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My husband is now getting annoyed with me listening to #Phish at all times of the day and night. There is no winning! Sad! πŸŒ΅πŸ‘»πŸŒ΅
Seriously, what is this BS? I start liking #Phish then almost immediately am told I'm listing to too much Phish. Make up your mind bro!
Like he just told me he wants me to turn off Phish so we can "watch TV."

I asked "dont you just want to listen to Phish?

Him "nah, maybe if we were doing something else like paying a game or something."

Really? Sorry, but just listening to Phish is good enough for real phans.
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Hey #Phish Twitter. I'm married to a phan, so I've been to about 20 3.⭕️ shows. About 1/3 of which I've found to be excellent, 1/3 were fine, and 1/3 I found boring AF. Looking for show recomendatings that wont bore me and allow me to talk "Phish-things" with my husband. Teach me
So I guess this is likely a common theme among phans but listening to to a 97 show makes me feel like I missed the boat on Phish.
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Help me I can't stop generating Gamehendge narrations with neural networks @TomMarshall111 @treyanastasio #gamehendge #phish
@TomMarshall111 @treyanastasio ❝ So I went back to the old old tombstones of Gamehendge, and I remembered the old sacred sound of the Old Gateway. Everything around Gamehendge feels wrong. Every locality smells like decay and hell
❝ Queenie McCaughan, a beautiful and radiant woman, is a messenger carrying a huge Book of Translations to Gamehendge.
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.@mike_gordon Band at @whiteeaglehall. 🌡🌡🌡

Its great to finally have a real music venue just blocks from my home. 🐟🐠🐑
.@mike_gordon Band playing at @whiteeaglehall in #JerseyCity. #Phish 🐑🐠🐟

Cc @MrZonny @magnels @AduMScott
I would come back. @mike_gordon. #JerseyCity 🌡🐑🐠🐟🌡
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8/24/12 #phish Live Review, Set One: Possum opener.
Very loose-sounding Possum. Everyone getting a chance to take a stab at some Type I improv. Here's hoping that things open up a bit more than 8/22 in terms of both song selection and playing.
Cities is next. Lots of cheers at the "Birmingham" line.
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8/22/12 #phish Live Review, Set One: CDT opener.
A fairly pedestrian CDT opener is followed by Skin It Back!
Set one continuing after Skin It Back in a fairly greatest-hits-like vein, but this Gin jam is injecting some life back into the proceedings.
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Some early flashes of malevolent energy in the back half of 555. They sound good, loose. #Phish #CouchTour
A pause, then straight into Farmhouse, a personal fav after Chula Vista 2016, but a tune they don’t often sink much energy into. #Phish #CouchTour
Halfway to the Moon is a pause that allows a little showcase of Page on honky-tonk bordello piano, Mike thrumming a rolling bass groove. Trey joins in with a tight-line riff in the latter half. Now building, building... and stop. #Phish #CouchTour
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8/19/12 #phish Live Review, Set One: Crowd Control opener.
First-setty first set continues with Party Time, Axila I.
I'm a bit hesitant to listen to this second set. I feel like the Crosseyed can't possibly live up to the hype that's built up around it in the last six years.
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8/18/12 #phish Live Review, Set One: Jim opener.
For some reason, my music player is CONVINCED that the album art for all three of these BGCA shows is the cover of #wilco's Sky Blue Sky. At this point, I'm just rolling with it.
Lotta extra mustard on this version of Jim. That either means this is going to be a killer show, or one of those early 2012 shows where they just play 400 seven-minute songs. I guess we'll see.
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8/17/12 #phish Live Review, Set One: Bag opener.
This will be my first time listening to these BGCA shows, pretty interested to see what I think of them. I had tickets for all three but at the last minute couldn't get off work. 2012 ended up being the only year of 3.0 when I saw no Phish shows.
I was really gutted at the time, but the consensus on the shows seemed to be that it wasn't that great of a run (N3S2 aside). I guess I'll see (or hear).
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8/15/12 #phish Live Review, Set One: I'm excited to start reviewing the second leg of '12 tour. Hoping that it follows the pattern of most summer tours, where things really start to open up during the second half/leg.
That said, a Suzy opener sounds an awful lot like most of the early leg of tour...
Well, Page is happy to be back. Killing the ivories during his Suzy solo.
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7/8/12 #phish Live Review, Set Two: Axila I opener.
I have to admit, I was really hoping that during the Baker's Dozen we'd get Axila I and then an Axila II bustout right after. They *are* technically different songs, after all.
Light next. Trey sings the second verse first, then comments on it during the song. As if lyrical flubs don't happen with Light like 60% of the time :)
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7/8/12 #phish Live Review, Set One: AC/DC Bag opens the last show of the first leg of summer tour.
A loop of the end of Bag leads into My Soul.
So far, the first set is a pretty straightforward affair: Camel Walk, Sample, Wilson, Party Time, Gumbo, Nellie Kane.
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