guys making it even harder.”
“These guys and that culture made it really hard for you to do these things, but you did them anyway, you still put your whole soul into them, but nah… their impact on it was greater and more important than yours in my mind, so I’m just not gonna play them.”
“I’m not gonna be vocal or write letters to lift up marginalized voices or take real action in my daily life of donate to causes that help defend women against sexist practices or make sure I’m changing the culture in real ways by calling out toxic behavior and examine myself.”
“I’m just gonna boycott because I was probably gonna cancel anyway the content sucked anyway lol”

How about find the women responsible for the content and give them praise. How about donate to RAINN. How about call out toxic rape culture online and in real life. How about …
*or donate
How make clear via your vocal and public outcry that you are supporting the women and other marginalized groups who have had to fight ten times as hard to get their work recognized - and that you appreciate them and want to play their content, use their services, recognize them.
I’m just so goddamned tired, y’all.

Stop being performative and symbolic so you can feel like you’ve been righteous and actually do righteous things. Actually support women in the games industry and their work by consuming it. Actually make real change in your real life.
*how about make clear
You’re gonna let shitty cis men who are predators & conveyors of a toxic culture dominate the women and marginalized folx who contributed the majority of the content? Really? You’re going to let their work overshadow the others’? That’s all of world history. Don’t continue it.

• • •

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31 Jul
Separate shout-out to the woman whom I shared all this with who recognized how severely fucked up it was and reported it up and out, which led to external counsel and reporting, which helped add my name and impact to this suit. Not naming you publicly but you know who you are.
your encouragement and moral character led to my speaking up, additional witnesses and corroborates, and possibly the firing of a serial abuser. Thank you for helping me realize I needed to overcome my fear and finally speak out.
I probably wouldn’t have for a long time without your push and your reporting of what I told you to those investigators. Thank you.
Read 5 tweets
31 Jul
The funny part? Most of the people who actually sat with me or saw my work or were on the other teams I worked with? Told me good things or actually communicated what they needed and we worked to make it happen. Talk about conflicting messages and self-confidence destruction.
Read 10 tweets
30 Jul
Seeing people on Reddit & the internet disparaging things like the Women @ Blizzard & Diversity panels at BlizzCon, when I know all the women & marginalized ppl who worked super hard on them & conceived them, is rough. Those weren’t conceived by the abusers. They were fought for.
Women and BIPOC and LGBTQA+ and neurodiverse & disabled people fought for those panels and poured themselves into them, despite being worried about possible harassment from fans who were on the toxic side. Don’t minimize their work as something put up by abusers as a smokescreen.
They organized them, made them happen, staffed them, and answered questions with sincerity and love and honesty.
Read 7 tweets
30 Jul
I’m just so goddamned tired and slightly drunk, y’all.
I’ve been binging Top Chef from the beginning over the last week while being a stress-induced insomniac and on my nursing schedule with my two-month old. I had never watched it before, despite my love of cooking shows.

Currently on S8E7. The first All Stars.
Yeah, I started from season one. It’s been a long-ass week.

Stephen was good riddance. Insufferable.

I feel like Marcel got a bad rap.

I miss Anthony Bourdain.
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22 Jul
I’m going to come out and say it.

I was one of these women. My incident happened in 2013 at BlizzCon. I didn’t say anything officially until I decided to leave the company last year, because of the name recognition and fear of retaliation.
I also have other incidents described here, and some not, in several areas.

It was wonderful to work there; sometimes it wasn’t.

Most of my coworkers were wonderful, talented people who cared about quality games.

And some weren’t. The problem was the lack of accountability.
I want to reiterate that overall, the people who make up the teams at Blizzard are wonderful. They care about each other & their work & the games they make.

These things can exist at the same time. It’s been on a better path - I hope it keeps moving that way and that this helps.
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