1. #NeerajChopra: The Poster Boy of Toxic Masculinity and Brahmanical Patriarchy

Though Indians are celebrating this deplorable development in #TokyoOlympics there is a flip side to India getting gold, especially in Javelin throw. This is how. Image
2. Firstly, to prize gold above other elements is Elementism. They are all just beautiful elements. To box them in better and worse, shiny and briny is the result of the Brahmanical patriarchy, that is the root of all evil in this world.
3. It is no wonder that India, a country which gave birth to Brahmanical patriarchy is also the country which prizes gold so much. Only the Middle Eastern countries achieve equality with gold as they also use the metal in toilets.
4. In sports though this zeal could not be seen for many decades but even this is changing now. The roots of Brahmanical patriarchy are now penetrating the already vitiated arena of sports which suffers from toxic masculinity already.
5. Just look at the bulging muscles, the wavy hair, the pumped up face, the sheer aggression in the eyes. Can we really guarantee that this man won't be oppressing women, gays and minorities with the same attitude which made him win gold in Olympics?
6. And what's all the ruckus about the javelin? It is a weapon! Aren't we celebrating violence by encouraging men full of toxic masculinity to throw pointy javelins (it is like male reproductive organ) at the submissive and passive grass? Isn't this just a long rape sequence?
7. I hope this madness ends and India stops winning medals in Olympics, for the sake of equality, peace and for the end of toxic masculinity and Brahmanical patriarchy.

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Mar 22
1. Feminism is an intermediate stage towards Gender Nirvana.

It is the ultimate fate of feminism to submit all feminist goals and priorities at the altar of LGBTQIA+. The #LiaThomas victory is the first step towards that.
2. Feminists of the World are distraught at the victory of #LiaThomas over ‘biologically female contestants’. They feel being cheated. They are wrong. The victory of trans and non-binary people is an absolution of feminism.
3. First of all, the victory of Lia Thomas is a victory of a human culture committed to ideals of absolute equality over a Nature which is hell bent upon maintaining discriminating hierarchies. It is a victory of Ideology over Biology.
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Mar 8
1. #TheKashmirFiles is a wrong movie to begin with. It is all kinda wrong. I am telling you. You should just believe things just because I say so. Because I belong to the most oppressed community on the planet. Everything I say is right.
2. Firstly, the movie shows that Hindus were the victims of genocide in India. How is that possible? Aren’t they the majority in India? How can majority be oppressed? They are always the oppressors and never oppressed. That’s a WOKE fact.
3. Secondly, the movie shows that Brahmins were oppressed? I mean, really??? How can Brahmins be oppressed, more so, victims of a genocide? Aren’t they the greatest oppressors on this planet? Aren’t they just born to oppress people?
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Feb 25
1. Stop calling it Russia’s war on Ukraine! It is not a war! It is an Extension of Peace. Fascist media, which considers national boundaries real, is misrepresenting it as cross-country aggression. #UkraineRussia Image
2. It is most unfortunate that Russia’s offer of extending peace, non-violence and friendship to Ukraine is being peddled by capitalist, patriarchal and Brahmanical forces as a war. Nothing can be farther than the truth.
3. America is evil. It represents all that is bad with the world, except Brahmanical patriarchy. The proof that it is evil is that intellectuals there are allowed to say this. And how can intellectuals be wrong?
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Feb 22
1. India is rejoicing the victory of 6 years old R. Praggnanandha over world chess champion, @MagnusCarlsen. It might seem like a victory but from the intersectional point of view, it is a great disaster, which will only increase Brahmanical patriarchy in India.
2. For starters, see the Vibhuti on his forehead. If that is not the example of Brahmanical patriarchy, I don't know what is. It is a sign of how this victory will legitimize the systemic oppression in a deeply unequal and racist society like India.
3. The beautiful individual that he has defeated is a Norwegian. Intersectionality does not believe in nationality, except when it is one of the beautiful Scandinavian countries or any Islamic country. Nationality in these nations is a boost to the intersectional universe.
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Feb 16
1. Intersectional View of the Hijab Controversy

Hijab, as my very existence proves, is the ultimate expression of freedom. It doesn’t need logic as logic is a patriarchal tool to fool rationally marginalized people. Hijab is beyond logic.

#HijabAurKitab Image
2. The enemies of freedom – Brahmins, men, & Hindus in general – are seeing the Hijab controversy in an inverted way. They are using logical props by giving constitutional, secular and democratic arguments. The truth is the other way around.

3. Democracy cannot judge Hijab. Hijab will judge democracy. Hijab is a symbol of freedom if Muslim women use it. It needs no other logic. No toxic rationalization. The very act of Muslim women wearing Hijab proves that Hijab means freedom.
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Nov 6, 2021
1.Intersectional Perspective on Diwali Crackers. Comrades! We all know how Diwali is a fascist festival associated with the Savarna hegemony of Vaishyas and Brahmins over the Dalits, women, LGBTQIA+ community and other assorted marginalized beautiful individuals.

2.This power hierarchy is also deeply visible in the fire crackers that fascist Hindus burst on this very important day. The power dynamism and resident inequalities of the Hindu society are deeply visible in the fire crackers.
3.Let us start by the shape of these fire crackers. Don’t most of them look like phallic symbols? They are all long and pointy ended, and are the psycho-sexual expression of hidden male hegemony in Hindu society.
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