If you & 8 others that YOU Trusted were going to TIME TRAVEL & then hide all the truth WITHIN many different layers of life from the future for Humanity to KNOW what is #REAL & what is Fake, then SHOW the World HOW to counter every move Evil makes before evil makes it, all while Image
Keeping it A secret from the 10 evil bloodlines that ruled this world, would YOU put the ENTIRE plan in jeopardy just because YOU #WANT something NOW?

IF You Picked 13 different layers of life to hide TRUTH within, would you jeopardize ALL OF IT, just because YOU #WANT
Something NOW that MOST OF THE WORLD is not ready for? Or, would you choose to keep DOING YOUR PART in being that UNBREAKABLE link in the chain?
Take the broken chains that bind your minds & use those same links to strengthen your RELATIONSHIPS with one another.
Still to this
Day, ones have no clue WHY all these layers of life that are being shared are so important or WHAT they have to do with what is happening in the world today.. Sad.
And ones say they have the full "Map" or "17 Clock" ...
Just recently, after 5 years of showing everyone WHY
Wrestling is so important, ones are KINDA starting to grasp.. The Wrestling season mirrors A clock & A map, but i'm sure you knew that already, right? ..

EVERYTHING in life is connected. THOUSANDS of years of planning, A Millenia of Traveling & collecting data from the future,
Putting that information within some kind of computer & having A special agency ones have no clue exists giving this information out within MANY different layers of life, allowing TRUTH to be preserved if not only WHO certain people are & what they represent to the world but also
TRUTH of how to COUNTER all the moves/traps evil has been using against allbof you this whole time ...

None of this is difficult to understand or even difficult to see the BIGGER PICTURE, you just have to FREE/CLEAR YOUR MIND & HEAL .. None of this is new technology but very Image
Old... It is technology that Humanity once had but it was taken away because our ancestors KNEW of the evil ones who do with it. Well, our ancestors were right. Evil used the technology against humanity & has kept everyone enslaved & stuck within A hell Loop (Groudhogs Day)
Fighting endless wars & fighting one another for A very long time ... Look at the way humanity is acting/has been acting, it's Despicable.
Little to NO ONE truly knows which way is up but EVERYONE seems to be an "expert" or trying way to hard to be something they are not ..
The absolute ONLY way to WIN, is to NOT play THE GAME . . . & there are WAY WAY WAY too many playing the games you all were told NOT to play ..

For the last time, BE YOURSELF & stop feeding into ones who are detouring you all further & further away from God ....

• • •

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11 Sep
Don't quit or resign your positions that help ensure this Countries safety.
Law Inforcment, TO the Doctors, Nurses & Law that Protect THE PEOPLE, the people that really do LOVE & Honor ALL, Don't Quit.
CORRUPTION is Purposely Putting ones
In their respetive field Backs up against the wall.
WHAT the General Public Requires the most when there is an Emergency, [THEY] neede everyone dived - SHEEP are blind to humanity Purposely being poisoned or don't want everyone protected.
Divided Weak.
UNITED strong.💪
The ROOT of all evil:
People easily being paid off to be corrupt for A better lifestyle than so much of the populatiom has been pushed into for MANY years of living in (its nothing new). Everyone is NOT taking it any more. So their waking up to REALITY that has always been there,
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10 Sep
I have Sympathy..

I actually care & know Bout the ROOT of everyones issues, where it all stems from ..


The people of world are crue, zombies or so lost that they forgot who they even are.

[They] Purposely put specific "evil biblical" bloodlines
Within Governement to use against humanity/this Country.

"Mixing "religion" with Politics"

Literally, EVERYTHING evil in this world planned & put together, has been set up in A way for an asleep, brainwashed, zombie filled world too FAIL &

Little to no one on the outside knows what to do with any of the information they are uncovering or how to go about making this all STOP peacefully, they just keep feeding the machine or giving ones power who have ALWAYS kept them enslaved.
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10 Sep
Always Watching, Love ..
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10 Sep
Good Night, Love!

Time to take the BAG Home where it belongs.

#ExitStageLeft With You & Family by my side ..
Let's give them all what they want. As long as I have you & my/our REAL family by my/our side, that is all that matters to me.

All I want to do is make you the happiest woman on Earth.

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9 Sep
Back 2 Back CATCHES!

I've always known the TRUTH about EVERYTHING ..

The future went back to the past/beginning (As far back as they could go with causingA Nexus event), created Books/Stories for the FUTURE/Telling the future from the past, so Humanity wouldn't be destroyed.
This is how specific names were placed in the Bible beneath what is actually being read on each page. Anyone can decode & see what lies beneath but the world let go of Gods hand & chose lives of Lust, desires & sin.
WITH OUT causing A nexus event*
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9 Sep
I Know you are.

It's really tiring trying to save people who just should not be saved.
No matter what we show them, it seems like they will NEVER see with the eyes everything has always been meant to see it all with.

The part of life humanity never was allowed to make it too,
The life BEYOND the horizon, 144,000 are chosen as of right now,FOR SURE, to come see what is on the other side. Everyone else, they have to do that 1 Thing they all REFUSE to do and that's just COME CLEAN.. Admit their wrongs & being the reason WHY this world has gone ALMOST
completely to shit.

If EVERYONE comes clean, then EVERYONE moves on to A part of life MOST of humanity has never gotten A chance to see because the plug always got pulled. The plug always got pulled because the world that is waiting for everyone, is NOT for everyone but EVERYONE
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