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Ok thread for Urban Indian and a Green New Deal for Seattle Candidate Forum starts now! #UrbanIndianForum #seattle #climatecrisis

(a thread)
Co hosts with: @kexp Grist @350_Seattle @gotgreenseattle and sponsor @mithun_design with many others

This is being live streamed on King5 and can be found on facebook!

#Seattle #UrbanIndianForum
@kexp @350_Seattle @gotgreenseattle @mithun_design A land acknowledge and a song from the Chief Seattle Club to begin. #UrbanIndianForum
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If you havent had the displeasure already meet #Seattle 2nd degree #ProudBoy Daniel Scott Lyons...
Dan was seen protesting a Drag Queen story hour in Renton, WA wearing a "siege mask" made popular by adherents of violent neo-nazi author and organizer James Mason and groups like Atomwaffen Division a violent far-right terrorist group.…
Lyons is seen pictured here with Josh Hanks and Zachary Staggs. Staggs is a 4th degree Proud Boy who was filmed this summer attacking fans at a Seattle Sounders game. Hanks is a convicted child abuser who was discharged from the military for abuse against his own son.
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Proud Boy Kyle Tautfest has deleted his twitter account @republican_WA92. This is almost certainly to limit the fallout from his recent arrest for fighting at their MAGA event on 9/29 at Westlake park in #Seattle. The police report is now public and tells us quite a bit...
The report shows that Kyle lives in Steilacoom and works in Lakewood at Western State Hospital as a security guard. He was EXTREMELY concerned about losing his job as a result of the arrest. The hospitals info can be found here:…
When Kyle was arrested he had a concealed 9mm handgun in his waistband poorly secured. The arresting officer recommends that the court review (and likely revoke) Kyles CPL making it illegal for him to carry a concealed weapon which is a prerequisite for most armed employment.
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I want to tell the story of how this song came to be in my hands, and how it came to be shared at the #Seattle @NeverAgainAction today.
About two months, @EgSophie mentioned that she and some of her friends were putting together a #JewsAgainstICE action in New Jersey and asked me if I'd like to come out and help with music.

I said "yes," and jumped on a plane.

This is what happened next:…
@EgSophie Shortly thereafter, I got an email from @imeanwhat. Abe is a filmmaker who is working on a documentary about his Uncle Wolf, a composer and conductor who ran the Vilna Ghetto symphony orchestra.

Wolf died in a concentration camp.

But his music lives on:
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HAPPENING NOW in Seattle: My daughter has joined other Jewish activists in civil disobedience #JewsAgainstICE. ICE office now in lockdown. 700 people arrested by ICE yesterday. This has to stop #NeverAgainIsNow #AbolishICE
Northwest detention center in Tacoma medically tortures undocumented people. Denying pain medication, medical care. Conditions are terrible.
.@amazon supplies ICE with technology and @Boeing supplies planes. This must stop. #JewsAgainstICE
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If anyone is interested in join me in getting local groups/organizations together as well as yourselves (also if someone is in one of the local groups that will be a plus) follow my local group page here 👇
@HazSeattle or my Facebook group. Same name HazSeattle #EmpireResists. These are for useful information and events plus more. Now once I get a decent number of you joining thats including my Facebook group; I will be finding place where we all can get together and...
Get to know each other. Have an idea session of whats the best approach to doing an sustained mass march locally. Even if we do it one day a week. I've seen other states do it every weekend. Also we can organize together.. get others involved. Businesses.. things like that
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At @AASHTOSpeaks Joint Policy Conference of Committee on Design and Council on Active Transportation (I'm a member of that). Flexible design workshop to kick it off. #infrastructure #RoadSafety
Joyce Taylor, Maine DOT Chief Engineerb Over the years people have debated names for different approaches to streets that serve people. Let's call it GOOD DESIGN. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #PeopleStreets #HealthyStreets
Shari Schaftlein, FHWA Office of Human Environment, on context sensitive solutions/design. Case studies/resources #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #PeopleStreets
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Seattle is Dying

#FixIt . @mayormcginn

Retired Seattle Police Officer: "We're running a concentration camp without barbed wire up to and including the medical that experiment of poisoning these people
with drugs. I I don't know how else to put it and it's infuriating!
Every camp I walk into there was a weapon, multiple weapons. I found modified weapons. I was constantly on the side of the road talking to people that were swinging machetes, holding an axe, armed with knives.
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In the last few months, propelled into the spotlight by far-Right media like InfoWars, a collection of Alt-Right, neo-Nazi, and Proud Boy groups have set their sites on attacking #dragqueenstoryhour - with some groups now even pushing for doxxing parents.…
#dragqueenstoryhour is a non-profit of over 35 chapters across the US and made up of volunteers who are trained and given background checks. The goal of the group is to create a space of tolerance and acceptance that they hope will translate into future generations making change.
One volunteer said of the group: “This year we celebrated 50 years of Pride, and knowing that there [are] so many drag queens, to many transgenders, so many lesbians, so many gay people getting killed…just for being who they are…we don’t want that to continue.”
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports of multiple people shot and some believed to be dead at a mass shooting incident in #Seattle in Washington. - Developing...
#Update: Just in - Victims are being transported to the Swedish medical center Cherry Hill campus emergency room in #Seattle in Washington. Also a police lint has been placed for victims to be rushed to the scene without traffic blocks.
#Update: Just in - Police reports that the suspect is at large after the shooting in #Seattle in Washington.
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1) #SeattleISDying
#SOCIALIST Leadership & #FAILED Mayor @MayorJenny

2017: Seattle Leaders DEFEND #SanctuaryCity Status…
2) #SeattleISDying
#SOCIALIST Leadership & #FAILED Mayor @MayorJenny

