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29 Aug, 4 tweets, 1 min read
It’s telling when certain “journalists” think that a publication telling a truth they find inconvenient to be a “journalism fail”.

They think recognizing reality instead of spinning like activist is a mistake.
Check the quote tweets to the NYT tweet. Journalists are throwing an extended tantrum because the NYT said something that is clearly true about Florida. That’s how conditioned they are to only allowing negative stories about the FL Governor.
FL is currently 22nd in overall vaccination rate, ahead of states like MI and IL. They are ahead (87.7%) of states like NY (86.2%), and CA (83.8%) for vaccinating seniors.

DeSantis has opposed mandates, but that rate doesn't happen by accident.
DeSantis did over 50 events promoting vaccines. They set up drive-thru sites. They partnered with predominantly African-American churches to set up sites specifically reaching minority communities.

Those things might not fit the narrative, but they aren't disputable.

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13 Sep
This is a professor at Rutgers and alleged Human Rights Attorney cheering on convicted terrorists. 5/6 escaped prisoners were members of Islamic Jihad. 4 are serving life sentences for being behind attacks that included planting bombs to kill Innocent civilians.
I get that these people don’t think Jewish lives are worth much, but there is something seriously wrong when people in positions of power feel this comfortable publicly cheering on those who murder women and children because they know it is accepted in their circles.
As an example. This is Eliyahu Asheri. He was a an 18-year-old kid that was kidnapped, shot in the head, and then buried by Iham Kamamji. Kamamji also planned a suicide bombing but was caught beforehand. One of the "political prisoners" this Rutgers Professor wants freed. Image
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12 Sep
This is how misinformation spreads in the media. A far-left group puts together a report manipulating the numbers to create a different narrative and press reports it without any pushback.
The group compared overall crime numbers in 2020 to 2019 in 23 jurisdictions and found a decrease, but that's because half the stores/businesses were shut down for half of 2020 and people mostly stayed at home. Less opportunity for many crimes so the comparison makes no sense.
Meanwhile, the very same report found that homicides went up by an average of 31.4% in 22 or the 23 jurisdictions. That's rather significant and can't be ignored.
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18 Aug

You've been obsessively attacking one Governor on a monthly basis since March 2020 on Covid-19. You've been wrong on almost every element of it, but keep doubling down.

Isn't it time to stop digging at some point?
I'm not even exaggerating. He attacked DeSantis on beaches, on opening schools, and everything else. He's focused on one Governor since March 2020 no matter what the data said...
CC has written more articles on Ron DeSantis than any other person over the last year and a half and all of them have the same message, which just isn't supported by anything substantive.
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15 Aug
This whole viral thread being used by alarmists to claim kids are at some enormous risk from Delta is complete nonsense.

The claims are insane. 50% infection rate in 30 days when infection rates in schools were lower than in surrounding communities throughout the pandemic?
Sso tired of watching dishonest lunatics (alarmists and anti-vaxxers) manipulate people with numbers. The whole point of this thread is to advocate for a ridiculous and extremely harmful policy proposal of shutting down in-person school by abusing the data
We know these claims aren't close to accurate. LA just have 5 weeks of summer school and saw an infection rate of 0.4% and only 0.03% of those happened in schools... while she is relying on projections of 50%:…
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9 Aug
I'm not big on speculating for 2024, but this could describe quite a few voters who are concerned about Dem move left, looking for competent governance, and were specifically objecting to the personality/tone of the last R candidate (a lot of suburban voters).
People forget that the reason DeSantis became a 2024 name pre-Covid and gained high approval marks was the way he jumped in to govern FL and managed to find bipartisan solutions. He's way more policy-oriented and doesn't have same negatives that turned off some suburban voters.
Also, there were voters in 2020 that were concerned about Dem direction but overlooked it because Biden was perceived as more moderate. That isn't how he has governed thus far. Those voters are gettable for a non-Trump candidate & you don't even need that many of them to flip.
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2 Aug
This is the thing. Berenson says so many really dumb things and makes so many bad predictions, but he gets away with it because he knows the people that read/promote him will never revisit the claims or hold him accountable.
It's especially amazing because the same people (inc Berenson) will point to people like Fauci being wrong (and he has been!), but then ignore that no one has been more consistently wrong about every claim and Covid- related prediction than Berenson.
Watching the goalposts move has really been something though. It's like watching someone predict that the sun will never rise again and point to how dark it is at night, then when it rises just start pointing to shadows and tell ppl now it definitely won't rise etc.
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