@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson It’s fine! I ended up gathering that. I blocked them. I’m already having a horrendous 24 hours within the M4A organizing movement, so I don’t have the energy for this debate.

Allow me to explain.
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson Essentially, I feel used up by the Medicare for All movement. I have personally knit over 350 #RedBerets to help unify the M4A community.

I strongly supported the electoral strategy. I have donated a HUGE sum of money for yarn, & to M4A candidate campaign. (1/?)
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson I donated many many times to @BernieSanders, then recently I donated to @ninaturner! I have donated to @RebeccaforWA to @CallForCongress and many other M4A candidates/champions.

I am not someone who believes we can afford to completely throw out electoral politics (2/?)
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress I was introduced to @WholeWashington by @Kathryn4WALD39 in the fall of 2017, and she introduced me to @WholeWashington! I began knitting for and organizing with them, and learned very quickly what it meant to fight on all fronts for healthcare justice! (3/?)
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 Working on a solid, state level effort that also is simultaneously working to pressure Reps to co-sponsor federal bills, educates one very quickly on just how deep the corruption runs, and his fractured the single payer movement actually is. (4/?)
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 I thought maybe if I just supported a both/and strategy long enough and visually enough, that people would see, not only should we not divide local state organizing from national, but that it was a preposterous & false notion that we even could! They are inextricably linked! (5/?
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 Fast forward to spring of 2021 where the launch of @WholeWashington’s direct democracy ballot initiative launch is imminent & we are furiously scrambling to get our ducks in a row for filing & for switching from legislative mode to ballot initiative mode. (6/?)
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 So here we are, about to launch, and Shareef Snuggs, @iam4M4A reaches out to me. Mind you, this is before @marwilliamson came aboard and before there where any coalition partners for @M4M4ALL.

Shareef reached out & asks for @RedBeretsM4A & @WholeWashington’s partnership.
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A We had quite a few zoom meetings where I expressed very clearly that we were spread thin & that organizing even one national march was a big endeavor. He said we were the real deal and hoped for our partnership & whatever help we could offer!
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A I agreed that absolutely, it doesn’t require much, to offer partnership and solidarity! So I reached out to @GeoDavenport & @WholeWashington agreed that we fight on all fronts, so OF COURSE WW would partner.

Therefore, @WholeWashington became the first org to partner w/@M4M4ALL
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A @GeoDavenport I would say @RedBeretsM4A were the very first, but we are a crafting coalition & organizers who wear our work. We are not incorporated and we have no board.

So both grassroots multi-pronged approach orgs came aboard!

At that point, there was a D.C. march & L.A. (cont)
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A @GeoDavenport @iam4M4A asked if we could get something going in Wa state. At that point, we were days away from #I1362 petitions at the printers, nearly ready for pick up and ready for distribution across the state.

Knowing myself (a disorganized knitter & someone who is already tasked) cont
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A @GeoDavenport I was heavily tasked at the point that @iam4M4A asked if Wa state could organize, being both on the board of @WholeWashington, on the distribution team for #I1362, as well as the central contact for @KennyBallentine’s documentary & #RedBerets social media/craftivsm for M4A hub.,
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A @GeoDavenport @KennyBallentine So what I decided to do, was to reach out to @CaptainStack, who is a very effective communicator and organizer and he lives in Seattle, & my feeling was, if there was only going to be one Wa state march/event, I needed to be Seattle!

Andre graciously accepted the call! Cont,
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A @GeoDavenport @KennyBallentine @CaptainStack So it was shortly thereafter announced, that @M4M4ALL_Seattle would be the third city, to join the @M4M4ALL coalition on July 24th!

Andre did a historically incredible job in ensuring that the #Seattle march did not become the @WholeWashington #m4m4all, but we’re included!
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A @GeoDavenport @KennyBallentine @CaptainStack @M4M4ALL_Seattle From that point, people began to see that @M4M4ALL was taking off, & @marwilliamson signed aboard to speak in D.C.!♥️

This changed the entire game, and the movement grew exponentially, very quickly, & what made it so profound/effective, is that ALL organizers/strategies welcomed
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A @GeoDavenport @KennyBallentine @CaptainStack @M4M4ALL_Seattle Conclusion of this thread is that there ended up being a significant number of people on the @M4M4ALL national steering committee, who do not think that a multi-pronged approach is the direction they want to go in.

The irony is, that a few of these dividers of the M4A movement,
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A @GeoDavenport @KennyBallentine @CaptainStack @M4M4ALL_Seattle Are people from Real Progressives, who @GeoDavenport and myself, specifically ushered into the organizing coalition, because they were repeatedly trolling our @WholeWashington organizing threads, and this continued, EVEN after @StephanieKelton offered solidarity for “all fronts!”
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A @GeoDavenport @KennyBallentine @CaptainStack @M4M4ALL_Seattle @StephanieKelton In conclusion, it doesn’t matter what people believe is the best strategy. The false narrative is that we even have a choice.