2018: #Seattle to get FEDERAL MONEY Despite #SanctuaryCity Threats…
3) #SeattleISDying
#SOCIALIST Leadership & #FAILED Mayor @MayorJenny

2018: Mayor Jenny Durkan Responds to U.S. Department of Justice Threats Against King County for Protecting Immigrants & Refugees…
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The #DreamLifter is a one-of-a-kind machine. There are only 4 operational in the world, and unlike her sisters, she has a few quirks singular to her.. As you board, the first one reveals itself.. You board and deplane using the R1 door instead of the L1 like on a regular #B747
The #cockpit is the same as a regular #B747, and so the pre-#flight is identical. We send for the route by datalink and it’s automatically loaded into our Flight Management System, so all we do is check against the release, compare, confirm and execute..
Now, what really makes the #DreamLifter so special? Unlike any other #B747, these 4 jets were modified to be loaded via a swing-tail that opens using a specialized support system only available in #Seattle, #Charleston, #Taranto and #Nagoya..
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Here’s an assessment of what it’s like to file a non-emergency police report with the @SeattlePD
First off BZ to the officers of the North Precinct. They were professional and took time to answer questions. The report process was thorough and fair. The officers I spoke to were friendly and knowledgeable.
The waiting room and accommodations were clean and inviting. I did not feel put off or that I was wasting anyone’s time.
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I’m trying to turn threats against me into a positive by asking this: #Seattle how do we discuss race and racism?
I was at @komo yesterday that was locked down bc of threats and a colleague at one of the local tv stations said they got a call today that was anti-Semitic (being kind). So honestly we have a problem here.
I’ve sat down with several people who write about local Seattle politics and discussed this. None seemed the least bit interested in writing about race and politics.
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Patrick Casey - Executive Director of Identity Evropa- posted by @ash_antifa…
Justin Peek: Metro Atlanta Racist is National “Director of Activism” for Identity Evropa by @afainatl… #IdentifyEvropa
“Identity Evropa Member Glenn M. Dawson” of Fort Collins, CO by @COSAntifa…
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When I’m elected to #seattle city council I will work to bar parents who chose to opt out vaccinating their children for “personal reasons.” My and your Seattle public school children deserve to be safe — and that includes from preventable disease! #VaccinesSaveLives
“Washington State Law allows exemptions to the immunization requirements for religious, medical, or personal reasons. These are recorded on a Certificate of Exemption (COE).”…
* bar the children of parents (but honestly I’d like to bar their parents as well).
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1) New #Q... @realDonaldTrump #WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon drop No. 2885...
Wow! We just got a #QPlus drop & it ties to a 45min #DeltaTweet [ ! ]
Check this out...
2) #QAnon drop No. 2886...
#BillMaher & his history pushing underage sexuality into the #DS, #MSM, narrative over the years. This graphic is about #DebbraLafave, a #Seattle school teacher that became pregnant by a 12 yr old student.
Then, there's #KidLove!
He's made his choice.
3) #QAnon drop No. 2887...
#Q on @realDonaldTrump #Tweet, the decision not 2allow #HodaMuthana back into the @US. There's no way that those that guard our #NatSec are going 2allow a potentially brain washed #Jihadi that has been involved in crimes against the #Republic back [ ! ]
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So exciting!!!! Four years ago #AugustMoon commenced their #WiseOrNaked World Tour!
Gig 1 • 12 February 2015 • #Bogota #Colombia 😄 Follow the journey ▶️…
#TheIdeaOfYou by @robinnelee 🖤 #TIOYclubWiseOrNaked
#AugustMoon #WiseOrNaked World Tour • Gig 2 • 13 February 2015 • #Bogota #Colombia 😄 Follow the journey ▶️… #TheIdeaOfYou by @robinnelee 🖤 #TIOYclubWiseOrNaked
#AugustMoon #WiseOrNaked World Tour • Gig 3 • 15 February 2015 • #Lima #Peru 🖤 “I’ll call you when we get to Lima.” - @HayesCampbell_ #TheIdeaOfYou by @robinnelee 😃 Follow the journey on our Pinterest...… #TIOYclubWiseOrNaked
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I propose we use private contractors to remove snow and treat for ice. It would cost little - 0 in infrastructure, while having a solution in place to keep our roads usable in inclement weather.
To be clear this would augment the 35 “plows” that #seattle uses for major roadways and would be used to clear residential streets.
Right now residential streets are untreated and many are impassable.
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#Seattle won’t plow or treat residential streets — makes it hard for teachers, first responders, small businesses workers and elderly and disabled residents to get around. This isn’t acceptable for a city with the 11th largest economy.
How could we solve this you ask? What about using independent snow removal for residential streets and, you know, maybe accepting climate change is real and a city should have a standard of not shutting for weather.
“But it only snows every 10 years in #Seattle.” Wow if only we could predict weather with such certainty especially with climate change and global warming very real. Im not into avoiding planning in favor of unsupported data.
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Hey @SeattlePD is there a service for at-risk adults who are trying to get to a shelter? I’m at the @bartelldrugs on Queen Anne with a lovely woman woman trying to get Colonel Scott shelter. If anyone can help hit me up.
Jo Pingston is a lovely lady who’s been in #seattle for a bit. She said missed her community meal.
We’re calling non-emergency line and we’ve called her housing. I bought her some food and drink and we’ll get her home! Im here waiting with her.
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This was just 2” of snow and 5 days later #Seattle still has untreated roads — not to mention sidewalks. #growupseattle
And yes sidewalks on highland Ave are great for curling but not for walking. 🙄
So we have seasonal roads now 🤔
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I’ve never witnessed anything quite like Seattle grocery stores when locals are preparing to brave 4-5 inches of snow.
Like, people are stocking up on emergency tomatoes and leaving water jugs on the shelves.
People are buying gardening shovels in droves.
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