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Last night in between sets Fishman talked about the drumbeat to Party Time for 10+ minutes. No really.

Turns out it is a 21-bar pattern that cycles with one hand going through a clockwise sequence while the other hand going through a counterclockwise sequence. 1/

This is drum talk that is above my pay grade but one hand is doing Swiss triplets and the other is doing windmills.

It takes about 7 minutes to get through the entire cycle and it is so complex that he's never done it without messing up.

It was fascinating to hear. 2/
After he explained the whole pattern to us in the band I asked him how he plays something that complex while grooving his ass off and asked if he's an alien.

That got a laugh.

He is a musical freak but he wasn't born with it. He has worked his ass off and still does. 3/3
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An AI Art Program Interprets the Lyics of the Song Esther by Phish, a thread.

@phish @midjourneyarts @MidjourneyPics #phishdicks #midjourneyAi #phish #thottythursday 1/
It was late one fall night at a fairground near town
When Esther first saw the Armenian man 2/
Who groveled toward her and stood by her side
With a bucket that swung in his hand 3/
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There's been a lot of conversation on Twitter and elsewhere as to whether or not the 12/31/21 #Phish show should "count for stats." What the heck does "count for stats" mean anyway? A thread:
At first blush, of course 12/31 shouldn't count for stats. If you look at our internal directive at @phishnet, it says "public performances of only one or two songs" and "private performances after 1991 with little to no audience." Pretty clear, right?…
But here's the rub, at least for me: these scenarios never envisioned a full Phish show, intended to be seen by an audience, watched live by tens of thousands. I can tell you, without breaking confidence, that there is still debate amongst the @phishnet team.
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A note on the slow tempos:

Tempos are slower but probably not by nearly as much as you might think.

I listened to last night's Stash which felt slooooooow. And it was. Around 170 bpm.

But I checked out some other random 3.0 Stash's + they are only at about 180 bpm. #phish 1/X
That makes last night's Stash barely over 5% slower than other recent versions.

Why it sounded significantly slower is actually the flow, or lack there of, of the composed section. Believe it or not it's *much harder* to play stuff like this at a slower tempo. 2/X
This is sometimes counterintuitive to non-musicians + a little hard to explain.

When you get into a flow state your muscle memory takes over and you simply hear what you want to play in your head (composed or improvised) and then make it come out of your guitar (or tuba!) 3/X
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Okay I saw @cdirksen tweet heaping praise on last night's Stash and made a mental note to check it out. But he just texted and won't leave me alone until I listen to it so I'm listening now.

This is mesmerizingly beautiful so far. #phish
I've tweeted this 100x but I truly don't understand how both the bass and drums can play this many notes simultaneously and it not only isn't too busy but the groove is actually elegant. This is impossible. But they're doing it. WTF #phish
Whatever the hell Trey starts doing shortly after the 12:00 mark with those long, sweeping bendy phrases is just fucking incredible.
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Totally slept on the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the '96 Red Rocks run because I was too busy seeing #phish shows which is amazing.

Here is a photo of about a third of my crew from that run. 4 of the 5 of us in this picture were just together in Nashville. #phish
And my old setlists are too funny not to share again.

Night 1 Setlist Book Highlights:

SOAMule above average (not a high bar)

Night 2 Setlist Book Highlights:

Not even staying on the lines and absolutely no show notes tells you where this night ended up.

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I have opened support tickets since late August with no resolution. The latest one is ticket number 5006172. The SendGrid support team members tell me to upgrade to a dedicated IP plan.
#phish #spam #spamhaus #sendgrid #twilio @SendGrid @spamhaus @TwilioHelp
This is prohibitively expensive for me. SendGrid’s SBL items since August 17 have not been resolved. This is significantly impacting delivery of emails sent via SendGrid.

#phish #spam #spamhaus #sendgrid #twilio @SendGrid @spamhaus @TwilioHelp
What is SendGrid’s timeline for resolving these block listings?

#phish #spam #spamhaus #sendgrid #twilio @SendGrid @spamhaus @TwilioHelp
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1/ Digital Marketing during #phish #dinnerandamovie #SaveGamehenge show

Researching how other businesses like yours are using email marketing....

For tonight's project, we look at how restaurant supply stores are using email marketing.

Step 1
Create a new gmail email address

Step 2
create list of Google Maps searches

For this project we are going to search our business type + near + city

Using Google sheets a and a simple =CONCATENATE()
Step 3
Fire up the bot to scrape the Google search results
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I'm going in for the first time since the gig. Seems like "Everywhere" is the right seeing here.

And loud AF #phish
I had to pause this 9:00 in for a phone call I had to answer and it killed me but I'm back!
Sometimes in 3.0 jams in general Trey seems to be devoid of melodic ideas which can lead to a modulation out of necessity.

This is the exact opposite of that right out of the gate. #phish
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My husband is now getting annoyed with me listening to #Phish at all times of the day and night. There is no winning! Sad! 🌵👻🌵
Seriously, what is this BS? I start liking #Phish then almost immediately am told I'm listing to too much Phish. Make up your mind bro!
Like he just told me he wants me to turn off Phish so we can "watch TV."

I asked "dont you just want to listen to Phish?

Him "nah, maybe if we were doing something else like paying a game or something."

Really? Sorry, but just listening to Phish is good enough for real phans.
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Hey #Phish Twitter. I'm married to a phan, so I've been to about 20 3.⭕️ shows. About 1/3 of which I've found to be excellent, 1/3 were fine, and 1/3 I found boring AF. Looking for show recomendatings that wont bore me and allow me to talk "Phish-things" with my husband. Teach me
So I guess this is likely a common theme among phans but listening to to a 97 show makes me feel like I missed the boat on Phish.
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.@mike_gordon Band at @whiteeaglehall. 🌵🌵🌵

Its great to finally have a real music venue just blocks from my home. 🐟🐠🐡
.@mike_gordon Band playing at @whiteeaglehall in #JerseyCity. #Phish 🐡🐠🐟

Cc @MrZonny @magnels @AduMScott
I would come back. @mike_gordon. #JerseyCity 🌵🐡🐠🐟🌵
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Some early flashes of malevolent energy in the back half of 555. They sound good, loose. #Phish #CouchTour
A pause, then straight into Farmhouse, a personal fav after Chula Vista 2016, but a tune they don’t often sink much energy into. #Phish #CouchTour
Halfway to the Moon is a pause that allows a little showcase of Page on honky-tonk bordello piano, Mike thrumming a rolling bass groove. Trey joins in with a tight-line riff in the latter half. Now building, building... and stop. #Phish #CouchTour
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