A note on the slow tempos:

Tempos are slower but probably not by nearly as much as you might think.

I listened to last night's Stash which felt slooooooow. And it was. Around 170 bpm.

But I checked out some other random 3.0 Stash's + they are only at about 180 bpm. #phish 1/X
That makes last night's Stash barely over 5% slower than other recent versions.

Why it sounded significantly slower is actually the flow, or lack there of, of the composed section. Believe it or not it's *much harder* to play stuff like this at a slower tempo. 2/X
This is sometimes counterintuitive to non-musicians + a little hard to explain.

When you get into a flow state your muscle memory takes over and you simply hear what you want to play in your head (composed or improvised) and then make it come out of your guitar (or tuba!) 3/X
When a passage goes slower than you're used to playing it it is much harder to get into that flow state where you are simply hearing it in your head and, like tracing paper BITD, simply trying to draw over those lines in your head. 4/X
That's because you have to think about your fingers, lips, left foot, etc so much in the moment. It's kind of wild how many more CPUs you use as it's happening. And that directly leads to a less clear picture of what you're trying to sound like. Not ideal on multiple levels. 5/X
Maybe 15 years ago I chaperoned a youth band trip to Europe and performed the piccolo solo to Stars & Stripes Forever on tuba probably 6 different times. The conductor kept taking it at like 100 bpm instead of 120 which made it HARD AF. Like 10x harder than usual. 6/X
Playing things fast just takes lots of homework. It's actually easier as long as you've done the work.

Slowing stuff down *really* exposes any small aspects that need polishing like a specific articulation or maybe two 16th notes that aren't exactly even. 7/X
So while it's only 5% slower, that makes it much harder to play with great flow. So it feels like the band, and Trey in particular, are constantly pulling back on the reins. That makes it feel even slower than it actually is. 8/X
The lack of flow state also explains why Trey kept messing up the lyrics. He was thinking so hard about some aspect of operating the guitar that it made the lyrics not accessible in those moments. Every musician has been there. 9/X
In summary, it's mainly a lack of overall flow that we're all hearing more than the actual tempo when it feels so slow. And that, ironically, would be much easier to fix at slightly faster tempos. 10/X
That being said, what came afterwards was GLORIOUS!

Creative. Inspired. Urgent storytelling. Next-level communication.

Improvised chamber music at the highest levels possible. I would have been losing my shit if I had been there like I did in my kitchen just now. 11/X
Can't remember the last tour #phish was this in sync creatively out of the gate. Special shit is happening every single night.

This is only trying to add my two cents + a little context to the many conversations I've seen about tempos this tour.

See everyone in Hershey! 12/12

• • •

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8 Aug
Okay I saw @cdirksen tweet heaping praise on last night's Stash and made a mental note to check it out. But he just texted and won't leave me alone until I listen to it so I'm listening now.

This is mesmerizingly beautiful so far. #phish
I've tweeted this 100x but I truly don't understand how both the bass and drums can play this many notes simultaneously and it not only isn't too busy but the groove is actually elegant. This is impossible. But they're doing it. WTF #phish
Whatever the hell Trey starts doing shortly after the 12:00 mark with those long, sweeping bendy phrases is just fucking incredible.
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7 Aug
Totally slept on the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the '96 Red Rocks run because I was too busy seeing #phish shows which is amazing.

Here is a photo of about a third of my crew from that run. 4 of the 5 of us in this picture were just together in Nashville. #phish
And my old setlists are too funny not to share again.

Night 1 Setlist Book Highlights:

SOAMule above average (not a high bar)

Night 2 Setlist Book Highlights:

Not even staying on the lines and absolutely no show notes tells you where this night ended up.

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2 Jan 20
I'm going in for the first time since the gig. Seems like "Everywhere" is the right seeing here.

And loud AF #phish
I had to pause this 9:00 in for a phone call I had to answer and it killed me but I'm back!
Sometimes in 3.0 jams in general Trey seems to be devoid of melodic ideas which can lead to a modulation out of necessity.

This is the exact opposite of that right out of the gate. #phish
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23 Dec 18
I was asked by my friend @RJBee_2, who is a self-proclaimed classical music noob, for some suggestions.

This thread is a few of my favorites that I would recommend to get started.

But note there's a million directions you can go with all of this.
Bach's Goldberg Variations is IMO the greatest solo work ever written for any instrument. This is my favorite pianist of all time Glenn Gould's famous recording from 1955.

Here's the same piece by the same pianist 26 years later towards the very end of his career. The difference in interpretation is incredible.

This 1981 recording of the Goldberg Variations by Glenn Gould is equally renowned.

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