We live in an oligarchy where our congress is almost completely owned, by pharma, insurance & many other lobbies and the fact if they matter is,
@keidekay @MaryTheQueenOfC @briebriejoy @marwilliamson @BernieSanders @ninaturner @RebeccaforWA @CallForCongress @WholeWashington @Kathryn4WALD39 @iam4M4A @M4M4ALL @RedBeretsM4A @GeoDavenport @KennyBallentine @CaptainStack @M4M4ALL_Seattle @StephanieKelton We have no choice but to fight for human lives every single day, by bringing people together—by giving EVERYONE fighting to save lives, a seat at the table. The alternative is to put our fate in the hands of Joe Biden, & an owned congress.

Thx for reading!


• • •

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16 Sep
@StoicGiraffee @JENFL23 Great idea! That’s what we all agree on!! How do we do this? Strategies the @RedBeretsM4A have worked towards this goal:

1. Volunteering thousands of hours to try to elect Bernie.
2. Volunteering for & donating to elect progressives.
3. Co-organized national marches.

@StoicGiraffee @JENFL23 @RedBeretsM4A 4. Worked through creative means to build coalitions and build solidarity in this movement, which is why we were reached out to by Shareef Snuggs @iam4M4A to partner with M4M4ALL.
5. Boosted the hell out of progressive independent media who are platforming M4A organizers,

@StoicGiraffee @JENFL23 @RedBeretsM4A @iam4M4A 6. Lobbied/protested outside our legislators offices to pressure them to co-sponsor (incl, call and email for years)
7. Attend town halls and canvassing events where I personally was assaulted by an elected congressman. (Yes, that happened)!
8. Attended the historic DC hearing,
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15 Sep
gofund.me/6205ce5b #GoFundMe

We just received another donation! You know, Shareef Snuggs @iam4M4A and I were just talking about the need to build our communities through #MutualAid, (and while a travel fund is not the same as medical emergency or desperation), we ARE,(1/2)
We are working together w/ @KennyBallentine, to create a truly grassroots, transformative, movement building documentary!

Deep thanks to @WholeWashington, @M4M4ALL @50linesonly @DesnoyersScott @DrJoeQJarvis @DrDooleyMD @ProudSocialist @J_ManPrime21 @wendellpotter and many more!
Lisa and Fran have always understood the vision of the @RedBeretsM4A, ever since we first all found each other online. We understood that we needed to create a social fabric of solidarity towards achieving healthcare justice in this county, and even more broadly, to extend (1/2)
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14 Sep
Remember when @AOC ignored marches in 56 cities?
That was super fun, trying to raise tiny dollar donations from dirt poor/already financially spread thin organizers, wasn’t it, Shareef?

.@ninaturner I need you to see this, too! We, the 99% are out so much money when it comes to donating. We’re funding the revolution. (1/2)
I have a GoFundMe up as my pinned tweet to try to raise money to help @RedBeretsM4A travel to help create a movement documentary of, by &for the 99%. I really thought that the day of the @M4M4ALL, that maybe there was a chance we would get a shout out, or a tweet, pic of button.
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17 Aug
@joefirestonephd @M4M4ALL @briebriejoy Ahh yes, the thread that started it all!! The one where @GeoDavenport and I ushered (in good faith), some people who despite getting all of their questions answered, we’re still trolling us relentlessly! So we said, hey, it’s okay! We ALL agree we need to pass NIMA, SO, (1/2),
@joefirestonephd @M4M4ALL @briebriejoy @GeoDavenport Why don’t you all tell us YOUR timeline & strategy for passing NIMA?! (Crickets) …Trolling comments resume, so we say, ‘hey have you all heard about the @M4M4ALL?? Maybe we could all work together on that!’

We say that many times over on “the thread.”

Turns out, they (cont)
@joefirestonephd @M4M4ALL @briebriejoy @GeoDavenport To their credit, they took our advice, and began attending steering committee meetings! Now of course, after their failure to provide us with a timeline & strategy for passing M4A, this group that has so much against @WholeWashington & other local efforts, but zero answers, cont
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17 Aug
Hi there @jimmy_dore! It’s me again—“relentless Laura!!”~@J_ManPrime21♥️

I have a quick request! First of all, thanks for endorsing @WholeWashington!!

We would love to create a special endorsement graphic, but we need you to please fill out the form I’ll link below!

If you don’t want to fill out this form, please write as a response, ‘I don’t want to fill out the fucking form, but YES, I endorse @WholeWashington!’

You may please feel free to ask @RepJayapal why she hasn’t endorsed yet! But that part is optional:-)

To the amazing and also funny AF @miserablelib, I don’t think we have officially asked you, for your endorsement of @WholeWashington, and that’s SEXIST! (Actually it kinda is).

We really appreciate you, and we would also be honored to have your official endorsement!! (1/2),
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16 Aug
I’m so excited to begin gathering signatures for @WholeWashington #I1362!! Solidarity organizing is how we will achieve national improved Medicare for ALL!

We won’t get there by leaving strong efforts on all fronts out.

.@KennyBallentine understands this!
@ReddIsAri thank you!
When I say begin, I mean pick up the pace!We need 400K and though I have collected quite a few sheets of 20 signatures each, and also gotten them to small businesses to host (and hosted a petition bin, so I’m a pick up & drop off point), I still haven’t done enough!

I’m very saddened that there are still people running the ineffective and tired narrative that organizing locally somehow takes away from the national Medicare for All movement—that makes zero sense—I’ve been knitting for the M4A movement since fall of 2017, but nevertheless, 1/2
Read 4 tweets

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