1). On #Afghanistan it’s fair and in fact healthy to be critical of those who got us here. What bothers me lately, is that it’s not about healthy criticism, it’s about politics and the next election. We should be less concerned about the political impact…
2) than that our nation is being embarrassed on the world stage, not because we lost a fight, but because we lost our will. Republicans are trying to re-write history for the 2024 election of Trump or his clone. The former presidents trolls are tweeting gleeful…
3) memes about the disaster. The more serious people are somehow of the belief that Trump would have executed some flawless withdrawal. Maybe. But it’s entirely focused on two things: 2022 and 2024. We’ve become so tribal that…
4) people just pick their side and ride or die with it. Here’s the truth: Trump repeatedly said the war wasn’t worth it and “we’re out” DURING the negotiations with the Taliban. And they were rolled, hard, in one of the worst executed pieces of diplomacy since Chamberlain…
5) and Biden (who has ignored many Trump deals) executed the worst military operation since Iran hostage rescue failure, and now owns this moment. But both own the failure. Not the military who fought bravely and never lost, but the civilians who ignored military advice…
6). When i was elected, many told me to “be my own man, don’t become a party drone. Be independent.” Some of those same people now say i don’t show sufficient loyalty to a failed and defeated President. That’s fine, but what worries me is not how that will impact me…
7) but how we as a nation become more concerned again about our collective well being, and less concerned about the perpetual next election. There will always be a next election, trust me. There won’t always be a strong America though if both parties keep failing you.

• • •

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12 Aug
1) Afghanistan thread…. While there is certainly much we can critique on this war, let’s discuss from the point of where we were when the decision to leave was made. At points we had over 100k US troops there, we were able to reduce to 2500 because…
2) 300,000 Afghan troops were defending their nation. In fact dozens died ever week defending it, but they needed one thing… America and NATO to have their back. That’s not unrealistic in a relatively young democracy. Over 80 percent of Afg people wanted the US to stay…
3) they did not see us as an “occupying empire” but as a partner. We finally accomplished most of what we wanted to… they were defending themselves. But instead of continuing the mission of train and advise, we left. Because of campaign promises….
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1) Thread on @Liz_Cheney @SteveScalise and @GOPLeader:
Truth and lies cannot Co-exist. On January 6th, Liz and Kevin McCarthy have just about the same speech, rightly casting blame at the former President for the violence.
2) But Kevin wants to be speaker. He made the determination that if he appeased the Trump crowd, he could raise money and take the credit, when he was up for speaker. So he changed his tune and made the trek to Mar-A-Lago, in essence reviving the former Guy...
3) he also (wrongly) assumes that people like me will vote for him for speaker, but the legislative terrorists in the freedom club wouldn’t, so he needs to be all in with them. It’s the cynical play that gives politicians the reputation we have...
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5 Apr
1) Thread about the need for sanity: Politics was invented to take differences in beliefs, argue them out, try to convince, and compromise when able. Not an end in itself, but a way to live together peacefully as different people. When politics fails, you get violence (Jan 6)
2). Normally, issue differences are the main reason to vote one way or another etc. But... bear with me here: I believe that even more important now is whether someone is committed to sane politics. Yes, pushing a conspiracy or using fear might get you votes...
3) but it is devestating and destructive to democracy. Unfortunately fear is compelling, in gaining votes and raising money. Fear drives action... it also drive a wedge between people based on mistrust and misinformation. Those wedges destroy democracies, (QAnon)..
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16 Mar
1). Immigration thread—> Immigration has been unreformed, broken, and used as a political weapon for decades. Neither side trusts the other, both sides attack the other. Nothing is solved, people are demonized, and immigrants are dehumanized. But the solution is simple:
2) we can never forget the rich history of immigration and it’s importance. My family came from Germany in 1850s, and gave themselves a chance. If we want to compete with China, we have to grow. If we want to invent the next cutting edge tech, we need the smartest minds
3). So stop demonizing those who strive to be Americans. Be proud and thankful you are one. We need to stop demonizing border enforcement, I have worked the border as a Guardsman. The human trafficking the cartels profit on, and the people they leave to die, sickens me.
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10 Mar
1). “Unity” thread alert. Let’s address this issue of unity. I have had some people call me and suggest I throttle back on my Country First movement in the interest of “unity.” First, the idea that country first values violates unity is of itself a concern..
2) but ok for a moment let’s say I did that. Now the many millions of people who feel homeless under the current GOP and Dem parties would not be represented. We “unify” a shrinking base. If i call out the former President and the insurrection, I threaten unity...
3) when the president calls out the 17 members who voted their conscience (that’s why we swear an oath to cover these moments when it’s not popular but needed) as enemies, how is that for unity? How does that make us a big tent party?
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1 Mar
1) Do you miss the days when disagreements were based on policy, not personality? When people respected differences, and learned from them? When your “enemy” wasn’t another American? When “fear” was the only thing to fear, and not amplified for votes? I do.
2) Now, victory is the only goal. Instead of demanding better of our own party we point out the flaws of the other. Instead of inspiring all people to greater things- we attack those who do. Instead of loving our families we tear them apart. We divide and reaffirm our bias
3) What is the next generation learning from us? Will they correct course when all they’ve seen is anger, ALL CAPS TWEETS, and that controversy creates fame and applause? Will we give them a nation worse that we inherited, for the first time in our history?
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