Vaccine passports have extremely dangerous historical precedent and should be strong rejected by all

Here's why they are flawed and what could happen if widely implemented

Vaccine passports have nothing to do with gold-standard infectious diseases epidemiology or public health

They are about control and compliance with government dictates

Vaccinated vs un-vaccinated is not a useful dichotomy
Rather 'protected vs 'unprotected'

Vaccination against SARS-COV-2 offers a form of stop-gap immunity that appears to prevent severe disease and hospitalization in high-risk groups (esp. elderly) but does not change underlying metabolic susceptibility factors
The #RootCause susceptibility factors:
- obesity
- diabetes
- insulin resistance
- vitamin D deficiency
- highly inflammatory processed foods diet rich in plant PUFAs

Absent these factors, this outbreak would be indistinguishable from a severe (or nonsevere) influenza season
Emerging evidence from countries with high vaccination rates shows that vaccinated are becoming infected, transmitting and hospitalized despite double doses.

Widespread vaccination with novel, non-sterilizing vaccine during a pandemic has its own pitfalls

- absence of long term data (knowledge problem)
- adverse events in young healthy people at low risk from virus
- ignoring early treatment/risk factor modification
Most importantly
- selective pressure that drives the rise of escape mutants
(credit @RWMaloneMD)
So you have a situation where vaccination is far from silver bullet or panacea to this problem. Its simply a tool, as has always been the case for seasonal respiratory illness.

It should not and cannot be used to justify the striping of liberties and fundamental Natural rights.
Here's how Vaccine passports could be used to usher in a new era of totalitarian government control

- starting gradually, unvaccinated minority are profiled and excluded from society (grocery stores, sports events, domestic + overseas travel)
- inevitable rise of new 'killer' variants engender more fear. Media stoke fear and turn vaccinated majority against the unvaccinated

- unvaccinated are blamed for society's problems, including economic problems consequent from wasteful and damaging govt response to virus
- eventually unvaccinated are segregated from society, removed from family, interred in camps, forced to be vaccinated, and/or worse
Think that getting fully vaccinated exempts you? Unlikely.

- perpetual booster shots for inevitable rise of variants (evolution driven by non-sterilizing vaccines in the first place)

- ongoing 'purity' test of continued vaccination to remain a full participant in society
This is basically a re-worked, modified version of the Chinese Communist Party's social credit score.

Those who comply are 'free to roam under heaven' and those who don't comply 'cannot move an inch'

When combined with digital ID and fully digital govt. cash system, you have a perfect recipe for totalitarian bio-security police state.

Not what anyone voted for or wants their tax dollars spent on.
Those at the very top understand where this is going and are intentionally driving coercive policies of mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports to these ends.

But I suspect many politicians and health bureaucrats are simply tunnel visioned, naive and ignorant of history.
So what can you do
- strongly reject the imposition on vaccine passports, movement restrictions based on vaccination status and mandatory vaccination.

- exercise your natural rights.
- insist your government's response to this virus be the same as previous endemic seasonal respiratory virus outbreaks, with
> optional vaccination
> Focused Protection of elderly/vulnerable
> Full resumption of normal life (see Sweden)

So what can you do (contd.)

- address your own metabolic risk factors by quitting processed carbs, seed oils and sugar. Eat a wholefoods nutrient rich diet and get sun. Stay at home if high risk.

- avoid getting polarized by media/government seeking to divide you.
Because if you've read history, you know where this could lead.

The Rest Is Up to You...

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