Biden is rewriting history. He’s claiming the US was never about counter insurgency or nation building.
Biden is now blaming Trump for the pullout. He took full credit for the pullout in July.
Biden had already violated the agreement with the Taliban after he refused to pull out on May 1 by moving it back to September 11 for symbolic reasons. He did not inform anyone else of his decision let alone the Taliban.
He now blames the Afghan military for “not even trying to fight.” They were ordered to stand down against the Taliban because they were told that there was a peace agreement with the Taliban.
He now claims that he provided the Afghan military close air support. This is a lie. He pulled out US air support and refused to allow the Afghan military to reinforce or maintain its Air Force.

All of this is entirely documented. Biden is lying through his teeth.
Biden said he would never blame anyone for his own mistakes. He lied. He’s blaming everyone. It’s Trump’s fault. It’s the troops’ fault. It’s the leaders of Afghanistan’s fault. It’s everyone but Biden.

Biden is a poor innocent babe who naively thought he could believe others.
This was a lie.
Biden claims that the Afghans didn’t want to evacuate earlier that’s why he never planned for their departures. That too, is a lie.

Intelligence assets and translators who worked for the US military begged to be evacuated for months — soldiers who worked with them went ignored.
Biden is now trying to make himself seem like a responsible president by claiming he won’t let a 5th president deal with this situation. I suspect that this, too, will be a lie when the US heads back in to deal with the reconstituted Al Qaeda, which Milley warned about today.
Biden is incapable of honoring any of his commitments. He claimed that the pullout would go amazingly well just last month. That, too, was a complete lie.

Biden now refuses to take any questions. What an absolute disaster. Invoke the 25th.

• • •

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