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“But Shane, you never told us what that Question is” ..

What is the #Q WE Should be asking every day of our lives, NOT caring about ANYONES Judgements placed when asking this #Q ?
What #Q should be asked in critical moments in time & or even in those moments in time when
it seems to be meaningless to ask the #Q ..

Do you know what that #Q Is?
Do you see the #Q & HOW when asked it betters ALL LIFE/ALL WALKS OF LIFE no matter the situation or scenario ones may be in? ..
You don’t even have to be A believer.

Ask The #Q
The Question …


Wishing You Happy Birthday & Much love to you Eight …


It all adds up to 10/11/1987, EVERYONES created identities in time adds up purposely.
What is so wrong with me caring about lives I’m
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I have always known.
Eventually I will unlock my P0A_Triot23 Account or Post everything that has already been archived.

Do dates & Times matter?
Is Timing everything?

The world/country will finally see for themselves that some “nobody” is THE ONLY WAY, for MANY it will
Be to late though …
So many have fallen/are falling for all the traps being set for ones to fall into. They’ll realize they were entrapped & spread around things to wake up their family/friends who have beaten them into the ground for believing this whole time. Because their
Emotions are clouding their judgments, they’re sharing Hunter truths to be like “see I told you so” to their family & friends.
AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT [THEY] #NEED everyone to do. MANY are & soon they’ll have something on their record for the rest of their life that should not
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The Blackouts That will be taking place ARE NOT because of the sun, they are but because of THE SON demand PEACE ..

The War Of All Wars is over.

R econcile N ot R evenge ! …

I choose life & I chose to forgive, I choose MERCY. .

I #CHOOSE to forgive ALL evil with my own FREE WILL because I #WANT too & NOT because of where I come from that I “Have Too “ ..

#BREAK free from the same ol’ Hell Loops humanity has been trapped within all because forgiveness was never an option. Vengeance
Was always more important, not caring how it was affecting the future for all..

The FUTURE, THE CHILDREN are the FUTURE & Forgiveness brings A BRIGHT future for ALL children all around the world for THOUSANDS of years !

1 Simple SELFLESS #ACT of Kindness, Can Save A world !
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If you & 8 others that YOU Trusted were going to TIME TRAVEL & then hide all the truth WITHIN many different layers of life from the future for Humanity to KNOW what is #REAL & what is Fake, then SHOW the World HOW to counter every move Evil makes before evil makes it, all while Image
Keeping it A secret from the 10 evil bloodlines that ruled this world, would YOU put the ENTIRE plan in jeopardy just because YOU #WANT something NOW?

IF You Picked 13 different layers of life to hide TRUTH within, would you jeopardize ALL OF IT, just because YOU #WANT
Something NOW that MOST OF THE WORLD is not ready for? Or, would you choose to keep DOING YOUR PART in being that UNBREAKABLE link in the chain?
Take the broken chains that bind your minds & use those same links to strengthen your RELATIONSHIPS with one another.
Still to this
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Watching defiant @EmmanuelMacron press conference, standing by #Lebanon, and clearly blame #Hezbollah and his allies.
But he offers nothing about what’s next?
. @EmmanuelMacron
“Hezbollah and Amal movement unwilling to do any concession”
“The failure is their, not mine”
#Macron is visibly angry and frustrated.
Who can blame him, after dealing with such corrupt politicians in #Lebanon.
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Except you don't have the consciousness to do that- only what you've, perhaps, been programmed to register, process, or maybe transmit/emit. Here in #Ireland on the other hand there are 💚s everywhere hoping to #repealthe8th #LISTENUP #Focus on #Caring #Now to ensure #legislation
2/ to #repealthe8th or/& make #abortion in #Ireland a #legal #safe #clinical #option for women, regardless of socio-economic circumstances.
3/ Think you want to **Repeal the 8️⃣️th** 💚s? This is a sane quote from here, Ireland, today:"The dissolution of the Dáil would see the simultaneous dissolution of all Oireachtas Committees. ---
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