This whole drama about Matt Damon is overlooking a fact that many seem to not realize — usage of the word “faggot” by cishet people, as an insult, is still rampant. By making it an issue of Matt Damon as an individual, we ignore the systemic and cultural roots of this issue.
Yes, it’s still used and directed at visibly queer people as a slur. It’s also used as a casual insult in many online communities. It’s very plain by the shock so many people have at the Matt Damon news that the conversation has been dominated by affluent queer people + cishets.
Homophobia isn’t over because marriage was legalized (for some people). Homophobia isn’t over because affluent gay people can shout “yaaaas” at Pride without fear. Queerphobia isn’t over just because the most affluent among us have escaped being regularly called slurs.
Stop being surprised at oppression and cultural bias and instead be committed to stopping it. How many of your friends call each other a fag “as a joke”? I bet it’s not zero.
I was called a “fucking faggot” openly in an airport about a month ago for telling a rude and pushy man to stop harassing a young woman to smile. No one did anything but look away in awkwardness, for me or for her.
Don’t pretend this behavior is unacceptable if you accept it.

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If you are interested in doing work (a few hours a week, ideally) to organize against the legislative efforts against trans people in the United States right now, when would you be able/willing to attend a zoom meeting on the topic?
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Listen. Every effort to further politicize trans identity succeeds in pushing TERF rhetoric. This is because the goal of TERFism is to make trans lives, trans bodies, and trans autonomy an issue that other people feel they have the authority to decide on. They’re dehumanizing us.
Trans people are not public property. We deserve autonomy, privacy and respect. That’s what we’re fighting for.
What are you fighting for? Because the as trans people are politicized, your “neutrality” is being heard as support for TERFism.
It’s too late for neutrality. You either fight with us, or you are willing to watch us die.
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